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    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 23, 2022 | Instagram |

    More and more people like to share their moments with Instagram followers. This also happens with many companies that are learning to disclose news, backstage and products in Stories, better engaging with their followers and customers.

    Because of this trend, the app always invests in new features. Especially for those who use Stories. After all, what he wants is for users to spend more time inside the app.

    But it is not always enough to put a beautiful image of a product or a complete video of the service. It is necessary to draw attention in the midst of so many competitors, either by adding elements that adorn the Stories or using the memes of the moment.

    To do this, you can upgrade your business photos by simply using Instagram filters.

    What are filters?

    In short, filters are the images, phrases or animations created in augmented reality with the aim of adding something or changing a story.

    In late 2022, the Spark AR Studio tool was released to all users. With it, any profile can create filters for Instagram. Before, this was the exclusive preserve of celebrities and development professionals.

    This release occurred because the social network noticed the great power of engagement that Stories have. What aroused the interest of those who sell products and services on the platform.

    Want to know how to find the coolest filters and use them in your business marketing? That's what we're going to teach you now!

    How to search for non-Instagram filters

    The best way is new to many. Instagram now has a search magnifier where you search for the filter keyword you want. It seems basic, but until recently this option did not exist on the platform.

    Step 1: Enter your profile and click on the Stories icon;

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    Step 2: Next to the recording icon you will find several filter options. Swipe your finger to your left until you reach the icon search effects;

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    Step 3: Tap the magnifying glass icon and write the word you want to search;

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    Step 4: If you still have no idea which filters you want to use, you can search through the categories of Effects gallery. There are currently 18: Instagram (original platform filters), Selfies, Love, Color & Light, Camera Styles, Moods, Funny, Surroundings, Animals, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Weird & Scary, Events, Fandom, Causes, Immersive , AR World, Games and Appearance.

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    Another way to find filters

    You can view all filters created by a person, company or brand by logging into their profile and clicking the emoji icon in the bar above feed posts:

    Tip: The vast majority of filters are for photos and videos in selfie format. But there are several others that can be used creatively to give a new face to your products or services.

    For example: if you make a craft from a certain TV series, you can use filters that are about the topic and promote your product in a much more interesting way.

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    How to save filters

    If you liked a filter and want to use it later, you can save it.

    There are 3 different ways to do this.

    1. When locating the filter, save directly to the demo screen;

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    2.  When trying out a filter, click its name, then tap save effect;

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories

    3. If a profile you follow is using a filter, the name will appear below the user. When you touch it, the options for To experiment, save effect, Send to (send the filter to a friend) and More . If you want to add to your list, tap save effect.

    How to find new filters in Instagram Stories


    Note: The More has the following options: Report (to alert Instagram of any infringement), search effects (gives access to Effects Gallery), Share effect link e More than “name of the profile that created it” (is access to all filters created by him).

    Some tips for your business

    Since you have this possibility, why not create a filter for your company?

    Have no idea what to do? We list some tips:

    – Quiz about your niche and/or persona;

    – Makeup artist or do you sell products? Make one imitating a makeup;

    – Do you work with nerdy-style services or products? A filter with famous phrases from classic movies would be great.

    But if you don't want to look for the effects, we have a post here on the blog that gives you 13 app tips to create content for Stories.

    Tell us here in the comments what you think of the Stories filters.

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