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    How to pay IPVA online?

    How to pay IPVA online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 9, 2022 | Technology |

    If you have reached this article, you are looking for how to pay IPVA over the internet, right? The good news is that you are in the right place. Here, we will develop a step-by-step guide for you to learn in a simple way and without those complicated guidelines that leave any driver with a headache. 

    To develop a complete guide, we will explain not only how to pay IPVA over the internet, but also what IPVA is, what influences the value of the tax, how to calculate the value of IPVA, among other issues. Follow up!

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    After all, what is IPVA? 

    It is an acronym that stands for the Tax on Property of Motor Vehicles. The tax is paid annually by the car owner. Each state is responsible for defining the rates, discounts, payment method and discharge dates. Therefore, the values ​​in Rio de Janeiro are different from Minas Gerais, our city and other states.  

    The tax that is paid by the driver is directed towards the maintenance and improvement of state highways and roads. In this context, paving, signage, traffic engineering and other changes are carried out.

    When the driver transits without paying for the car, he can be fined by the authorities. To avoid future problems, we recommend including the reminder on your mobile device or in a calendar to make the payment on the correct date. 

    What influences the value of the IPVA? 

    We have already highlighted in this article that IPVA is a state tax. Due to this factor, the place of registration of the car is one of the factors that impact the final amount of the tax. Other characteristics also influence the rate, such as the year of manufacture and the vehicle model. Generally, drivers who have newer cars have to pay a higher fee.  

    There are states that establish rules for exemption from paying the tax. In most cases, cars with more than 20 years of manufacture are exempt from IPVA. 

    Drivers with cancer and who prove the disease are exempt from paying the tax in 11 states and the Federal District. The rule applies to the following states. 

    • Holy Spirit;
    • Goiás;
    • Minas OK;
    • Paraíba;
    • Paraná;
    • Pernambuco;
    • Piauí;
    • Rio de Janeiro;
    • Large northern river;
    • our city and Rio Grande do Sul. 

    An interesting tip is to consult your state's Treasury Department to find out what the exemption rules are. 

    How is the value of the IPVA calculated? 

    One of the most common doubts among drivers is in relation to the calculation of the IPVA value. To do this process correctly, you need to find out what the rate is charged at each step. Want an example? 

    Imagine that João Pedro owns a vehicle in the state of our city. In this region, the rate is 4%. So, the driver must take into account the following items. 

    Vehicle sales value (according to the FIPE table) x Tax rate

    If the car has a market value of R$ 20.050, multiplying this value by the rate (0,04), the amount charged will be R$ 802. It is never too much to remember that the values ​​change from state to state, but are also modified according to the type of car. In our city, João's hometown, the rates are classified as follows. 

    • Gasoline powered vehicles – 4%;
    • Vehicles that exclusively use alcohol, electricity or gas – 3%;
    • Double cab pickups – 4%;
    • Utilities (single cabin), buses, minibuses, motorcycles, scooters, quadricycles and similar – 2%;
    • Trucks – 1,5%.

    How to pay IPVA online? 

    The positive side is that, before completing the payment of the tax, the driver can consult the IPVA on the internet. This process is simpler than it looks. It is not necessary to be an expert in virtual resources to access the values. 

    For this, you must enter the Detran page of your state. Then enter the Renavam number, which is located on the document of each car. Then add the fiscal year. Then check the security and click continue. Now, you will be taken to a screen to check the tax amount and to print the bank slip. 

    If you don't know what your state's Detran website is, don't worry. Below, we put the links of each page according to the region. Check out!

    Detran pages by state:

    • Rio Grande do Sul;
    • Santa Catarina;
    • Paraná;
    • our city;
    • Rio de Janeiro;
    • Holy Spirit;
    • Minas Gerais;
    • Mato Grosso do Sul;
    • Mato Grosso;
    • Goiás;
    • Federal District;
    • Bahia;
    • Sergipe;
    • Alagoas;
    • Pernambuco;
    • Paraíba;
    • Large northern river;
    • Ceará;
    • Piauí;
    • Maranhao;
    • Tocantins;
    • Roraima;
    • Rondônia;
    • For;
    • Amazonas;
    • Amapa;
    • Acre. 

    How to access the IPVA 2022 Table?

    On the Dentran page, the driver has access to the IPVA 2022 table. Rules and payment dates are different from state to state. Payment can be made in two ways.

    • Single installment, due in January;
    • Three installments, due in January, February and March.

    Most states offer cash-paying driver discounts, but the amount also varies from state to state. To give you an idea, in some regions of the country, it can reach 10%, while in other parts it does not reach 3%. 

    There are states that also stipulate different payment dates depending on the final plate number. The best thing is to access the Detran page of your state and look for the IPVA 2022 table to find out all the payment information. 

    How can the driver pay the IPVA 2022?

    A lot of people don't know how to pay IPVA over the internet. The advantage is that there is no bureaucracy to do this process. You can pay off the debt at a branch of one of the authorized banks or online. Lottery houses are also an interesting option for drivers. In some places, it is still possible to pay with a credit card. See below the list of financial institutions that are authorized to pay off the debt. 

    • Bradesco Bank;
    • Itau bank;
    • Santander Bank;
    • Bank of our country;
    • Federal Savings Bank. 

    See below some guidelines for making the IPVA payment at Bradesco, Itaú and Santander.

    How to pay IPVA over Bradesco internet?

    How to pay IPVA online?

    If the car is from Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná or from our city, the owner of the vehicle can use the Renvam code to make the payment. Cars from Rio de Janeiro need to generate a ticket to pay the tax.

    How to pay IPVA over the internet Itaú?

    How to pay IPVA online?

    If the car is from the state of our city, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul or Paraná, the owner of the vehicle can make the payment through the internet or cell phone.

    Through the internet, you must access your account, informing the branch, current account and electronic password. Then, type in the search “Detran”. Then click on “Payments to the Detran” and select the “Continue” option. Now, choose the state of the car and click on “IPVA”. Follow the directions and complete the payment.

    Payment by cell phone is authorized only for cars in our city. Here, you must access the Itaú application. Then, inform your branch, checking account and electronic password. Then select the “transactions” tab. Now, click on “dentran.sp”. Register your car or pay for a car that is already registered in the system.

    How to pay IPVA over the Santander internet?

    How to pay IPVA online?

    If you are an account holder in our city (SP), the financial institution allows you to pay taxes through the Santander application. For this, the owner of the car must inform the Renavam number. First, open the Santander app and enter your login. Then click on “Transactions”. Now, select the “Vehicles” option. The next steps are: tap on “new vehicle”, click on the registration status of the car, type in Renavan and click on register. Tap on the tax you want to pay. Ready. The payment was completed successfully.

    Account holders in our city, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná can issue and pay taxes directly on Internet Banking. Initially, log in to Santander's Internet Banking. You must add the login and click on “Payments and Top-ups”. Now, choose the option “Fines, IPVA and others – Detran”. Tap your car's registration status. Then, tap on the tax you want to pay and enter the Renavam number. Okay, the payment has been completed successfully.

    If you are an account holder in other states, you must issue the boleto through the Dentran website, copy the barcode and make the payment through the application or Internet Banking.

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    Now that you know how to pay IPVA over the internet, enter your bank's application and pay the tax payment. Thus, you will avoid fines and other types of problems.

    I couldn't pay the IPVA 2022. What to do? 

    We are not always able to make the payment of IPVA within the deadline set by the Detran. However, the owner of the car can regulate the situation with the body. It is essential to make it clear that you will have to pay a fine of 20% on the total amount plus an additional 1% for each month of delay. It's a high cost, so remember not to delay paying the tax. 

    To pay the IPVA 2022 in arrears, follow the guidelines for issuing the slip for payment on time. You must access the Detran page of your state, issue the bank slip and pay it at the banks that are authorized by the transit agency. 

    How to pay IPVA over the internet without affecting financial planning? 

    After discovering how to pay the IPVA on the internet, we will offer several tips for you to learn how to program yourself to pay this tax without affecting your financial planning. 

    1- Save from now 

    The first step in learning how to pay IPVA over the internet without any surprises is to save immediately. When we cut some daily expenses, we managed to raise an interesting amount to cover the tax payment. 

    For example, do you use all the streaming services that have been subscribed to in your home recently? If the residents of your home have not watched a series for more than 30 days, it is worth rethinking this type of investment. 

    Imagine that João pays 22,90/month on a streaming service. At the end of the year, he will have spent R$ 274,80. If João is watching several series, it's okay to keep the subscription. But if this is not the case, cancel the service and transfer the money to a savings account that will aim to pay the IPVA. 

    You can also define strategies to reduce the consumption of certain items during the routine, such as: energy, water, telephone bill, gas, among others. 

    2- Use the 13th salary to your advantage 

    One of the most common mistakes made by Brazilians is to use the 13th salary only for the holidays. If you were unable to save during the year, use this payment to pay off car fees, such as IPVA. It is a good strategy to not have problems with financial planning. 

    3- Save on school supplies 

    You can apply other strategies to be able to pay the IPVA more safely. Many parents save on their child's school supplies or use items that were used in the previous year. This is very important not only to reduce expenses, but to teach the child the value of their possessions. The sooner she learns, the faster she understands the importance of money. 

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    Did you realize that figuring out how to pay IPVA over the internet is simpler than it looks? So, book a time in your calendar to pay off that debt today. That way, you will be more secure with your financial planning. 

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