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    Make money answering surveys? know how

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 24, 2022 | Technology |

    Quer earn money by taking surveys online, in the comfort of your home? Yes, it is possible to earn money that way! And the best: You just need your cell phone and be connected to an internet network.

    And of course, you have to commit to dedicate yourself, for just a few hours of your day, to this and give your personal finances a boost.

    Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Many people don't even try, as they think this might be a scam or that it doesn't really work.

    But we are here to prove otherwise and explain step by step how to make an extra income with internet searches. 

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    Making Money Answering Surveys: How Does It Work?

    There are several paid surveys aimed at various companies and prepared by survey sites, which allow you to work as a freelancer, just asking for your opinion in return.

    It works like this: companies need the consumer's opinion about their products and services, so that they can have feedback and seek to improve more and more.

    Market research is an essential strategy for the proper functioning of a business.

    In fact, it used to be performed in person until the internet came to facilitate and optimize this process.

    So, to start making money answering surveys, you will basically need:

    1. Create a specific email to deal with it: this way it's easier to keep your work of answering online surveys organized;
    2. Plan your routine: establish a time that best suits your reality so you can dedicate yourself to research;
    3. Register on sites that provide these surveys. We'll talk about which ones you can do later on;
    4. Create and fill out a very complete profile on each of these sites, so that you are more likely to fit into the demographic for each survey, as each requires a profile to be able to respond;
    5. Knowing that, most of these companies will send surveys daily in your email. But for some, you may be required to answer a few questions to let them know if you might be part of their demographic;
    6. Be honest when answering surveys, because that's exactly what companies are looking for. They vary a lot from one to another, some are smaller, others larger and so on.

    Rewards are realized in different ways.

    The vast majority of sites, you are rewarded with points that when they reach a certain amount, are reversed in cash.

    Other companies can pay directly in cash, from a few cents to more than R$10.

    This is something very particular to each research and company.

    Payment is usually in foreign currency and made via PayPal and the money is transferred to your account, as simple as that.

    That is, you need to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one.

    In addition, there are companies that distribute products for free, for you to evaluate and give your feedback.

    You can also be nominated for sweepstakes and win prizes, for example.

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    The 34 best sites to make money on the internet by answering surveys

    After this essential information for those who are starting, we will present some sites that offer this type of service and we hope that you can earn money through surveys.

    1. My and

    The My iyo survey site works with the point reward method.

    In order for the points to be converted into cash, you must be able to accumulate 20.000 points, which is equivalent to 20 Euros.

    Just access and register and all survey opportunities will be sent to your email.

    By registering on the site, you already earn 600 points and with each survey you can earn from 500 to 1500 points.

    If you invite more people to participate in the surveys, you earn 500 points.

    Make money answering surveys? know how Make money answering surveys? know how

    2. Toluna

    On Toluna, the surveys answered range from 1000 to 5000 points.

    For every 32.000 points, you earn BRL 20,00.

    In addition, quick surveys are equivalent to 15 points and referring people also earns you 500 points, for each one who goes there and registers.

    Toluna has large companies as partners, which guarantees its credibility, they are:

    • Amazon;
    • CBS;
    • Sony Music;
    • Kellogg’s;
    • Coke;
    • Fiat;
    • L'Oreal;
    • Expedia

    Within the platform, you can also compete for monthly draws.

    To get started, just enter the site and register.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    3. The Painel Station

    On The Panel Station platform, for each survey, you receive 1.000 points and for each 8.000 points, you redeem R$55 that can be transferred to your PayPal account or exchanged for discount coupons on the Submarino website.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    4. Survey Pronto

    At Survey Pronto, you receive directly in cash (dollars) and you can also choose to turn this money into credit to use in stores that are partners with the site.

    When you register, you earn 5 dollars and new surveys are available every day.

    Fill in all your personal details correctly to increase your chances of receiving more surveys.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    5. Life Points

    The Life Points website is able to offer 40 points for each survey carried out, in addition to putting you to participate in sweepstakes.

    Payment is made every 100 points.

    To get more points, you can refer your friends.

    Each referral will earn you 20 points.

    To register, you will need to enter your name and email and create a password.

    Then you must inform your address, date of birth and gender, and finally confirm in your email to complete the registration.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    6. Hiving

    On the French website Hiving, you earn $4.50 for every 4000 points, which can be accumulated with scores ranging from 200 to 1500 per survey answered.

    It is also possible to increase your score by referring more people.

    You earn 600 points for each friend you refer.

    Make money answering surveys? know how
    7. Smart Research

    The Smart Research company is another good opportunity to earn money by answering surveys.

    It is responsible for communication between companies and consumers, through questionnaires and issuing opinions about a specific product or service.

    Payment is directly in cash.

    Each survey offers a different remuneration that is credited to your bank account. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    8. QualiBest

    To start answering online surveys on the QualiBest website, just register on the homepage and start answering surveys.

    Rewards are in the form of points, which can be converted into cash or exchanged for products that are available within the site itself.

    There is a variety of more than 7 prizes.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    9. Marketagent

    Several online surveys are made available weekly on the Marketagent website.

    For each one that is performed, you earn from 10 to 250 points, which you can convert into cash and receive via PayPal. 

    Just by registering, you already earn 30 points.

    What's more, referring friends earns you 50 points for each one.

    When you reach 1000 points, you can withdraw R$60.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    10. Book

    The Livra website rewards you through points.

    When you register, you already earn R$45, and your surveys usually offer 50 to 200 points.

    When you reach a total of 1840 points, you can exchange them for a voucher in physical or virtual stores, donate to an institution or recharge your cell phone.

    Livra has a loyalty program, which allows you to accumulate more points.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    11. Painel BAP

    The BAP Panel takes care of sending you surveys, so that you can evaluate and respond.

    Payment is made directly by cash.

    The minimum redemption is R$12,50 and can be sent to PayPal or your bank account. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    12 Google Opinion Rewards

    In the Google Opinion Rewards app, Google Opinion Rewards are sent to Gmail.

    For those who use Android, the amounts earned can only be used on products and services within the Google Store, such as music, games and movies. 

    For iOS users who want to earn money by answering Google surveys, the reward can be paid via PayPal.

    This type of award may not be that interesting for some people.

    But despite that, Google Opinion Rewards is completely trustworthy for this purpose.

    13. Surveytime

    Surveytime is a website that is in English.

    You can use Google translator to solve this issue, as the platform is also another excellent alternative to earn money by answering surveys.

    Payment in Surveytime is made by PayPal and each survey has a fixed amount of 1 dollar. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    14. Mobrog

    Through the Mobrog website, you earn from R$1 to R$7 for each paid survey completed.

    Also, when you refer a person and they answer 3 surveys, you earn another 1 dollar for it. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    15. Opinion

    Opinea pays from $0,25 to $3,25 for each survey you take.

    To be released for withdrawal by PayPal, it is necessary to reach the total amount of 12.50 dollars. 

    You don't earn anything for referring friends or participating in sweepstakes, as in some of the other sites mentioned here. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    16. World of Opinions

    On the Brazilian website Mundo de Opiniões, rewards are made through points.

    For each completed survey, you can earn 100 to 500 points. 

    When these points exceed the 2000 mark, you can exchange them for shopping vouchers at some stores, such as Americanas, Submarino and Livraria Cultural. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    17. Paid View Points

    Paid View Points site gives you 1 dollar for the simple act of signing up.

    What's more: if you refer a friend and he also starts answering surveys within the site, you earn 20% on top. 

    Paid surveys range from 1 to 5 dollars, and small surveys to be answered quickly, are worth 0,03 dollars. 

    To be able to withdraw through PayPal, you need to add 15 dollars.

    Otherwise, the money cannot be redeemed. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    18. Throbbing

    At Palpito, when you complete a survey, you earn either in euros or dollars.

    To be more exact, between 0,30 to 4 dollars and for the platform to release this money, you must accumulate 12,40 dollars.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    19. UserLytics

    In UserLytics, in addition to the online questionnaires, a video conference can also be requested to carry out some research.

    Therefore, you must know English, since the site is international. 

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    20. Swagbucks

    The Swagbucks site allows you to earn money for surveys and questionnaires answered by each friend you refer, more specifically 10% of the value.

    By collecting a certain number of points, it is possible to exchange them for gift cards within Amazon and also for cash through PayPal.

    You can also earn cashback, which is money that “comes back” to you if your purchases are made at stores that partner with Swagbucks.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    21. NiceQuest

    On the NiceQuest website, the user earns from 10 to 100 points (or Korus, as it is called within the platform) for each survey.

    To be able to exchange your points for prizes, it is necessary to accumulate 410 Korus.

    The prizes are not in the form of money, but raffles and gift cards at the following stores:

    • iFood;
    • Spotify
    • Netflix;
    • Cultural Bookstore;
    • C&A;
    • Ri Happy.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    22. Heap Up

    Heap Up works with Dotz, one of the biggest loyalty programs.

    With each survey you earn from 30 to 200 dotz, and by referring friends you earn 50 dotz.

    You have the option of exchanging these dotz for prizes on the Dotz website itself, or you can choose to receive coupons, for surveys, to participate in sweepstakes that have gift cards worth R$300.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    23 Prize Rebel

    Through the PrizeRebel website, you can earn money by answering surveys that are rewarded with points.

    By collecting 500 points, you can request payment in the amount of 5 dollars.

    In addition, there are other ways to earn money on the platform, such as:

    • Register on sites that are partners with PrizeRebel;
    • Refer more people;
    • Complete tasks;
    • Watch videos, among others.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    24. Valued Opinions

    The Valued Opinions website pays from R$1 to R$5 for each survey performed.

    When this money reaches R$20, you can exchange it for gift cards at partner stores.

    They are:

    • Culture Bookstores;
    • Americans;
    • Shoptime;
    • netshoes;
    • Cy Send;
    • Rixty and much more.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    25. ForthRight

    The ForthRight website has a differential: you can withdraw money whenever you want, without having to accumulate a certain amount for it.

    Each survey is worth 1 to 5 dollars and you can also be rewarded by referring your friends.

    You can choose to receive Amazon gift cards or Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

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    26. Beruby

    The Beruby website offers more ways to earn money besides taking surveys.

    The platform also offers cashback, rewards for registering on partner sites and for referring friends.

    For the first withdrawal, you need to add R$20 and subsequent withdrawals can be made from an amount of R$5.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    27. American Consumer Opinion

    On the American Consumer Opinion website, you can receive anywhere from 50 to 5000 depending on the survey you complete.

    With 1000 points, you can withdraw via PayPal or even use them to participate in sweepstakes.

    The platform pays in dollar currency and does not require a high amount to be able to withdraw your money.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    28. Pointclub

    The PointClub website rewards surveys with points, which can range from 100 to 5000.

    Just to register, you already earn 5000 points and need to collect a total of 2500 in order to receive a value of 25 dollars.

    You can also earn by referring friends and it is important to say that if you are not classified for a survey, you earn 12 points as an incentive for you not to give up and keep trying to carry out others.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    29. eCGlobal

    eCGlobal offers 2 to 1000 points (eCPoints) for each survey you complete.

    To exchange for a reward, you need 1000 points.

    The reward can be a cell phone recharge or gift cards at Americanas, iFood, Livraria Cultural, C&A, Shoptime, Netshoes and Submarino stores.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    30. Spidermetrix

    The Spidermetrix website awards 6 to 18 points for each survey you complete, and 1 point for each quick quiz.

    To make a withdrawal, it is necessary to reach the value of 30 dollars, which is reached for every 300 points you manage to collect through surveys.

    We emphasize that this is a site that is in English.

    But you can use Google Translate to translate the page.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    31. PiniOn

    PiniOn is a mobile app where you participate in missions to earn money.

    Between them:

    • Respond to surveys for companies;
    • Share pricing and competition information;
    • Share your opinion about various services.

    To withdraw by bank transfer, you need to have at least R$30 and by PayPal, at least R$20.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    32. YouGov

    At YouGov you earn 50 to 5000 points for the surveys you carry out.

    By registering on the site, you earn 1000 plus 2000 points if you complete the profile survey within the site.

    With 15000 points, you can withdraw BRL 40,00 and this transaction is made by bank transfer and PayPal, as in most platforms.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    33. SurveySavvy

    Through SurveySavvy, you earn between $0,50 to $5 for surveys.

    In addition, you can also earn by referring friends.

    From 1 dollar in your account you can request the withdrawal, which in this case, is sent by the Post Office.

    The site does not use PayPal as a form of payment.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    34. Univox

    When you register with Univox, you already earn 2 dollars and when carrying out surveys you can receive from 1 to 5 dollars.

    The site also works with points as a form of reward.

    You earn 200 for filling out your profile, plus 3 for every quick survey you take, and you can also earn 3 incentive points if a survey doesn't suit you.

    You also earn by referring friends, so for each survey that person performs you earn 10 points.

    According to the website. when you manage to collect 2500 points, you can withdraw via PayPal.

    Make money answering surveys? know how

    Other websites and apps where you can earn money by taking surveys and completing quests:

    • Opinion Outpost;
    • Money App (only available for iOS);
    • What do you think;
    • Pinecone Research;
    • MeSeems;
    • CashApp (available on Play Store and Apple Store).

    Extra tips on how to make money answering surveys

    First of all, to succeed and make money answering surveys, you need to have discipline, consistency and patience, because it takes time to get the hang of it and understand more in depth how it works.

    To work with paid surveys, it is of paramount importance that you have a good antivirus installed on your machine or cell phone, as there are malicious websites that may be there just waiting to attack your device.

    By the way, be very careful with sites that ask for too much invasive personal information, like your credit card or bank details, for example.

    You can end up falling for Phishing, a scam where you access a link to a fake page, thinking it's the legitimate one, and it ends up stealing your personal information.

    Also watch out for sites that require some form of payment so you can start participating in surveys and sites that are little known.

    Another tip is that you try to filter and seek to answer surveys that offer you a greater reward and that can be carried out in less time.

    And last but not least: you know those mentioned prizes that some sites can give you as a reward?

    Well, they range from appliances and electronics to books and toys.

    A very good tip for you to make money from this is to sell these items on sites like OLX, Mercado Livre, Shopee or sell them through your own social networks or the way you prefer.

    No matter how, the idea is one: to turn these gifts into money, in case they are not of much use to you.

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    Of course, you won't make loads of money from these practices.

    But you will undoubtedly make a good extra income that can be of great value in your life, or even just live on it.

    We hope that you have understood everything about how to make money taking online surveys and that you are successful with this activity if you decide to give it a try.

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