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    Coloring pages: where to find the most beautiful ones?

    Coloring pages: where to find the most beautiful ones?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 10, 2022 | Technology |

    Os Drawings to color go far beyond just fun for kids.

    Check out in this post the list we prepared with sites where you can find the most beautiful designs.

    The coloring activity is mainly developed by teachers in the classroom with their students and by parents with their children. 

    In children, the effects caused are the stimulation of creativity, the development of patience and motor coordination, improvement of concentration, among other advantages.

    The benefits derived from the act of coloring a drawing, such as relieving stress, anxiety and improving mental and physical health, can be used as a form of therapy among adults.

    A few years ago, the book Jardim Secreto became very famous among all ages.

    It's a coloring book that many adults have adopted, as a way to get out of everyday life and calm the mind. 

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    Coloring pages: 10 sites to find the most beautiful


    On this site there are several options for coloring pages, including Disney characters, such as Peppa Pig. 

    You can also find several drawings of Barbie, Superman, Batman (the Batman), Paw Patrol and several other well-known figures. 

    To save the coloring pages, just right-click after opening the drawing and go to “Save image as” and choose the destination on your computer.

    2. Student On

    Aluno On also provides some drawings to color and print.

    In addition, the site has other activities and ideas to be applied in kindergarten classrooms.

    3. Super Coloring

    In addition to being able to save for printing, Super Coloring also has the function of coloring the drawing online.

    There are numerous different categories and figures. 

    To save, just click on “Print it” and if you want to color online, just click on “Color Online”.

    4. Coloring Pages

    The site Desenhos Para Colorir not only has drawings and children's characters, but also has mandalas for the adult audience.

    Just login, choose yours and save.

    5. Soul Workshop

    The Oficina da Alma website has a bank of mandala designs ready to be saved and printed to get your hands dirty.

    There are several different mandala designs. 

    6. Lee Hansen Design

    Despite being a site in English, Lee Hansen Design has several designs, both for children with character and educational designs, and for adults, with a category of mandalas. 

    To use it more easily or if you don't speak English, just change the Google Translate setting to Portuguese and use it at will.

    7. Color Pages For Mom

    Color Pages For Mom is also a site in English but it can be easily translated into Portuguese as we already mentioned.

    Among the various categories are Asian designs, geometric designs, animals, landscapes, weddings, stained glass, mandalas, churches, cartoons, hearts and a bunch of other options. 

    8. Coloring Life

    Coloring Life is yet another site in another language, only this time in French.

    It is very intuitive and its designs are available right on the homepage.

    It has drawings of animals, tattoos, themes such as Easter and Carnival, among others.

    Just choose your favorite and click the “Print” button.

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    9. Love of Papers

    The Amor de Papéis website has an extensive bank of very diverse drawings, with characters, landscapes and kawaii drawings (a style of drawing that originated in the West, which refers to cute characters). 

    In addition, the site also has a tool that teaches you how to draw, showing the step by step, from the base of the illustration to the details. 

    10. PaintColor

    To find drawings to print and color, the PintarColorir website is another great option.

    Here you will find everything from the alphabet to characters, animals and fruits.

    Online coloring pages

    Technology is also an intermediary for this task.

    Through the internet, it is possible to find images to color online.

    We separate other sites that have this function.

    Take these tips and enjoy!

    1. Coloring-Online

    Through this platform, you can color several images in a totally virtual way.

    There are several designs available. Just choose and start the fun. 

    2. Coloring

    Coloring also has several categories of drawings for you to choose and start painting according to your tastes.

    The kids will definitely love it.

    3. Mona

    The Mona website is more geared towards the adult audience, indicated to provide relaxation and stress reduction, through the act of coloring drawings.

    It also promises to stimulate your creativity and provide quality therapy. 

    4. Hello Kids

    The Hello Kids platform has several online coloring pages.

    In addition, on the site there are also manual arts tutorials for children, educational videos and free games.

    5. The Color

    Finally, The Color website has a simple and intuitive interface, despite being in English.

    There are several drawings to color through the computer screen or cell phone.

    Coloring pages and their benefits

    When we talk about coloring, we immediately think of it as an activity aimed at children.

    But this activity can be a great ally for adults as well.

    Even more so nowadays, when the number of people with high levels of stress and anxiety has grown considerably, mainly because of the pandemic.

    In addition to being able to relieve stress, coloring also exercises the mind, as this activity makes use of both sides of the cortex of our brain, promoting motor skills. 

    This activity can also be a form of meditation, leading to self-realization and inner peace.

    In this way, negative thoughts are transformed into positive thoughts.

    It also helps us to have more self-control and to stop the day-to-day routine, as it is an activity that does not require any demands or competitiveness, as in the work environment, for example.

    Therefore, it is an excellent way to relax and cause feelings of freedom and relief.

    Coloring is no longer just a way to entertain children and is effectively recognized as a therapy.

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