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    Hubla: how to make money with groups on WhatsApp and Telegram?

    Hubla: how to make money with groups on WhatsApp and Telegram?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 6, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Social media and messaging apps are powerful tools that open up opportunities for people to earn money. So, you can use these platforms along with your talents, skills and gifts to create a financial income. And among the various ways to do this, a new alternative is gaining ground in the market, which is Hubla.

    In this post, you will find out what Hubla is, how it works, how to earn money with groups on WhatsApp and Telegram, the fees charged by the platform, the available services of the tool's affiliate program, and many other information to leave. everything clear.

    What is Hubla?

    Hubla was founded in early 2022 in Belo Horizonte, with Arthur Alvarenga as CEO and its initial name was ChatPay. The platform can be defined as a service that provides help to create and manage paid groups on WhatsApp and Telegram. This means that assistance ranges from the creation to the release of access links and payment control.

    The startup project started after the creators tried and failed to make a Brazilian version of the NextDoor app, which aims to create a digital community in the neighborhood where he lives. The application did not go forward because neighbors are already used to communicating on WhatsApp.

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    But it was from this experience that the founders of the startup noticed the potential of messenger apps, and with that they created ChatPay, which today is called Hubla.

    Hubla allows its users to monetize groups on WhatsApp and Telegram by charging access to these communities in exchange for informative content, information products and exclusive dialogues.

    As Hubla uses a technology that allows its customers to automate manual activities, such as billing and membership management, the content creator can only focus on increasing and always improving their services available to the subscribers of their group.

    How does Hubla work?

    To join groups with the platform service, subscribers have to pay a price that the group owner defines, which can be charged once or in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual installments.

    On the cost of each subscription, Hubla charges a fee of 10,90% and nothing more. So you only pay for what you sell.

    Hubla also offers a space on its platform to create a sales page and make your business your own. There, you get the ability to make a feed to attach more in-depth and specific support content for members of your paid groups in messaging apps.

    In this way, the entire process of billing, adding and excluding subscribers is carried out automatically by Hubla. In the tool, you can still access an updated dashboard to monitor the performance of your sales, which contributes even more to the account administration process.

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    Payment for subscriptions can be made by credit card, Pix or bank slip. In the first two options, access is released as soon as the payment goes into the operator's system. Now, in the second option, access for subscribers can take up to 48 hours after the payment is made.

    The money from your sales will be available for withdrawal from your registered bank account within thirty days after payment via credit card. Payments by bank slip are available within eight days of clearing. In addition, there is a fee of BRL 3 per withdrawal regardless of the amount.

    The site also has a calculator that gives you the base of how many followers you need to have, the number of members that make up your group to know an average of how much you can earn in the month.


    Hubla: how to make money with groups on WhatsApp and Telegram?

    service follow-ups

    There are several learning segments for those who want to integrate a virtual knowledge community through WhatsApp and Telegram.

    For example, at Hubla there are already fitness challenge groups for guitar lessons, teachings on how to make the most of travel miles, among other types of groups.

    If you are a person who knows how to draw, it can be a good alternative to create a group focused on passing on drawing techniques. Or even if you are a photographer, you can also pass on your knowledge. Now, if you do well in the kitchen making different dishes, you can monetize your recipes.

    Everything will depend on your professional qualities, but the service options are practically endless.

    Types of groups

    Paid groups are ways to learn and exchange knowledge with people using chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. With this, each group has its own particularities, and there are groups of challenge formation and information transmission (mentoring).

    The challenge groups

    A challenge group can be defined as a dynamic based on a single goal. This means that the members' objective is to participate in this challenge for a pre-defined time with the creator's monitoring until they reach the planned purposes. For example, the structure of this method can be seen in a dance challenge.

    The mentoring groups

    Mentoring groups are more centered on the medium-term learning process, in which they are structured with a direction of monitoring and evolution. Thus, there are similarities with the group of challenges, but in this case, the administrator has more flexibility to adapt his service, to exercise or encourage points that the members are feeling more accurate and evolve together.

    Hubla Affiliate Program

    Hubla also has an affiliate program, which is a tool that brings together the affiliate, the content producer and the subscriber of the group, which can be an even more profitable activity for the administrator and also for the group's regulars.

    According to Hubla, this tool allows you to increase sales numbers within your group and also increase your name or brand recognition. This is because in addition to marketing his group, he is also being recommended by other people.

    So this tool generates the ripple effect. That is, advantages are offered to each customer, and new buyers bring other consumers when promoting their service or product.

    What is the Hubla Affiliate Program?

    In short, Hubla made the affiliate program in order to increase and boost the amount of group sales through the tool, in addition to the subscribers being able to earn a commission.

    In this way, this method of work allows a person to register as an affiliate in the tool, being able to generate an exclusive link for the group. And finally, sell an influencer's content through that link. With this sale, the person who marketed the group receives a commission that is defined in advance and the administrator receives a sale.

    How does the Hubla Affiliate Program work

    The group admin makes a group and activates the affiliate system. In doing so, he establishes the way the commission will be distributed. Affiliate commissioning follows the following rules:

    • One-time Pay Groups: The group commander chooses the amount of commission percentage he wants to give per sale made for one person's disclosure.
    • Subscription groups: You receive the same method as the one-time payment, but you can also allocate a recurring commission.

    In practice, right after a person registers as an affiliate, that member receives the sales link, then he can sell the group using this link to an interested consumer, the commander earns the predicted amount and the affiliate earns his commission.

    Another strong point is that you can have multiple affiliates for a group. With the growth of sales and the number of affiliates, the amount of money you will receive will be greater than just relying on members who sought your service.

    It is important to make it clear that the percentage of commission per sale is deducted from the net value that the influencer receives, that is to say, the 10,9% fee for Hubla is excluded.

    one-time payment

    If you subscribe to the one-time payment, then you will need to enter the percentage you want to offer affiliates for each sale made. For example, a group costs R$150 and the commission per sale for the affiliate is 15%. The cost of a sale is broken down as follows:

    Commander - R $ 111,15

    Affiliate – R$22,50

    Hubla – R$ 16,35

    subscription group

    Now, if you choose the Subscriber Group modality, payment for services becomes recurring. Thus, there are two types of commission that can be offered, but you can use only one of them or both of them simultaneously. They are as follows:

    • Commission per sale: for each new sale made by the affiliate, the person receives the previously defined amount.
    • Renewal commission: with each renewal, the affiliate earns the previously established amount. That is, it will depend on the plan that the customer purchased.

    For example, a monthly plan costs R$200 and a quarterly plan R$450. The commission per sale is 8% and per renewal is 6%. The cost of a sale is broken down as follows:

    Monthly plan - Per sale

    Commander - R $ 162,20

    Affiliate – R$16

    Hubla – R$ 21,80

    Monthly plan – Per renewal

    Commander - R $ 166,20

    Affiliate – R$12

    Hubla – R$ 21,80

    Quarterly plan - Per sale

    Commander - R $ 364,50

    Affiliate – R$36

    Hubla – R$ 49,5

    Quarterly plan - By renewal

    Commander - R $ 373,5

    Affiliate – R$27

    Hubla – R$ 49,5

    Keep in mind that sales made by affiliates will only be counted if the buyer is not yet a new user of the group. That is to say, if the customer has already joined a group before, this sale is not considered for the affiliate.

    How can the affiliate program increase your sales?

    According to Hubla, groups that activate the affiliate program achieve a significant increase in their sales. And far beyond that, this tool also brings other positive points to your group.

    You will not only earn more money, but you will also get more visibility of a group by having several people sharing the services, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network.

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    Referral Program

    The members of the group, in addition to being able to receive a service that they want, can still earn commission, but there is also another way for subscribers to receive money with the Hubla platform.

    In the case of the Referral program, you do not need to indicate potential consumers, here, you invite content producers to form groups on the platform and you can receive a 5% bonus from this influencer's billing in the first month that he makes sales on the tool.

    However, it is important to warn you that there is a limit of R$ 500 per creator. The period starts to be valid from the first day of commercialization of any group.

    And while there is a limit to how much you can earn for each creator, you can refer an unlimited number of producers to Hubla. Therefore, it is possible to earn money through your contacts.

    Financial support

    In November 2022, the startup responsible for Hubla announced that it received a financial contribution of R$ 60 million from the Kaszek fund. This is the second incentive it has won since 2022, when the platform raised another $2,1 million.

    The goal of these contributions is to further qualify the resources that are linked to the payment and financial management of the platform. Also, another use of this money will be to create new community management tools, like keyword responses and new content ways, for example, lives.

    There is still the goal of automating customizable tabs of best practices for influencers. This means that the idea is for the platform to show the content producer the best day and time to make posts, in order to have greater engagement with their followers.

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    And, finally, there is a medium-term plan to carry out the internationalization of the project and contact is already being made with content creators in our country. Thus, the idea is for Hubla to gain more space in the market, even more so with the great evolutions in recent years of startups.

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