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    Digio credit card: how does it work and how to apply?

    Digio credit card: how does it work and how to apply?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 1, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    O type credit card It is yet another interesting option for customers looking for exclusive benefits and practicality to take care of their finances.

    That's because it has no annual fee and you can control costs through an application. 

    From now on, we will present a complete review of this credit card, highlighting the following topics:

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    What do I need to know about Digio credit card? 

    It is a digital financial services platform that was developed by experts who have a lot of experience in the subject. 

    The Digio credit card belongs to the Visa International brand.

    It does not contain annuity fees or revolving interest that turn our debts into a real snowball. 

    The customer can manage all costs in real time through the app, without bureaucracy. 

    What are the costs of Digio credit card? 

    Digio credit card customers can take advantage of different types of services at no cost.

    This list includes: card reissue, invoice installment and annuity fee.

    This is only possible because the consumer can solve all financial problems through technology. 

    On the other hand, the company charges interest for national and international withdrawals. The value is 7,90% per month.

    It is essential to make it clear that certain ATMs charge a fee for their use.

    Therefore, we recommend carrying out an analysis to avoid unforeseen events in the future. 

    It's never too much to remember that interest costs will only get in the way of your goals if you don't have a financial organization or the customer doesn't make payments on the correct date.

    However, we know that there are some months when it is not possible to meet financial commitments.

    For these cases, the installment of the invoice bears interest of 9,9% per month. 

    Even with the installment plan, if the customer is unable to pay the invoice, he will have to pay daily interest, which represents 10,99%. 

    You can also use the Digio credit card abroad not only for travel, but also on websites. 

    Another interesting point is that the credit card offers the possibility of making a purchase in installments when the establishment does not have this alternative. However, this service has a fee of 3,99% per month. 

    For people who urgently need credit, you can request an emergency credit assessment, with a fee of R$6,50. 

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    Who can apply for the Digio credit card? 

    This benefit is released to our nationals who are over 18 years old.

    The customer cannot yet have irregularities with the Federal Revenue.

    Therefore, we recommend checking that your income tax is up to date. 

    Consumers who have a clean name and have no credit restrictions can also apply for their card.

    To find out your situation, visit the Serasa website. 

    Is it worth applying for the Digio credit card?

    Yes. The credit card offers several benefits to the consumer:

    • No annuity;
    • Withdrawals in our country and abroad;
    • Absence of revolving interest; 
    • Shopping at Digio Loja with exclusive discounts;
    • Absence of card reissue fee; 
    • Authorization to make emergency withdrawals on the 24-hour network;
    • It is possible to shop in more than 24 million stores spread across different regions of the world. 

    How to apply for Digio credit card? 

    The process is simpler than it looks.

    Just go to the company's official website and choose the alternative “Digio Cartão” from the menu.

    On the page, you must add some data, such as: name, email, cell phone, CPF and date of birth. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the company does not send emails and messages on the mobile device to register credit.

    If you receive any kind of content, be very careful, as it could be a scam. Always give preference to the company's official website. 

    What is Digio's assessment on Reclame Aqui? 

    As it is a product of the company, the Digio card does not have a specific page on Reclame Aqui.

    Therefore, we will evaluate the company's reputation to understand if it is worth using the service.

    In August 2022, Digio's score on Reclame Aqui was 8.2 out of 10, which is considered great by the platform. In addition, 73.6% of customers would do business with the company again. 

    So far, we have mentioned the best information about Digio credit card.

    However, even with the characteristics that we highlighted above, we know that this alternative may not be suitable for your profile.

    With that in mind, we suggest other options that the customer needs to know:

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    About Digi 

    Digio credit card: how does it work and how to apply?

    Digio is one of the best digital accounts on the market. Founded in 2022, the Digio credit card has no annual fee and is one of the few revolving interest-free alternatives.

    The customer can manage costs through the application with practicality and agility, without any additional fee. 

    In DigioApp, the customer has access to a complete store, which is called Digio Loja. It offers exclusive benefits. Among the most common are: cell phone recharge, parking tag and toll.

    The Livelo Points Club is one of the best alternatives to Loyalty Programs on the market. 

    Last year, DigioConta was born. It does not contain monthly fees, it is digital and the income is more beneficial than savings.

    The account also offers free TEDs, integration with PIX, payment of slips and the possibility of making payments that are part of our routine.

    It also allows withdrawals from ATMs in the Banco24Horas network, using only the mobile device. 

    The company always seeks to launch new products for customers.

    With DigioCashback, for example, the consumer receives part of the money back on purchases that are made online by partner establishments. 

    The DigioCartão discount program, known as Descontinho, guarantees up to 60% discount on pages of various brands.

    The digital account also offers the Grana Extra service. It provides money immediately and without bureaucracy. You guarantee easy credit and can pay in installments directly on your own credit card statement. This benefit is granted up to 24 times. 

    Grana Extra offers several advantages for the consumer, such as: ease, agility for the customer, uncomplicated installments and payment that does not affect their financial planning.

    Digio's main proposal is to improve the financial life of consumers with more security and transparency.

    If you are looking for an online credit card approved on the spot and more details about the “Digio loan”, just go to the official website of the company.

    The company also has a Help Center for customer service that answers the main questions of the customer, such as: “Digio enter”, “Digio invoice”, “Digio chat' and “Digio login card”. 

    After discovering the main details about the Digio credit card, learn how to order a credit card from Caixa? Check all options.

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