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    How to merge two Facebook pages?

    How to merge two Facebook pages?How to merge two Facebook pages?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jun 29, 2022 | Facebook | 32

    A company doesn't always start the right way on Facebook. There are those who create a profile for their business and then a page. However, later the company has two fronts of contact with its fans, profile and page, and someone decides to migrate. To solve this, you end up getting a new problem and you are left with two pages about the same business. The best way out is to merge two Facebook pages into one. And that's what you're going to learn today.

    To make it easier for people to find you on Facebook and in search, you can request to merge duplicate pages. It's a way to condense the right channel of communication between you and your customer in just one place.

    Requirements for merging two Facebook pages

    Before you want to apply, keep in mind that certain requirements are necessary. You can only merge two Facebook pages:

    • If you are the administrator of both pages;
    • The pages you merge must represent the same thing and have similar names. If you try to merge two Facebook pages that are not similar, they may be taken down permanently;
    • If your pages have the same address, if they have physical locations;
    • Merging pages cannot be undone after the process has started;
    • People who like the duplicate page will be informed about the merge. This may take a few days to take effect.
    • The content of the merged page, such as posts, photos, and the username, will be deleted during the merge. Make a backup of the page;
    • Likes and check-ins from both pages will be combined and shown on the remaining page.

    How to merge two Facebook pages?

    To merge two Facebook pages:

    1. Access the page to merge pages;
    2. You may be asked for your password. If the option to enter the password appears, type;
    3. Choose the two pages you want to merge;
    4. Please click Continue;
    5. Please click request merge.

    We have already stated that the process does not always work. You make a merge request that goes to Facebook for review. After a period of time, you receive notification that the merge is complete.

    If pages are merged, people who like your pages and check-ins will be added together, but posts like photos, reviews, ratings, and username will be permanently deleted from the page you merge.

    The page you want to keep doesn't change, except for the addition of people who like the page, check-ins, and merged ratings from the other page. The page you don't want to keep will be removed from Facebook and you won't be able to undo the merge. Do the process very carefully!

    So, did it work to merge two Facebook pages in your business? Share your experience here in the comments.


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