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    Camera App – 8 Best to Monitor

    With a camera application you can monitor the security cameras of your home or business on your cell phone. The security camera app allows you to connect your security system to the device, or even turn an older phone into a powerful security camera.

    To do this, just use one of the security camera apps listed below and monitor the camera from your cell phone in a simple and practical way!


    • Alfred – Security Camera
    • camo cam
    • Mobile Security Câmera FTP
    • AtHome Camera
    • WardenCam
    • IP Cam Viewer Basic
    • Video Surveillance Ivideon
    • CameraFi – USB Camera / Webcam

    Alfred – Security Camera

    Alfred turns his cell phone into a security camera and connects it to another cell phone capable of receiving the transmitted images in real time. The application alerts you when any movement is detected in the video and allows you to switch between the device's rear and front camera, taking pictures from anywhere on the planet.


    camo cam

    This application works in a similar way to the previous one and allows the registration of two devices with the same Facebook account, connecting them and allowing the sharing of images between them in a very simple way.


    Mobile Security Câmera FTP

    With this application you have the same functionality as the previous applications, however, its free version is more limited, being the paid version the one that contains the full functionality of the application.


    AtHome Camera

    This application is free and does not require registration, connecting the two devices through a QRcode generated by the application itself, keeping everything safe, without the need to enter the user's personal information.



    The application allows the connection of two devices, being a cell phone, tablet or computer, and has several features, such as better video quality, alarm options and motion detection notifications in the videos on your cell phone or by email.


    IP Cam Viewer Basic

    With this application you can connect your cell phone to several other surveillance systems, including digital cameras and webcams, not just other cell phones. You have access to real-time camera videos and can record videos and record images whenever and wherever you want.


    Video Surveillance Ivideon

    This application is specific for those who have online IP-type security cameras, DVRs or NVRs, and want to monitor the recorded videos at any time, anywhere, directly from their cell phone. It also allows recording videos and configuring notifications in cases of suspicious movements.


    CameraFi – USB Camera / Webcam

    With this application, the user can connect any video device to his cell phone and have access to the videos recorded directly on the phone, in real time, or store them for future access, all with great security.


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