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    Halloween pranks: The 26 best games to entertain kids

    Halloween pranks: The 26 best games to entertain kids

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 15, 2022 | News |

    Halloween is a date that can be enjoyed by adults, children and teenagers alike. With that in mind, we've separated the best halloween games to have fun with the kids.

    In this post you will see 26 halloween games that can be done at home, at school, if you are a teacher, or any environment that has children from 3 to 12 years old. Remembering that the decorations are very easy to make and the materials are not expensive.

    The best halloween pranks for kids

    It is worth mentioning that the game that needs some decoration will be linked to a video explaining how to produce this item. That said, check out the best halloween pranks to do with kids.

    What is the name of the bone?

    Nothing better than learning and having fun at the same time, right? With this game, it is possible to combine these two characteristics, even more so if you are a science teacher. In What is the name of the bone, you can take a plastic or even cardboard skull and ask students to name each bone. Whoever hits the most, wins.

    Pumpkin drawing competition

    This game can be played at school or with a group of children who are enjoying Halloween at home. The idea here is to ask them to make a pumpkin into a ball or spherical shaped item. You just need markers, some colored paper, glue, scissors and the rest is up to their imagination.

    witch's wart

    Do you know the game “Prender o Rabo do Burro” traditionally made in June? So, Witch's Wart is pretty similar. Here you need a card or any other type of paper as long as it's big, and on it you need to draw a witch's face, just don't forget to put a big nose.

    With the drawing done and hanging on a wall, give some modeling clay to the child, who needs to be blindfolded. Their goal is to try to put the clay right on the tip of the witch's nose. Whoever can do it the fastest wins.

    seeking twelves

    Treasure hunt? No! Here's a candy hunt. Take a basket and put various delicious candies and hide it somewhere interesting. You also need to put together tips that can be: questions and answers, funny dances, imitating a monster, making faces, giving a scare, and so on.

    Remembering that the child who finds the basket gets the sweets, but if more than one finds the prize at the same time, they need to share.

    cauldron test

    Make a circle with the children standing and holding hands, one of them needs to go to the middle and say the following sentence: "I'm a witch, in my cauldron I put (the name of an item)". She needs to go back to her place and the little friend who was next to her is the next one to go to the center and say the item already mentioned and put one more.

    And as the theme is halloween, all items need to be related to that date. The participant who forgets the sequence loses and must pay a gift. This game is fun and still stimulates the children's memory.

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    Kick the amount of candy

    Put several candies in a bottle and divide the children into groups with the amount you think is best. Ask them to guess how many candies are in the bottle. The group that gets it right wins and gets the prize.

    laughing zombie

    Ask if anyone wants to volunteer to become the zombie, with someone already set, that child needs to make others smile. Whoever can hold back their laughter wins. If the zombie doesn't make anyone smile, he has to pay a gift.

    draw the witches

    Drawing is one of the activities that most stimulates children, which brings out their creativity. In this way, a game that can be very cool is to ask children to draw a witch. To help, you can put a model or just let the little ones free.

    tell scary stories

    What would a halloween without their stories, right? That way, this is the perfect opportunity to tell some stories to make the little ones goosebumps. So form a circle and you start telling a story that grabs everyone's attention.

    Another alternative to this game is for you to tell the premise of a story and the children add the excerpts, so everyone can participate in the activities and fun will be guaranteed.

    fantasy contest

    If you have history, you also have to have the traditional halloween costumes. One of the ideas here is to reward the child with the most creative costume. You can use several criteria to make your assessment, such as scary item, used paraphernalia, effort on the catwalk, among others.

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    So, to give more immersion to the contest, set up a catwalk, it can be simple, and have all the participants parade in their Halloween costumes. You can also create a podium with the three best costumes and award the winners.


    This is one of the simplest and most fun games to do, you just need some magazines, newspapers, scissors, glue and sheets or cardboard. The goal here is to assemble Frankenstein, that is, to use different parts of the body with different cuts. Let the children use their creativity, even being able to use non-people body parts. The best Frankensteins need to be rewarded, huh.

    halloween words

    The first step is to divide the children into groups. Once this is done, you will need to speak and write a sentence that has a connection with Halloween, for example: “trick or treat: which one will you choose?”, from which the little ones need to write words with each of the letters that are in the sentence within a set time.

    Remembering that the words need to be related to halloween. Whoever has the most valid words, wins. In addition to being a fun game that awakens the competitive side of children, it stimulates creation and vocabulary growth.

    hunting the spider

    This game is ideal to be done later in the afternoon or if you are in a place with little light. Here you will need to get a rubber spider and hide it somewhere. If the environment is very dark, give the children flashlights and release the timer. Whoever finds the spider will be the winner.

    The mummy

    If you want to make children smile, without a doubt, the mummy game will amuse everyone. The only item you need is toilet paper rolls. That way, with all the preparations ready, divide the children into pairs and give the pair a roll, one will have to wrap the paper around the other. Whoever finishes first with the reel is the winning duo.

    Trick or treat

    This game is about luck. First, you will need a container to put papers written “Sweets” and others with the expression “Treats”. Once this is done, ask the children to form a circle, then put on a song that is related to halloween, and so the little ones will have to pass the container from hand to hand without dropping the rhythm. With you on the coast, the music stops, whoever keeps the container needs to take a paper, being able to win a candy or have to pay a gift.

    mask dispute

    This joke is already self-explanatory. But unlike some others mentioned, in this case it is not necessary to have a competition, the important thing is to play, just ask each child to make faces and laugh together, and only then eat sweets together.

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    ghost bowling

    Who said bowling is for adults only? The halloween version of this game can catch children's attention. All you need is to get PET bottles and a pen to make the ghosts face. After drawing, just stack the items, pick up a ball and knock down all the “pins”.

    You can check out how to draw the ghosts in this video.

    ghost made of paper

    With the paper ghosts it is possible to participate in a fun activity and decorate the environment. To make the “Gasparzinho” you just need to draw it on a cardboard. After drawing, you can cut the outline of the drawing yourself or ask the children to do it.

    If you prefer, you can paste cotton in the drawing or even paint, it's up to the creativity of the people. So you can check a ghost model in this video.

    cute bat

    Still following the trend of the drawings, you can also make a very cute bat. Therefore, decorating the environment with the ghost and the bat will create a great immersion to have fun with the kids.

    So, it's simple to make the cute bat, it only takes a few materials. You can check this out by watching this video.

    sand web

    With a simple masking tape it is possible to have a lot of fun. So, since the subject of this post is about Halloween, you can use this material to make a spider web. When you finish assembling the whole structure, just ask the child to throw balls in the web trying to make it stick. In addition, you can also set traps with these webs.

    Play preparation is simple and quick. If you want to know more about her, click here.

    Aim at the witch's hat

    In this halloween game you will have three times more fun together with the children: 1 - assembling the hats; 2 – playing aim at the hat; 3 – leaving as a decoration. So, after decorating the hats together with the little ones, you need to secure the items to the floor, you can use masking tape. Then just deliver rings to the kids that they need to put on the hat cone.

    You can check out how to make the hats in this video. The gear is very stylish and can even be used as a component of a costume.

    scary candy boxes

    To make every corner of your children's halloween party look scary (not so scary) you can't miss the little monster-themed candy box decorations.

    With that, in this video you can check out a very detailed step by step on how to make these cool little boxes.

    Halloween pranks: The 26 best games to entertain kids

    Photo: reproduction / Dany Martines

    flying ghost

    You can use the Flying Ghost as the main decoration item for your Halloween get-together, as it manages to be both creepy and cool at the same time. There are very few materials needed and the result is incredible.

    To learn how to make this super cool banshee, access the video on the Ghost Transmission channel on Youtube.

    ghost lollipop

    Delivering only the sweets to the kids can be kind of boring, after all, the date is Halloween, you have to make the most of it. So, one more way to widen everyone's experience is to turn the lollipops into amazing ghost lollipops.

    So, you can produce a few dozen of this special lollipop in a few minutes, and you can even increase production by calling the children to help, you can be sure they will see this activity as a joke.

    To see how to make the ghost lollipop just access this video.

    Skeleton made of straws

    Another Halloween game that involves education, discipline and lots of fun. If you are having a social gathering in the classroom, as you assemble this skeleton you can explain to the children how people's joints work, the name of the bones, the importance of each bone, among other instructions.

    With that, you can check out this video on how to produce a skeleton using straws.

    bottle pumpkin

    To end the halloween pranks, it was already indicated how to make ghosts, witches and skeleton, but the pumpkin was missing. Here you can join a group of children to produce pumpkins from plastic bottles.

    Leave the little ones, mainly, with the painting part, this activity is a lot of fun for them. Anyway, you can check out how to make this beautiful heart item by watching this video.

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