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    How To Find Out If Your Boy Is On Tinder

    You can find out if your boy or anyone else is on Tinder without having to download any apps or pay for any detective services. This can be done through Tinder itself or if you have access to the Facebook account of the person you are looking for. These tips work for both Android and iOS!

    Creating a fake Tinder account

    To find out if your boy is on Tinder, you can start by creating a fake account on the app itself. But for this tip to work, you must know his exact age and how many miles away he lives, hoping that he has put this correct information when creating his profile.

    1 – After creating your fake profile on Tinder, go to Settings in the edit profile section and customize the maximum distance to one that covers exactly where your boyfriend or girlfriend lives. The age must also be customized to an exact number or an age range that includes their age:

    Be aware that the greater the distance and the greater the age range, the longer you will have to search for the profile on Tinder, as more options will be shown! After changing the settings just look for his profile!

    Using his Facebook

    For this tip to work on both Android and iOS, you must have the Facebook password of your crush, date or boyfriend and hope that he has entered Tinder using his Facebook account. Let's go step by step.

    1 – Log in to Facebook and select the three dashes in the top bar on the right. Then scroll down and click on Settings & Privacy:

    2 – Select the Settings option and then Apps and Websites:

    Make sure Tinder is active

    3 – Go to the Connected with Facebook section and check if the Tinder app is still active on your boy’s phone:

    Good Luck!

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