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    FF codes: learn how to rescue Codiguin before everyone else

    FF codes: learn how to rescue Codiguin before everyone else

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 2, 2022 | Technology |

    You probably know the Free Fire game, right? But do you know what the FF codes? If not, we will explain it to you in this post.

    For those of you who are not familiar with the game, this is a Battle Royale game by Garena, where 50 players face each other on an island and the last one left and has eliminated all the others is the winner.

    Free Fire matches can last up to 10 minutes and there is the possibility of playing with other players on your team, assembling a squad of up to 4 people.

    One of the highlights of the game are the FF codes, also known as the Free Fire code or Codiguin.

    In this post, we will explain what it is and how these codes work, as well as showing you where you can find them and how to redeem your codes to win several fantastic prizes and improve your Free Fire account even more.

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    How FF Codes work?

    The main purchases in the Free Fire game, such as purchases of skins, pets and weapons can be made in the store available in the game using diamonds as money.

    However, not everyone has these diamonds to spend at will, and that's where FF codes come into play.

    These codes are released by Garena itself and allow the user to exchange them for rare skins, free diamonds and the much-desired Elite pass.

    FF codes are made up of 12 characters varying between letters and numbers, and after the player redeems the code, which we will show below how to do this, the prizes won appear in the player's account vault in the game.

    Now, if the prize received was gold or diamond, then they will appear in the user's wallet in the game. 

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    How to redeem FF Codes?

    Now that you know FF codes and how they work, it's time to learn how to redeem and get them.

    Step 1. The first thing you need to do to redeem your FF codes is go to the Reward Redemption Site or by searching;

    Step 2. You cannot redeem them if you play as a guest.

    You must have an account. So, on the home page of the site, choose a way to login and you will enter your account. Remember that your login method must be the same as the one you use in the game and on the official website;

    Step 3. With the FF codes in hand, enter it in the space provided on the screen.

    Remembering that they are composed of 12 characters. After entering the FF code, click on “Confirm”;

    FF codes: learn how to rescue Codiguin before everyone else

    Step 4. If the code is correct, the message “Congratulations! Successfully Redeemed” will appear on the screen, indicating that the rescue was successful.

    Rewards must be available in your account within 30 minutes of redeeming the FF codes.

    If the process failed and you did not redeem your reward directly to your account.

    This means the code you entered was wrong or someone else has already claimed the prize before you.

    So, you need to always be on the lookout to get the prize.

    And for that it's good to know where to get the FF codes.

    To help you with this part, we have listed the best places for you to get the codes and tips about it.

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    Where to find FF Codes?

    Garena itself usually releases some FF codes in its official live broadcasts of its tournaments.

    In addition, they also offer the codes through influencers and Youtubers linked to Free Fire.

    These same influencers disclose FF codes during their broadcasts. 

    On social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Garena also reveals some codes, in addition to doing the same in events and new updates released for the game.

    Whenever the company closes a collaboration with other brands and influencers, they also usually make Free Fire codes available as a form of celebration.

    But remember, codes have an expiration date. After a certain period, redemption becomes impossible.

    Below we list some influencers who receive directly from Garena and disclose FF codes to players.

    So you can follow them on social networks, especially on Twitter, turn on notifications and redeem your prizes as soon as the new codes have been released exclusively.

    The main influencers linked to Garena Free Fire are:

    • @buxexa_ff
    • @The_Dizkil
    • @loud_victor
    • @nobrutv
    • @samiraclose
    • @make_baby
    • @loudgg
    • @umadanii
    • @paidafac

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