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    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    Forgot Instagram password. And now? It is possible to recover the password using the associated email, mobile number or Facebook profile. The process can be done by Android, iPhone or PC.

    If, by any chance, you are unable to regain access to the social network due to email problems, shows possible solutions. Check out!

    On android

    1. Open the Instagram app and go to Get help signing in, below the login options;

    2. Enter Instagram username or email address and tap Advance;

    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    3. On the next screen, choose how you want the password to be recovered. opt for Send email, Send an SMS ou Login with Facebook;

    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    4. What to do for each option:

    • Send email:

    Access the account of the indicated email and open the message sent by Instagram. If you choose Log in as @youruser, you will have immediate access to the account in the Instagram app.

    But if you click Reset your password, you will be able to change the password on the fly.

    • Send an SMS:

    Wait for an SMS to be sent to your smartphone. The code received should be automatically added and you will be redirected to your Instagram profile. If not, enter the code received and confirm in Advance.

    • Login as or Facebook:

    If your Facebook account is already linked to your Instagram account, you will be taken to a new password creation screen. Enter the new password twice and you're done.

    On the iPhone

    1. Open the Instagram app and go to Esqueceu a senha?, below the login options;

    2. On the flap User name, enter the username and then go to Advance;

    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    3. Then, choose whether you want to receive a link or login code via the registered email or telephone (SMS) and proceed to Send link for login;

    4. If you have chosen to receive an email, you can access your account by clicking Login as xxxxxx or changing your password at Reset the password;

    5. If you choose the cell phone, you will receive a code by SMS that you must enter in the Instagram app and confirm in Advance. Then decide whether to save the password or not.

    On PC

    1. Go to the Instagram Web page and click Esqueceu a senha?;

    2. On the next screen, enter username, email or phone and click Send link for login;

    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    3. In another tab, access the email account linked to Instagram. Open the message sent by the service and click Log in as @youruser, if you want immediate access to the account, or in Reset your password, to change the password on the fly;

    4. You will be redirected to a new page. Enter the new password and repeat in the field below. confirm in Redefine password.

    I can't recover Instagram password. And now?

    If you are unable to recover your password, it is possible that you are experiencing one of the problems below. If so, see how to act in each of them.

    Password reset email not working

    Have you received the password reset email but are unable to change the passcode? One of the possibilities is that the time for change after receipt has expired.

    Therefore, request that a new password recovery email be sent and try again. This time, click Reset Instagram password and not the button to access Instagram.

    Reset email not found

    According to Instagram, chances are you have another email linked to the account, or you may have entered the wrong address. In this case, there are two alternatives. Recover password through your Facebook account or via SMS (Android only).

    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    In both cases, just follow the password recovery procedure indicated above and select one of the two options. In the case of recovery via Facebook, you must have previously linked the accounts. Otherwise, it will not be possible to change the password and access the account.

    If you choose SMS, wait for the message to be received on your smartphone. If the confirmation code is not automatically entered, enter it and confirm in Advance.

    In this case, it will regain access but not the password. In this case, you will need to change it in the app's settings.

    I no longer have access to the email I signed up for on Instagram

    The first instruction given by Instagram itself is to try to regain access to your email account. In any case, you can try to log into your Instagram account following the same tips we gave to those who received the email not found message.

    Okay I just want to reset my Instagram password

    If you haven't forgotten your password and just want to change it, the process is quite simple. Just open the app and tap on the thumbnail of your profile picture or little doll icon in the lower right corner.

    How to Recover Instagram Password from Mobile and PC in 2022

    Then, tap on the icon formed by three lines, in the upper right corner. Go then to Settings → Security → Password. You will receive a message with a link to change your password at the registered email address.


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