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    Caption for photos with boyfriend: the 151 best to rock online

    Caption for photos with boyfriend: the 151 best to rock online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 14, 2022 | Social Networks |

    If you are the type of person who likes to post your photos on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for example, you will also want to do this when you are in a serious relationship, but do you know what caption for photos with boyfriend to use?

    Choosing a good caption can be a very difficult problem to solve for many people, especially in a photo with someone important to you. Some captions can also serve as a declaration of love for that special person, others can be fun and show the great time you had or are having together on a trip, for example. 

    But there are also those that serve as a celebration, to celebrate the dating anniversary, the anniversary of one of the members of the couple and etc. Trying to help you with this difficult task of choosing a caption for photos with a boyfriend, we have separated a list with several options for you to copy, so just choose the one that makes you happy and post it on social networks or even WhatsApp.

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    Caption for photos with boyfriend: the most beautiful

    Caption for photos with boyfriend: the 151 best to rock online

    1. No commas, no full stops and no spaces, simple like this: Euteamo
    2. Years, hours and life are only happy when I'm good with you.
    3. We would be together forever if every time I wished you were here.
    4. I saw you and I already wanted you. I saw myself so happy. - Jorge e Mateus.
    5. In addition to being my best friend, we are also boyfriends.
    6. If they asked me my marital status I would say: Completely happy by your side.
    7. You for me, me for you and God for us. 
    8. The time for when we are together, everything is full of life and magical.
    9. My smile is so happy with you.
    10. Although love is a word that means a lot, it doesn't even mean half of how I feel about you.
    11. My world is better with you.
    12. Your voice is a song that inspires me day after day.
    13. The smile is mine, but the reason is you. The life is mine but the heart is yours. I love you.
    14. There is no wrong time when the right person arrives, and you arrived for me, I love you.
    15. Above all, however, they clothe themselves in love, which is the perfect bond. – Colossians 3:14
    16. Feeling you close, even when you're far away, that's loving.
    17. Me and you, together until the end. Combined?
    18. The smile comes automatically when I think of you.
    19. I knew falling in love with you would be inevitable. It was like when I heard my favorite song for the first time. I already knew. – John Doederlein
    20. There will always be a piece of you in every piece of me.
    21. God introduces you to the right person, and that is proof that he exists.
    22. You may not have been my first love, but it was love that made all other loves irrelevant. – Rupi Kaur
    23. You were the best part of my year.
    24. When I see you, my heart beats happy. 
    25. Keep your fingers in mine. – Luara Quaresma
    26. Me, you and this hurricane that we decided to call love.
    27. Even though you are so annoying, I thank you for being by your side. Lie, I love you and you are a love.
    28. All the love in the world for both of us.
    29. I, who already love you so much, still don't love you all.
    30. You have no idea how much I like you...
    31. By your side, everything is more beautiful.
    32. If it's to be happy, let it be by your side.
    33. New bet: Who can make the other happier, shall we?
    34. When someone means everything, distance means nothing.
    35. I'm learning to love him by loving me. – Rupi Kaur
    36. You are my iaiá, my yo-yo.
    37. I want to be present and always around, to be part of your tears and smiles, in every moment of your life.
    38.  It is so yours my afflicted and meek heart.
    39. I feel lucky to have you, so I've never been lucky with anything.
    40. Look, smile, understand, feel and care, love is in the little things and attitudes.
    41. There's nothing I could want more than to be with you.
    42. The weird thing would be if I didn't fall in love with you.
    43. My love for you is almost as big as my love for pizza.
    44. You are in my certainties, in my mind and in my smile.
    45.  You touched me in a special way without using your hands, and that's why I fell in love.
    46. That my love will not be fleeting, I will love you from January to January, until the world ends. – Roberta Campos
    47. Love is to change together, evolve and grow.
    48. God made you for me, and that's the only certainty I have.
    49. My life is filled with happiness with our love.
    50. You complete me, and it's that simple.
    51. That's what love does. He marinates his lips until the only word his mouth utters is his name. – Rupi Kaur
    52. You will be with me in my next steps.
    53. My favorite person in the world is you.
    54. A crime that pays is stealing from you just for me.
    55. You were the most beautiful chance of my life.
    56. Let's agree like this: every time I make you smile, you give me a kiss on the mouth.
    57. I wanted you to see the way you look at me.
    58. My day is always saved by your smile.
    59. I love you so much that I think our love is even better than açaí.
    60. Some say it was luck, but God was the one who made everything work out.
    61. If other lives exist, I hope we meet again, as I will surely fall in love with you again.
    62. Your love found my heart.
    63. Hey, I wanted to say one more time today that I love you.
    64. You and I are definitely something we match.
    65. You came to complete me, everything that was missing for me you brought.
    66. Life doesn't give you good chances twice in a row, and you're my only good chance.
    67. Whenever I look at you, I want to keep it in a little jar.
    68. Many people need a thousand reasons to smile, I just need you.
    69. Do you make my heart glad? Come today, tomorrow and always.
    70. Whenever you smile at me, it makes me want to kiss you.
    71. The best moments of my life I have lived by your side.
    72. Thank you all the time to have found you. - Charlie Brown Jr
    73. I didn't know what love was until you showed me, thank you. 
    74. Whenever I discover a new detail of yours, I come to love you more and more.
    75. Every day of my life is dedicated to dating you.
    76. My favorite moment of the day is you.
    77. If you promise not to give up on us, I promise to take care of you.
    78. Today you are my everything, even though you arrived as nothing.
    79. Love songs started to make sense when I met you.
    80. Being someone's good is good.
    81. We'll write eternity together.
    82. May what makes us good be infinite.
    83. I don't lend you, I don't let you go, I don't change you.
    84. To love is: to look at each other and die of laughter for no reason.
    85. Being with you is synonymous with perfection.
    86. He is my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds. – Lana DelRey
    87. So good die of love and continue living. – Mario Quintana
    88. I would invent you if you didn't exist.
    89. Fate has written a beautiful page in the book of my life, it's you.
    90. You are my baby.
    91. My eyes always smile when they see you.
    92. You are so important to me that every night I pray: God, take care of this idiot.
    93. We complete each other like day and night, I am the moon and he is the sun.
    94. My favorite sweatshirt is your hug.
    95. I know chance made us a love affair.
    96. Everything has color and shine when you smile, and so my smile also comes easily.
    97. My way may be messed up, but I love you anyway.
    98. Love simplifies, amplifies and modifies.
    99. The Big Bang is nothing compared to the explosion of happiness I get when I see you arrive.
    100. I love you a billion.
    101. It takes a lifetime to discover every bit of you.
    102. You are my four leaf clover.
    103. Even our differences are the same.
    104. My will is to live every day as if they were infinite with you.
    105. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It doesn't mistreat, it doesn't look out for its interests, it doesn't get angry easily, it doesn't hold a grudge. Love does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices in the truth. Everything suffers, everything believes, everything hopes, everything supports. – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
    106. Waiting for you was worth every second.
    107. Even before I met you I already loved you.
    108. God knew how awesome we would be together, so he put you in my path.
    109. I will never get tired of discovering you, because every day by your side is a new and wonderful surprise.
    110. My world is moved by your smile.
    111. This photo says it all. She's everything. She is us.
    112. When we leave what brings us anguish behind and look for what brings us back, that's when we discover what love is.
    113. No movie has a love story like ours.
    114. A record of our love, a new memory built.
    115. I know I've found the person for life when I look at you.
    116. Finding you showed me that I've always looked in the wrong places for the definition of love.
    117. I don't know how to explain this love I feel, it's immense and I just feel it.
    118. You deserve the world… And some warm hugs. After all, no one deserves to be cold.
    119. I don't exist far from you / And loneliness is my worst punishment / I count the hours to see you / But the clock is wrong with me – Adriana Calcanhoto
    120. You proved to me that it's possible to have an epic love story.
    121. That love that arrived without warning and knocked right on the door of the heart. How I Love You!
    122. Before I thought I knew all the feelings in the world, even knowing and feeling true love.
    123. My life took on a new color with you.
    124. Today time flies, my love… – Lulu Santos
    125. Love arrives like this without warning. – Henry and Julian
    126. It's just that a affection sometimes goes well. - Caetano Veloso
    127. I thought it was impossible for life to be magical, until I shared mine with you.
    128. I suffered from a huge emptiness in my chest, but it disappeared when I met you.
    129. Maybe we didn't know it, but our souls knew that we are meant to be together.
    130. I promise to take care of you, I promise to protect you, I promise to dream of you, I promise to love you like I've never loved anyone.
    131. All my life I will love you – Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes
    132. And even those who see me reading the newspaper, in the bread line, know that I found you – Los Hermanos
    133. First of all, I love you / Sorry to rush but / I was choking, I had to vent – ​​Projota
    134. I like her so much / To the point of wanting to be close, ready / There's no other way to see me smile / Her effect here is crazy – Emicida
    135. I'm pretty sure life and fate conspire to bring us together.
    136. Be the half of the orange, be the lid of the pot… I don't know what object defines this, but I know that you are my best complement.
    137. I wish I had the power to turn this photo into eternity.
    138. What if I mean that the entire universe lives in you? – Tiago Iorc
    139. And I think I really like you… just the way you are! – Pitty
    140. It took me a long time to find you, now I just want you. - Fabio Junior
    141. My love will not be fleeting / I will love you from January to January / Until the world ends – Nando Reis
    142. Where have I been / While you were looking for me? – Nando Reis
    143. Love of my life, from now until eternity. / Our destinies were traced in the maternity hospital – Cazuza
    144. And away from you it's all more or less. / If I win the world without you, I'm losing – Matheus and Kauan
    145. We have such a close, intimate and strong bond that all I can do is thank God.
    146. I just want you to know, that when I imagine myself happy, it's with you. – Supernatural
    147. When I like someone, I make sure they know, and for you I can only say: I love you.
    148. The only thing impossible for me is to say that I don't love you.
    149. They say that wounds in the heart can only be healed with love, and you healed me.
    150. Our love story will be epic.
    151. You showed me that love still exists by being one of the best parts of my days.

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