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    Clothing store names: see 80 ideas to start yours!

    Clothing store names: see 80 ideas to start yours!

    Awakening your consumer's attention is the beginning of being able to establish a brand, without it, sales don't take off and, consequently, your company doesn't go forward. This leads us to the conclusion that choosing names for clothing stores is one of the most important steps for anyone opening a business in this field. This factor should take into account the aspects that arouse curiosity in the target audience to know your clothing brand and purchase your product. 

    During this path to create the name for your clothing store, the ideal, according to Sebrae, is that name that appeals to consumers, differentiates itself from competitors, is pronounceable and easily written. That is, it is easily remembered, it needs to be possible to “stick” in your customer's mind. 

    Do you want to understand how to have a successful name for your company and already come out with many examples to inspire you? Then check out this article! 

    Clothing store names: see inspirations

    Yes, this idea is good and can be used successfully. Today's trends come with a good suggestion: they use their own name or nickname along with another word that identifies the store as clothing. Totally original! 

    See some examples for inspiration.:

    1. Belnat
    2. Female
    3. Chiquitê
    4. Watercolor
    5. Dácqua
    6. Fashion Star
    7. Pink House Fashions
    8. Women's Fashion Parade
    9. Moda Pink
    10. Women's Fashion Style Rail
    11. female balance
    12. Women's Fashion Diary
    13. woman's secret
    14. Bela Jeans Fashions
    15. Beautiful Charm Jeans
    16. lady fashion
    17. He is the guy;
    18. Only the boys;
    19. Garbo and elegance;
    20. River Boy;
    21. Urban Bro;
    22. Urban Boy;
    23. Alternaboys (Alternative Boys);
    24. On the Trend;
    25. Blue trace;
    26. Red Planet;
    27. Planet of the boys;
    28. Mr. fashion;
    29. Fashion for men;
    30. Fashionable treasures;
    31. Kids fashion;
    32. Mom's love;
    33. Here Everything is Possible;
    34. Everything can fashion;
    35. Once upon a Time in the West;
    36. Madame Baby;
    37. Children's Shopping Mall;
    38. Kids Fashion;
    39. Dama Kid (for girl's clothing store) 
    40. Little Queen (little queen)
    41. Princes and princesses;
    42. Mirim Lady;
    43. Fashion Kids
    44. Baby fashion;
    45. Sweet Kids (lovely children)
    46. Taking care of the look;
    47. Little Gentleman.
    48. She Beautiful;
    49. Rare jewel;
    50. Divine Closet.
    51. All styles;
    52. Top Fashion;
    53. Fashion and Trend;
    54. Our Etiquette;
    55. Moda from A to Z;
    56. Fashion Boutique;
    57. Avatar Look;
    58. M.O.D.A;
    59. Our Fashion;
    60. We Fashion;
    61. Unisex Equation;
    62. Global village;
    63. Global Fashion;
    64. Fashion Space;
    65. Modern Trend;
    66. Dual Trends;
    67. DNA Fashion;
    68. Global Village;
    69. Trend Repeater;
    70. All Fashions.
    71. Peter Pan's Corner;
    72. A sea of ​​roses;
    73. Space for naughty people;
    74. Kids Village;
    75. Mirage;
    76. Happy Garden;
    77. Children's Village;
    78. The best store in the world;
    79. Here Everything is Possible;
    80. Here Everything is Can.

    Why is having good clothing store names important? 

    This answer seems obvious, but it's not! Sometimes anxiety about opening your own business or concern about other factors involved makes the name not chosen carefully, which can be a fatal mistake. 

    This is because the name ends up being a business card for the establishment, essential for your store and it will be necessary to choose one that catches the attention of your target audience. For that, you'll already need to have some pre-established choices, but we'll cover that in the next topic. 

    The names for clothing stores that attract attention are the hallmarks of your business, which will define your profile and position in the market. Deciding on an attraction will make your customers remember your store, it automatically stands out from the competition, arousing curiosity and sparking interest in your store. With this, you can stay in the chosen niche without major visibility concerns.

    Tips for choosing clothing store names

    Here are some tips that will make your process easier:

    1. study the competitors

    It is extremely important to understand where you are going, remembering that studying is not copying. Analyzing the competition and understanding the types of names used by them before choosing names for clothing stores is the beginning of the key to making a difference within this niche. Study the impact that these brands have on their customers, whether it is always positive or whether they have been through crises. 

    Your peers' crises can be a valuable learning experience for you.

    By doing this, it is also a measure that helps you avoid having a similar name or one that may resemble another company's. Yes, avoid that, even if you want to be inspired by a name that worked very well, it already worked once, it won't work for you.

    Thus, by understanding what your competitors are doing, it is possible to identify successful formulas and create an unprecedented and totally different name. Use your allies competitors. 

    2. Think about your target audience

    You need to define your target audience! Whether it's going to be female, male, all genders, whether it's going to have distinction and be aimed at older people or be for children, a retail store... in short, analyze all these options and hit the hammer. 

    Another important tip when choosing names for clothing stores is to know the profile you want to reach, but not superficially, you need to live the feeling of your consumer, only then can you know what he needs. From there, it is possible to reflect what kind of name will be able to connect with them.

    However, this is not only linked to the interests of your consumers, but also to your knowledge of them and consumption profiles. Some consumers accept fun brand names, while others want to consume something different, more serious or sophisticated.

    Profiling your buyer is a key step.

    3. Names for clothing stores that are easy to remember

    It is common sense to think that choosing clothing store names that are short has to do with how easily it will be remembered. However, it's no use thinking of one that has few letters, but that will still generate difficulties. And yes, it is possible and you cannot fall into this trap.

    Opting for foreign words, for example, may not be the best choice unless your audience is very prepared to understand and remember you. Very inventive names, which use unusual letters and combinations, are also not indicated, even though they are extremely creative and original, you also need to be in tune with ease. 

    4. Check network availability

    It's important to go through this step before getting too excited about the name you choose. Before defining names for clothing stores, it is recommended to list the possible options and check the domain availability of each of these names.

    Make sure the domain you want is available here!

    Even if you are planning to open a physical store, it is critical in today's world that it is also in the virtual environment. When thinking about the name of your e-commerce, it is worth testing the variations of your website extensions.

    5. Escape from inappropriate associations 

    It is very important to be aware if the name has double meanings or negative connotations. Also notice the pronunciations of the chosen name, it should be easy to pronounce. 

    Another point in this regard is to pay even more attention if the name is in another language, make sure that there are no grammatical errors and that it means exactly what you want. Even if the word is in Portuguese, be careful that the spelling is correct or the brand will start the wrong way in the market.

    6. The name must be unique for your store to attract attention

    Clothing store names that draw attention, it is necessary that the name chosen for the company is unique, not belonging to another. It will make your brand a differentiator and increase the possibility of your brand being recognized by name, these are important issues of bureaucracy as well. 

    7. Use keywords in clothing store names

    This tip doesn't seem to influence much, but it can be essential when making the final choice. When creating a business name, consider including keywords next to the store's name or even slogan. 

    In this way, it will be easier for search engines to position the company's website. It is worth emphasizing that this is not a rule. Having a keyword next to the name of the company will help in the positioning of the site when there is a search for this word, but it does not mean that without it your choice will be a failure. 

    8. Brainstorm

    After having gone through all these steps, it's time to brainstorm, brainstorm. For that, start writing all the words that you think have to do with your store. Do this without fear of wasting time, write as much as you can, without even thinking about how they fit into the name. Include nouns, adjectives, and anything else that can help.

    When you're done with this brainstorm, start sifting through. Cut out the ones that are too long and/or difficult, the ones that are already used by your competitors, and the ones that are overly limiting. Use everything previously taught to make these eliminations.

    There will be a few left, with them you can already start thinking about making combinations, working on them. In the end, you are likely to end up with a great option, capable of conveying everything your clothing store deserves.

    How to create names for clothing stores that attract attention?

    Well, this is really not a simple task for those looking for an ideal name, but if you want to be successful, you will have to go through this step carefully. For starters, carry out a market research, this happens when behaving on social networks and no business nowadays survives without them, here's the tip! Never forget: all the factors involved must be thought out according to your target audience. 

    A super important tip that has certainly crossed your mind, because it is one of the easiest ways. It is legal to avoid names for clothing stores that are geographically limited. That is, to use the name of cities, neighborhoods, states and local historical points. And if you're wondering why, I'll tell you: it's common, everyone does it and that way your business doesn't stand out.

    Choosing a name that escapes this focus will help your store when you want to expand. This means that you will be free to make your products more flexible, or even to operate in other territories. The sky is the limit! 

    This choice has a lot to say about the type of business, as this is how it will be remembered and known in the market. During this article, we will go through some points, such as: making sure that you have chosen the segment of your company well, which really is the clothing segment, and that you choose your target audience well; that you have gone into a niche that you have an affinity for. Your audience needs to identify themselves; in addition to good practices with the formation of the name itself.

    How to differentiate? 

    Really the biggest challenge is this: creating names for clothing stores that are different, that stand out among the others. Even with millions of existing companies, some characteristics of your store may be present in the name as a way to differentiate yourself.

    This is what will make your store stand out for all the right reasons. If finding clothing store names is so difficult, brainstorm again and again, again, again… Look for inspiration in stores in other countries and study your audience more deeply.

    Above all, don't take the easy way out of making small changes to a name that is already known! Originality makes all the difference. 

    Ready to choose a name for your clothing store?

    I hope this text has helped you understand how to create names for clothing stores. And remember, the trademark registration process is done with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). Doing this procedure prevents it from being used illegally by third parties, giving your business more security. 

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