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    Christmas Dinner Ideas: The Best on YouTube

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: The Best on YouTube

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 1, 2022 | News |

    is without Christmas dinner ideas? Do not worry. There are hundreds of dishes that can compose your table, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. But they all have one special detail in common, each meal listed in this content is delicious.

    In addition, it has recipes for all tastes. For everything to work out at the end of the year parties, you need to organize yourself properly. And with that, it is important to separate what will be made for supper.

    To help you in this mission, in this post you will check out several meal ideas that can be made especially for Christmas.

    And best of all: you'll be able to see that you don't have to be Ana Maria Braga to do well at meals. With a little practice, you will be able to do it.

    Christmas dinner ideas

    It is worth mentioning that the text is organized into four topics:

    • Entrance meals;
    • Follow-ups;
    • Main course;
    • desserts.

    In addition, in all cases we will put a link to YouTube explaining how to prepare the recipes step by step.

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    That said, check out the best dishes to make at Christmas below.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: Starters

    The list starts with the appetizers of entrees that are great treats to whet your appetite.

    1. Coalho cheese gifts

    Curd cheese gifts are very easy to make. In addition to being delicious, they can be very beautiful as a decoration of your supper.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: The Best on YouTubePhoto: Reproduction/Paneltherapy

    2. Simple snack

    It's not every dish that needs to go through a mega elaboration, there are meals that just the simple is enough, as is the case of the simple snack. Here, all you need is cherry tomatoes, mint leaves, slices of ham and cubes of mozzarella cheese.

    3. Breaded Brie

    As you may have already noticed, cheese is a food that provides several varieties of starters for Christmas dinner. To bread your brie, you will need wheat flour, breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan.

    It is also worth mentioning that the seasoning is to taste and it is necessary to fry it with very hot oil, so that the final result of the breaded brie is delicious.

    4. Creamy straw

    The first step to make the delicious creamy straw is to prepare the filling based on corn, cream, cottage cheese and shredded chicken.

    After finishing the stuffing, you will need to put it in the straws and you can even add olives, thus giving an even more beautiful look.

    5. Italian bruschetta

    Italian bruschetta is ideal for those who love meals where tomatoes are the main food.

    In addition, lovers of salt bread (French bread) will also love this appetizer.

    6. Tuna mayonnaise straws

    And for those who love foods in which the main item is derived from the sea, the tuna mayonnaise straw can be a great alternative to compose your Christmas table.

    7. Canapés decorated with a Christmas tree

    It's not just the living room of your house that can have a Christmas tree.

    Your supper table can also be composed with foods in the shape of this decoration item. And best of all, the canapés are delicious.

    8. Mayonnaise salad

    Of course, the traditional mayonnaise salad cannot be missing from this list, even more so when it can be made in a mega creamy way.

    As a tip, mix all the ingredients very well when preparing the recipe, this will make the dish even more delicious.

    9. Tomato confit

    This is another recommendation for those who do not dispense with tomato.

    It is worth mentioning that this dish is very light, ideal for people who, even at supper, keep thinking about their weight.

    So, be sure to enjoy the delicious tomato confit.

    10. Chicken sausage

    And to close the dishes on this topic, the last indication is the chicken sausage.

    Here, the chicken needs to be shredded and sautéed in seasonings to taste and only then add the other ingredients.

    You can bet that the end result will be a delicious recipe.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: Accompaniments

    For a Christmas dinner to be complete, you need to have those super delicious side dishes.

    Just don't think that it takes a lot of ingredients to make the dishes. Some goodies take few items, but the result is sensational.

    So, check out the selected meals for that topic.

    1. Christmas Farofa

    This part of the text could not start differently. The Christmas farofa is one of the most essential accompaniments in the Christmas dinner and it is not for less: this dish is indeed a delight.

    2. Baked potato

    Who doesn't like potatoes? There are countless dishes possible to be made with this food.

    But in this case, the recommendation is for the perfect baked potato, which is super simple to prepare. Basically all you need is potatoes, butter and a few seasonings to taste.

    3. Rice with almonds

    Now, if you want a dish with a slightly more sophisticated tone than the traditional one, but without losing the speed and ease of preparation, rice with almonds can be a perfect fit.

    4. Rice with champagne

    If you didn't like the previous indication so much, another alternative is rice to champagne, which is very simple to prepare and can please your Christmas dinner guests.

    5. Greek rice

    And to end the “rice session”, the recommendation is the traditional Greek rice, which takes many ingredients to make, but the result leaves it with a very robust face.

    In addition, this recipe is very nutritious and super colorful, it will certainly attract attention at the table.

    6. Perfect Mashed Potatoes

    Look at her here again, the perfect potato, or rather, in this case, the perfect mashed potato.

    This companion is ideal for everyone. That's because there's always the guest who doesn't like several dishes, but, without a doubt, at least the mashed potato he will like.

    7. Creamy cod

    Cod is another indispensable dish in your Christmas dinner.

    So, to make the creamy cod you need to have the fish well shredded, desalted and put it in the other ingredients.

    To see how to make this companion, you need to see this video on YouTube.

    8. Moroccan couscous

    Couscous as a companion? Yes that's right.

    With this meal, it is possible to have a combination with other dishes that will make your Christmas table very beautiful.

    It is also worth noting that the Moroccan couscous has a very practical method of preparation.

    9. Chicken Fricassee

    If you want to see your guests' eyes sparkle as they eat the meal you've prepared, you need to take the time to make the creamy chicken fricassee, which is a delight for your Christmas festivities.

    10. Caramel pineapple

    And once again to close the topic, the recommendation is for a classic dish at Christmas dinners. Caramel pineapple is delicious, simple to make and uses very few ingredients.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: Main course

    Now it's time to go over the most important meals on any Christmas table, the main dishes.

    With that, prepare the ingredients and make that “mouth-watering” supper just by looking at it.

    1. Roasted beef rib

    Think of a dish that can be succulent! From a distance, you see it and you already want to eat it right away.

    This can all become possible with the roast beef rib, which is popular with many people, even the most demanding.

    2. Turkey with farofa

    The farofa by itself is already a great dish. Now, using this companion with the turkey is to raise the level of the Christmas dinner.

    So, this meal is a great way to please all guests who love a good turkey in farofa.

    3. Easy to prepare turkey

    Simple Christmas is also beautiful. If you add a simple dish here, another there and add some decorations, in the end your supper will be wonderful, filling your eyes and whetting your appetite just by looking at it.

    So, the easy-to-prepare turkey is a good alternative for people who want to do well in the kitchen, but not spend so much time preparing.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: The Best on YouTubePhoto: Reproduction / Maria Antonia Channel

    4. Christmas stuffed turkey

    This dish is best made for Christmas dinner, as it takes a while to be completely ready.

    Therefore, it is necessary to put the turkey for about 12 hours in the fridge with a marinade of cachaça, beer, garlic, onion, carrots, water, and a few other ingredients, as shown in this video.

    5. Juicy Christmas Turkey

    With a few seasonings, you can make a beautiful juicy turkey to serve to all your guests and family.

    It's quite possible that someone will ask you the secret of that turkey. If you say you used few ingredients, the person will be surprised.

    6. Christmas Chester with orange sauce

    Many people spend the whole year thinking about the Christmas dinner, the time to eat the Chester, a traditional bird that is seen at Christmas among Brazilians.

    In this case of Christmas Chester with orange sauce, the big difference is the accompanying sauce that uses butter, olive oil, onion, orange juice and wheat flour.

    Orange juice may seem strange at first, but you can bet that's the special touch.

    7. Ground beef and bacon roulade

    Another option for a main Christmas dish besides the different types of turkey is the rocambole, which in this case is stuffed with ground beef and bacon.

    In addition to being a very tasty dish, the ingredients are well into account.

    8. Pork loin

    Now, if you prefer pork or want to expand your menu, the recommendation is to make a delicious and succulent pork loin.

    Here, you will need a little more ingredients compared to other dishes already listed. But don't worry: it's nothing out of this world, you'll be able to find the items easily.

    9. Tender super juicy

    If you don't know or don't know how to make a tenderloin, this is your perfect opportunity to prepare an amazing meal that will make the mouth water of everyone who eats this dish.

    The super juicy tender is so delicious that it can even be used as the main meal of your Christmas dinner.

    10. Read more about Turducken

    If you're looking to rock out and take your Christmas dinner to another level, turduken is a mega sophisticated meal.

    But it is important to make it clear that to prepare this dish it will be necessary to pay a higher financial value compared to other meals, that is, it is not something for those looking to have greater savings.

    Anyway, if that doesn't bother you, you can put turduken in your supper. He's sure to get all the attention.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: Desserts

    After all, there's still room to eat dessert, right?

    Even more so when the meals are incredibly delicious, as is the case with all of the following dishes:

    1. Christmas log made of roulade

    This is one of the most amazing dishes you will find for your Christmas dinner.

    In addition to being very tasty, the decoration is amazing and will look perfect on your table.

    Combined with other items listed above, your supper will look beautiful. It is very worthwhile to prepare the Christmas log made of roulade.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: The Best on YouTubePhoto: Playback/Cakepedia

    2. Peach Delight

    The peach delight is a pavé model that, in this case, receives the gelatine coating, which makes the meal tastier and also gives a beautiful look to your supper.

    3. Panettone French Toast

    French toast is already good, now French toast with panettone is even better.

    Do you know what stimulates even more to make this meal? The ingredients aren't expensive and it's super simple to find. In any market, you will find the items.

    In addition, you can still upgrade this dish by adding a chocolate syrup.

    4. Cold dessert

    Your Christmas dinner cannot be without a cold dessert, which in addition to being very tasty, will please guests who prefer to eat cold food.

    It is also worth mentioning that this delicacy has a great smell because of the almond essence.

    5. Christmas Strawberry Cup

    Look at these bowls, a perfect decoration! Imagine them next to the Christmas log made with rocambole.

    With little gifts of coalho cheese and a main course, your supper will be a spectacle.

    Christmas Dinner Ideas: The Best on YouTubePhoto: Reproduction / Bruna and you at the bakery

    6. Husband frozen

    Iced husband is a dessert that traditionally has three layers: one with white cream, one with chocolate cream and the last topping is made up of whipped egg whites.

    Undoubtedly it is one of the best treats you can make your Christmas dinner.

    7. Strawberry dessert

    Another dish that uses strawberry as the main ingredient, after all, this fruit is very delicious, right?

    Anyway, this treat is to be eaten cold, which basically uses just a white cream of starch, milk, cream and condensed milk.

    8. Candy on the platter

    We are almost finishing the content and I couldn't help but put at least one meal that uses candy as the main item of the recipe, correct?

    So, with only six items: bonbon, green grapes, condensed milk, cream, Ninho milk and semi-sweet chocolate, it is possible to make a very delicious dessert, bonbon on the platter.

    9. Maizena Biscuit Pavé

    This is another pavé model for you to make for your Christmas dinner and eat with the whole family.

    The cornstarch biscuit pavé doesn't use so many ingredients to prepare and it yields a lot, everyone who eats it will be satisfied.

    10. German pie

    And to complete the list, the last indication is the German pie. The base of this dessert is composed of a cream prepared with butter, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla essence and cream.

    The end result is beautiful and you can be sure that it will fill the eyes of your family and guests.

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