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    How to convert personal profile to business profile on Instagram?

    How to convert personal profile to business profile on Instagram?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 11, 2022 | Instagram | 124

    Is it worth switching from a personal profile to a business profile on Instagram? This is a very common question, as many businesses start by creating a personal profile on the social network and post their products and services that way.

    But, we assure you that it is worth it for you to make that change and have an Instagram business profile for your business. We can say that your account will be boosted and you will have access to information relevant to your business.

    You may have seen the phrase “who has information has power”. She is very true, always remember that. If you have information, you can stand out from your competitors, anticipate market trends and innovate. All these actions help your company take off.

    How to convert personal profile to business profile on Instagram

    “Will I lose all my profile pictures by converting from personal to Instagram business profile?”. The answer is no! Be carefree about it.

    Check out the step-by-step guide to converting your personal to business profile.

    Step 1. Tap the “menu” button in the upper right corner.

    Step 2. Access settings

    Step 3. Then tap Counts.

    Step 4. Scroll the screen and choose the option Switch to business account.

    Step 5. At this stage, a “Instagram Business Tools” screen will appear. Start by choosing your business profile category. After choosing click Advance.

    Step 6. Confirm that the information and contact details are correct. It will automatically fill in the information you used in your personal account, if you need to change it, just tap Change contact options. When everything is ok, click Advance.


    Step 7. You will need to log into your Facebook account. A screen with all the pages you have will open. Choose the Facebook page you want to associate with your Instagram business profile and click Conclude.

    Important: Every business account must be linked to a Facebook page. When you choose Do not connect to Facebook, the tool will automatically create an unowned page with the name of your business.

    Step 8. All right! After completing these steps a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

    Benefits of an Instagram business profile

    Anyone who has a business profile on Instagram has access to differentiated information and resources. Check out the benefits of using a business profile on Instagram:

    Add information about your company

    You can put your email contact, your business phone number or the physical address of your store. Everything is available on the Instagram profile. It is important to note that at least one of these options must be added to the business profile, ok?

    By doing this, you will create action buttons such as: contact, how to arrive, call and send email. These buttons are non-invasive strategies for you to guide your customer to take the next step. When you come across this button, your fan will react to an action. Enjoy the feature.

    Instagram metrics

    Image: Instagram for Business

    With them, you can get to know your audience more on the social network. The metrics you have access to are:

    • Scope: displays the number of unique accounts that saw your Instagram post;
    • Impressions: Shows the total number of views your Instagram post got;
    • follower activities: this data is very important. It shows the average number of times your fan base is on Instagram in a day;
    • video views: Shows the number of times your video has been viewed by followers. This metric takes plays that have been viewed for more than three seconds;
    • Clicks on the website: This metric shows you how many people tapped to your site;
    • Save: Displays the number of Instagram profiles that have saved your post.
    • Replies: Specific metric for stories that expire in 24 hours. This data shows the number of people who watched the video and sent you messages through the “send message” function.
    • Saídas: Specific metric for stories that expire in 24 hours. Corresponds to the number of times a follower switched from one of your stories to someone else's story.

    With a business profile on Instagram, you can also have information about your followers, such as: age, gender and location. This is more data that helps you build your persona, for example.

    This data obtained in the “Insights” section helps you to better define your content strategies on Instagram, improve your posts and prepare posts according to your audience.

    It is important to emphasize that you will have access to this data only after changing the profile. That is, posts previously made to your personal Instagram profile will not appear. Life starts from here!

    Important to pay attention

    There are quirks in Instagram metrics from business profiles that you should keep an eye out for:

    • Even if a single business profile post has more than one photo, the metrics will count as if the post had only one photo;
    • Instagram does not provide metrics on live streams made on the social network;
    • Impression is not the same as reach: the same person can view your post 5 times. Each time she sees the post, an impression will be counted. Reach is the number of people who saw your post. Even if someone views the post 5 times, the reach metrics will only count reach data;
    • If you own more than one store, keep in mind that only one email address can be set on the Instagram business profile;
    • Instagram doesn't export this Insights data to an Excel-compatible file, for example. It is necessary to access the application and manually collect the data.


    Instagram is becoming more and more people's pastime. According to data from September 2022, there are 800 million people around the world who use the social network.

    To take advantage of this audience, it is very important to advertise. But do you know how to stand out amidst all the ads and Instagram posts? Check out the tips below to find out:



    I believe this content will certainly help you get closer to what you want for yourself and your business. It will guide you through the initial steps you need to take towards the RESULT.

    But, in my opinion, this is just the beginning of the path. If you want to delve deeper into this topic and have access to complementary (more advanced) material, I recommend that you access the complementary content that you have just read. Just sign up or click below.

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