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    How to file an incident report online?

    How to file an incident report online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 28, 2022 | Technology |

    Nobody wants to go through a moment of robbery, theft or any situation in which the person is harmed. Unfortunately, our countrymen suffer from these frauds and neglect. Regardless of the state where you live, the Civil Police advises you to file a police report (BO) if you experience any of these situations, as it is no longer necessary to go to the physical police station to register your BO. In this post, we will teach you how to make online incident report.

    The purpose of this text is to show in which cases you can file a police report online, provide some guidelines and indicate the portals of the virtual police stations separated by states in which you can register your BO.

    It is important to warn that the virtual police stations provide the service of registering different types of cases. But in some specific cases, it is necessary to go to the police station in your city. In the BO made on the internet, it is necessary to be aware of the accepted cases, and this varies from state to state. However, there is a standard for all: being of legal age and having valid RG and CPF documents.

    Below are some guidelines that are important to know before filing a police report online.

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    In which cases can I file a police report online?

    The cases will depend on the services available at each virtual police station in the state. In general, the main occurrences are: Robbery and theft of personal objects and documents, traffic accidents when there are no victims, domestic and family violence against women, threats, defamation, injury, disturbance, crime against animals, among other occurrences. .

    In this way, bulletins that cannot be made online need to be registered in person at the police stations in your city.

    Are there differences where I register my Bulletin?

    Directly, no! There are no differences from where you register your BO. Virtual police stations are a service that aims to facilitate registration and reduce bureaucracy and waiting in physical police stations.

    Above all, it is important to point out that the bulletins can only be made at the virtual police station where the crime was committed. For example, a crime was committed in Rio Grande Do Sul, the victim can only register the occurrence online at the virtual police station in RS.

    Regardless of the State, in order to file the BO, the victim needs to fill in the forms requested on the portals, provide personal data and provide information about the crime they suffered in the most detailed way possible. After finishing the entire registration process, the information is sent to the Civil Police system, and a protocol will be generated that is important for you to write down. With it, it is possible to follow the progress of the investigation.

    Another point that is important to note is that the bulletin serves as a document and can be used to prove the loss or misplacement of identification documents, for example.

    How long is the Occurrence Bulletin valid?

    Victims have up to 180 days (six months) to file the incident report, counting from the moment they experienced the incident. The online or face-to-face BO do not have legal validity periods.

    Always tell the truth in a police report

    If you need to make an Occurrence Report, it is essential to always tell the truth, not exaggerating or distorting reality. Bear in mind, that false testimony of a crime or misdemeanor may result in punishment in accordance with the penalties of the Articles. 138, 339 and 340 of the Penal Code our countryman.

    The Art. 339. says: “Give cause for the initiation of a police investigation, criminal investigation procedure, judicial process, disciplinary administrative procedure, civil investigation or administrative improbity action against someone, charging him with a crime, ethical-disciplinary infraction or act dishonest that he knows he is innocent.” Penalty – imprisonment, from two to eight years, and a fine.

    States that do not have virtual police stations

    Of the 26 states (plus the Federal District), totaling 27 federative units in our country, six states do not have their own portal to register a police report on the internet. In this case they are: Acre, Alagoas, Amapá, Rio Grande do Norte, Roraima and Tocantins. However, residents of these regions can visit the website of the Virtual Police Station of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and register the BO.

    In addition to an individual, a company can file a police report, if the nature of the case allows a Legal Entity to have this involvement in the fact reported by the victim.

    The newsletters made in these states have similarities with other states, but there are also some peculiarities. Check the cases where it is not possible to register an incident report online.

    How to file an incident report online?

    Cases that are not registered in the Virtual Police Station of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security:

    • The person reporting the fact or the person suspected of committing the crime is a minor;
    • When the victim has suffered bodily harm (wounds);
    • When the criminal makes some type of break-in (damage resulting from the destruction or breaking of a padlock, seal or lock on doors, windows, etc.);
    • Vehicle theft;
    • Occurrence involving a firearm, ammunition, explosives, drugs or chemicals.

    In these cases, the victim must go to a physical police station and register the occurrence in person.

    How to file a police report online

    Next, we separate the portals of the state virtual police stations in alphabetical order. Check out all the types of occurrences that can be registered in each one of them.

    Online Police Report: Amazonas Police Station

    It is possible to register a traffic accident, threat, slander, injury, defamation, cyber crimes, crimes against people with disabilities, crimes against the elderly, crimes against animals, loss/loss, disturbance of tranquility, theft, theft and domestic violence.

    The Amazon virtual police station advises that, to register a crime report that is not on the portal, the victim can select the option “Other Types of Crimes”. In addition, they point out that it is not possible to register two or more bulletins of the same event. If the person wants to edit the BO already registered, it is necessary to request the change through the email:

    Online Police Report: Bahia Police Station

    The virtual police station in Bahia only allows you to make bulletins in cases of domestic violence, violence against women, the elderly, children, adolescents or people with disabilities. If you have any questions, you can contact the Bahia Police Department via e-mail:

    Online Police Report: Ceará Police Station

    The population of Ceará has a virtual police station that offers a wide service on the internet. On the portal, it is possible to register cases of loss, damage to personal objects, traffic accident, injury, theft, defamation, robbery, slander, disappearance of a person, home theft, home violation, animal abuse, embezzlement, threat , aggravated theft, violence against the elderly, embezzlement, crime against consumers, prejudice because of race or color, homophobic or transphobic behavior.

    For the person who registers the incident report online, it is necessary to be aware that if there is a need for additional information to help in the investigation of what happened, the complainant will be summoned to go to the police station responsible for the investigations.

    Online Police Report: Federal District Police Station

    On the website of the Federal District's virtual police station, it is possible to register occurrences of disturbances, which fall under the Maria da Penha Law, traffic accident, offenses, slander, slander, defamation, racism, threat, theft, embezzlement, fraud, appropriation, loss, mistreatment of animals. There is also the option “Other Crimes”.

    Online Police Report: EspĂ­rito Santo Police Station

    The virtual police station in EspĂ­rito Santo is a little more limited compared to other states. In it, it is only possible to make the occurrence of theft, theft of objects and loss of documents.

    Online Police Report: Goiás Police Station

    The resources available at the virtual police station in Goiás are different from those in other states. In this case, the victim can select more than one crime for a single report. There are also other service options, they are: violence against women (injury, threat or damage), theft of cell phones, documents or valuables, loss of objects or documents, material damage and embezzlement.

    The portal points out in case the information is not satisfactory, the occurrence will be disapproved and returned with the appropriate instructions for correction and resubmission. If you have questions, just call: (62) 3201-4826 or (62) 3201-4834.

    Online Police Report: MaranhĂŁo Police Station

    Cases of domestic violence, threats, injury, defamation, slander, misappropriation, embarrassment, damage, mistreatment of animals, embezzlement, preservation of rights, loss and simple theft of documents can be registered. Opening hours are from 8 am to 18 pm from Monday to Sunday.

    Online Police Report: Mato Grosso Police Station

    At the virtual police station of MT, citizens of the region can register cases of theft, loss, cell phone theft, illegal practice of the profession, disappearance of people, slander, defamation, insult, threat, illegal constraint and violation of domiciles. It is also possible to make an anonymous report in the virtual environment. In case of theft, the victim can pre-register on the internet and then appear at the police station.

    Online Police Report: Mato Grosso do Sul Police Station

    The service of the virtual police station in Mato Grosso do Sul only allows the registration of incident reports in cases of theft, loss and disappearance of people. People can register every day from 7 am to 18 pm. BOs registered at night are shipped the next morning. The portal recommends citizens who urgently need an OR to attend the nearest Police Station.

    Online Police Report: Minas Gerais Police Station

    The person who needs to use the services of the virtual police station of Minas Gerais can make the report in case of a traffic accident, loss of documents and objects, disappearance and location of people and simple damage, theft, threat, acts of fact (bodily injury) and non-compliance with protective measures.

    Online Police Report: Pará Police Station

    The PA virtual police station offers some possibilities to register criminal case reports that are not found in another state, which are: agrarian crimes, hate crimes, theft or robbery of transport by application, registration of death due to natural causes, crimes against consumer relations, computer device invasion, false identity and false alarm.

    In addition, it is also possible to register occurrences of animal abuse, domestic and family violence against women, loss, theft, robbery, threat, injury, slander, defamation, disturbance of tranquility and embezzlement.

    If you need more information, just call the following number: (91) 4006-9004 or send an e-mail to the electronic address:

    Online Police Report: ParaĂ­ba Police Station

    In the virtual police station in Paraíba, it is possible to register traffic accidents without victims, loss, simple theft, disappearance and location of people, domestic violence against women and atypical facts, which can be: abandonment of home, administrative blocking of a vehicle, disagreement commercial activity, disappearance of animals and hospital evasion. There is also the option “Other Occurrences”.

    Online Police Report: Paraná Police Station

    The services of the virtual police station in Paraná are also more limited. In it, it is only possible to make bulletins in cases of theft, embezzlement, loss of documents, loss or theft of license plate, missing person and domestic and family violence against women.

    Online Police Report: Pernambuco Police Station

    The virtual police station in Pernambuco offers a very broad service. In addition, it has the differential of opening a BO as an individual or legal entity. Below is the list of cases that can be registered:

    Traffic accident, threat, threat for domestic/family violence, misappropriation, act/written/obscene object, slander, defamation, slander, slander for domestic/family violence, false imprisonment for domestic/family violence, illegal constraint, crimes against women consumer relations, cruelty to animals, damage/depredation, contempt, non-compliance with an urgent protective measure, disagreement/discussion, defamation, defamation for domestic/family violence, embezzlement, fraud, arbitrary exercise of one's own reasons, illegal practice of medicine, art dental or pharmaceutical.

    Loss, false identity, impersonation, collecting debts in a threatening manner, theft from other financial institutions, theft from a passerby, theft from a commercial or service establishment, theft at home, theft (exit from a bank/financial institution), injury by domestic/family violence, racially qualified injury, computer device invasion, other thefts, other robberies, disturbance of public peace/tranquility, possession/invasion of property, bus robbery, robbery of others, financial institutions, robbery of other public transport, theft from a passerby, theft at a commercial or service establishment, theft at home, theft (departure from a bank/financial institution), matches of fact/fight, violation of home.

    Online Police Report: PiauĂ­ Police Station

    It is only possible to register traffic accidents and disappearances of people at the PiauĂ­ virtual police station. If you have any questions, just send a message to the email or contact us via WhatsApp at the number: (86) 99414-9671.

    Online Police Report: Rio de Janeiro Police Station

    The virtual police station in RJ also has few services. Through the website, it is only possible to register lost documents and cell phones and report the neighborhood. However, there is the possibility of making a pre-registration that will go to the analysis of the Police Station (DP) that was chosen.

    Upon analyzing the occurrence, the DP will be able to validate the request, which will generate the definitive Record and only then will the investigation begin or request that the complainant schedule a date and time on the website.

    Appointments are available from Monday to Friday from 09 am to 18 pm at the selected police station. In case of non-attendance on the scheduled day and time, the pre-registration will be invalidated. Appointments made before 12 noon can only be scheduled for the next business day after 08 am. Appointments made after 12:01 pm can only be scheduled for the next business day after 12 pm. It is also worth noting that the pre-registration will only produce legal effects after validation at the Police Station and generation of the Document Loss Record.

    Online Police Report: Rio Grande do Sul Police Station

    The services available at the virtual police station in Rio Grande do Sul are extensive. See the cases that can be registered online: loss, traffic accident, theft, robbery, offenses, disturbance, mistreatment of animals, abandonment of the home, abigeato, threat, misappropriation, condition for hospital care, damage, damage caused by nature, contempt, disappearance and location of a person, embezzlement, lack of caution in driving animals, escape from the accident scene, location of objects and documents and legal proceedings.

    If you have questions, just contact the Online Police Department at: (51) 3288-2440.

    Online Police Report: RondĂ´nia Police Station

    At the virtual police station in RondĂ´nia it is possible to register theft, robbery, loss, traffic accident and domestic violence. There is the option of registering the BO as a legal entity or an individual. The portal also warns that occurrences can only be registered with only one victim. In other cases, you have to go to a city police station.

    Online Police Report: Santa Catarina Police Station

    The citizen of Santa Catarina can register cases such as a traffic accident, loss and recovery of documents or objects, theft, robbery, threat, slander, injury, defamation, animal abuse, discrimination against people due to disability, damage and domestic violence.

    There is also the possibility to make an anonymous report. In addition, the portal has the option “Other Occurrences”. For questions, just call the phones: (48) 3665-8386/8417/8419 or send an email to:

    Online Occurrence Bulletin: Police Station of our city

    our city is the most populous state in our country and has a virtual police station that offers a wide range of services. On the website, it is possible to register theft, loss or theft of vehicles, documents or objects, theft of wires or cables on public roads, disappearance and location of people, traffic accidents, injury, slander, defamation, finding missing persons, Domestic violence against women.

    The portal has a space for the Electronic Police Station for Animal Protection (DEPA). There is also the option “Other Occurrences”. If you want to get in touch with the portal, just send a message to

    Police Report: Sergipe Police Station

    Sergipe's virtual police station offers only two types of occurrences to register, in this case, cell phone theft or loss and vehicle accidents (with the exception of motorcycles). However, you need to be careful that your BO is not discarded.

    According to the portal, this situation can happen on two occasions: when the attendant detects that the data provided does not correspond with the competent bodies or when the nature of the occurrence is not attended by the virtual police station.

    The opening hours of the virtual police station are from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 14 pm to 18 pm. It is also possible to contact us at the number: (79) 3241-3350 or by e-mail:

    NOTE: In all virtual police stations that offer the option of making a vehicle accident report, you should only register the occurrence in cases where there are no victims and where the result of the accident only involves material damage.

    If you are in a robbery situation, the police always recommend not reacting so as not to cause any more serious problems. Despite this unpleasant situation, it is important to file your report online, as the Civil Police are expected to do their job, regardless of the state they are in.

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