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    Digital Influencers: what it is and 3 reasons for partnerships

    Digital Influencers: what it is and 3 reasons for partnerships

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 25, 2022 | Social Networks | two

    With the growth in the use of social networks, a new profession has emerged: that of digital influencers who are nothing more than content producers who have influence over a large audience. 

    These digital influencers usually work by generating content about brands and products, in partnership with companies that seek dissemination. With this, we have a strategy called Influence Marketing, which is increasingly intrinsic in the communication of successful brands. 

    However, it is not just the big brands that can work with this type of marketing. Small and medium businesses can apply this strategy as long as they know how to find the right influencer to invest in. 

    In this text, we raise important questions that you should consider if you want to work with digital influencers to promote a brand. Check out: 

    Why invest in marketing with digital influencers

    Influencer marketing is becoming popular, and there are a few reasons for that. Here we list 3 of them, which we consider as the main advantages of this strategy:

    1. Accelerate the promotion of your business

    Especially for those starting out, this strategy makes it possible for you to have a very close contact with an audience that is the same or very similar to yours. You “piggyback” on this asset built by the influencer;

    2. Good value for money

    Most of the time, depending on the type of influencer you hire, the cost benefit is usually very attractive, compared to the investment you would make in other types of marketing;

    3. Social proof and authority
    Digital influencers usually have an authority already built with their audience. As a result, your brand ends up benefiting from them. The trust they show in your business is passed on to the public. 

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    Types of Digital Influencers

    When choosing to work with influencer marketing, it is important to keep in mind that there are types of digital influencers. Each of them will have their advantages and you will have to better analyze the one that meets the goals of your brand. 

    Mega Influencers 

    They are those with millions of followers and national or even international reach. Generally, they tend to work with big brands, due to their level of coverage and also because their values ​​are higher. 

    Micro Influencers 

    We consider as digital micro influencers those who have an audience of up to 100 thousand people. They tend to have more targeted and often even niche content. Generally, their values ​​are more affordable.

    local influencers 

    These are profiles that work with a focus on specific cities or regions. The values ​​usually vary according to the size of the profile. They often work with local companies or big brands that are looking for more targeted actions. 

    How to choose a digital influencer to hire 

    The first step, before hiring an influencer or establishing a partnership with him, is to define what your goals are. Define what you hope to add to your brand through this marketing: more followers, more sales, market positioning, etc. 

    With that in mind, there's no mystery. Look for digital influencers who work with content related to your business and who reach the audience you want to reach. That is, if you have a local restaurant, working with influencers from your region is the most appropriate. If your business is a car dealership, looking for influencers who address this niche is the right thing to do. 

    Once you find digital influencers that fit the profile of content and audience you want, it's important to evaluate two questions: values ​​and engagement. 


    Here we are not talking about price, but about principles and ideals. Look for digital influencers who convey the same values ​​as your business.

    If your brand supports the LGBT movement, for example, it makes no sense to work with digital influencers who have a history of homophobia. Even if they fit perfectly into content and niche issues, it can end up shooting you in the foot. 


    Before hiring an influencer, ask them for information about their engagement rates. Also check, in the profile itself, how is his relationship with the public. Often, content producers already have presentations or media kits that gather this data. 

    An important point is to be suspicious of digital influencers who accept to promote your product without even knowing it. It shows that the relationship he has with the public can be very fragile, to the point where he's willing to point out something he doesn't know or really like. 

    After choosing the influencer 

    Once you’ve evaluated all the points we’ve listed here and come up with an influencer you want to work with, it’s important that you effectively track the work they will do for your brand.

    Be aware if he will comply with what was agreed between you and try to protect the image of your company. Make a contract that covers all the points of how the partnership will work:

    • What is the action;
    • Payment methods;
    • Influencer obligations;
    • Use of the influencer's name, voice and image;
    • Causes of a possible termination.

    The latter is one of the most important points of the contract. It is extremely important to leave the possibility of breaking the partnership open for some cases: if the influencer gets involved in a scandal, for example. 

    It is also interesting to record confidentiality and non-compete issues in the contract. In addition to ensuring that all action will be carried out in accordance with the advertising policies of the platforms used to promote the campaign. 

    When the campaign ends 

    At the end of the action you planned with the influencer, ask him to send you a report with the campaign data. Ideally, at the time of hiring, make it clear that you expect to receive these numbers. With this, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the action and the possibility of reinvesting in this influencer.

    Also create ways so that you can measure some data yourself. Offering an exclusive discount coupon to the influencer's audience, for example, will let you know how many sales the partnership has generated. 

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    Influencer marketing can guarantee excellent results for your business. It is no wonder that the market for those who are digital influencers continues to grow and that more and more companies have adopted this digital marketing strategy. However, you need to have a good plan. 

    Always remember that your social media followers need to have some kind of connection with the influencer.

    If you are thinking about working with influencer marketing, be aware of each of the points we have raised in this text. They will certainly help you to conduct the campaign more effectively and assertively.

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