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    C6 Bank Maquininha: How does C6 Pay work?

    C6 Bank Maquininha: How does C6 Pay work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 2, 2022 | Finance | 0

    You know C6 Bank Machine? Card machines are very useful tools created to process credit card data when making payments.

    Some banks usually offer these classic machines to their sales customers. And one of those available on the market is the C6 Bank Maquininha, which, as the name suggests, is the C6 Bank credit card machine.

    Although these well-known machines can be quite useful, it is always necessary to be aware of their specifications and fees before hiring any service and purchasing the machine.

    To help you when making your choice, we separate the main details and explain how the C6 Bank Maquininha works.

    That way, you can decide whether or not to hire her. 

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    How to buy the C6 Bank Maquininha?

    There are two ways for you to purchase the C6 Bank maquininha, if you are interested. They are: as a C6 Bank customer or as a non-customer.

    Regardless of your case, you can request the machine either as an individual or as a legal entity. 

    As a C6 customer, the request for a machine can be made through the chat available on the bank's application, which is available both for Android devices in the Play Store and in the App Store for iOS. 

    Among the benefits available in this option, we have the condition that if you earn more than R$5 thousand per month and receive the money through a C6 account, you also do not need to pay the C6 Bank machine.

    Now, if you are not a bank customer and want to order your C6 Bank machine, you will need to make an online request.

    Among the data requested when registering to have your credit card machine, you will need to inform your monthly billing so that it can be checked if you can participate in the C6 promotions. 

    In addition, you will need to inform a bank account to receive your sales balance, if you are not going to use a C6 Bank account.

    It is worth mentioning that you can also make the acquisition without a bank account from another bank. However, you will need to open a C6 digital account and purchase the digital card.

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    The machine is released on a lending basis

    To request your C6 Bank machine, it is extremely important that you are informed about some issues.

    As the fact that the company PlayGo, which belongs to the same group as C6 Bank, is actually responsible for the operation and management of the credit card machine.

    The regime in which you will acquire the device is the lending regime. This means that the C6 Bank machine is not yours, even if you pay for it.

    That is, the moment you stop using the C6 services, you must return the machine immediately.

    Due to this regime, the entire amount you pay for the machine will be considered a membership fee and not a purchase fee.

    The delivery of the device will be completely free of charge. For those who live in our city, the deadline can be up to 5 business days.

    For those who live in other locations, this period may be longer.

    C6 Bank Maquininha models

    C6 Bank Maquininha: How does C6 Pay work?

    The C6 Bank Maquininha is available in three different models, all in black, with Wi-Fi connection and factory 3G chip.

    In addition, the data package is also already included. The options are: C6 Pay SuperMini, C6 Pay Essential and C6 Pay Smart

    The three different models also include the possibility of payment by approximation, QR Code, via PIX and several special conditions for C6 bank customers.

    You will be able to pay in up to 12 installments and accept credit and debit payments.

    The machines and their details are:

    C6 Pay SuperMini

    This is a portable model. So if you want something practical, small and that doesn't take up a lot of space to be used on the street, for example, this is the perfect model of the C6 Bank machine.

    But keep in mind that the purchase receipt can only be issued via SMS, that is, by text message.

    This machine also has a membership fee of R$226,80, which can be divided into up to 12 installments of R$18,90.

    If the balance you receive in your C6 digital account through the machine is greater than R$3,5 per month, you will not need to pay the membership, which will be free.

    C6 Pay Essencial

    The Essential model is perfect for use in motorized deliveries and at counters.

    Following the same model as standard and wireless machines, you can use this mobile model to take the machine to your customer when needed.

    It has a touchscreen and color screen, as well as a built-in physical keyboard.

    The receipt can be printed at the same time, and you will have the option to choose between Claro, Tim and Vivo chips.

    The membership fee is R$418, which can also be divided into up to 12 installments of R$34,90.

    If you sell more than BRL 5 per month and use a C6 Bank account, the membership fee is cancelled.

    C6 Pay Smart

    Pay Smart is the most advanced in terms of technology and compared to other options.

    With a fully touchscreen and Android system already installed, this C6 Bank machine accepts Oi and Vivo chips and also prints the receipt on paper.

    Compared to the others, Pay Smart has a slightly steep membership fee, in the amount of R$1.078,80, which can be divided into up to R$89,90 for 12 months.

    If your billing is greater than R$7,5 per month in a C6 Bank account, you also do not pay for this membership.

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    What are the fees at C6 Bank Maquininha?

    Understanding the fees charged at C6 Bank maquininha is very simple and even very attractive compared to other options available on the market.

    On debit sales, the fee is 1,85% and you receive the amount within 1 business day.

    In credit and cash sales, each transaction comes out with a fee of 3,29% on the balance, within 31 business days.

    The fee goes up to 3,89% on the balance if you want to receive it within 2 business days.

    In installment credit purchases, each transaction has a balance fee of 3,29% to receive within 31 business days, that is, every 30 days you will receive one of the installments.

    Another option is an initial fee of 3,89% and an additional fee of 1,99% charged on each installment, receiving the total amount within 2 business days. 

    The balance is deposited in the bank account you registered or in your C6 Bank digital account.

    And what are the flag selections?C6 Bank Maquininha: How does C6 Pay work?

    With a wide range of accepted card brands, C6 Bank Maquininha still promises to expand the brands even more in the future.

    At the moment, it is possible to swipe cards from the main brands: Mastercard, Visa, Elo, Hipercard, American Express, Maestro, Diners Club, Visa Electron, Maestro, Discover, JCB, Mais!Sorocard, Credz, Banescard, Hiper and Cabal.

    The downside: the C6 Bank machine does not accept any vouchers when paying.

    According to information from the company itself, it should soon start accepting meal cards, such as Ticket, Alelo, and Sodexo.

    So, if you work in the food business, these machines may not end up being a good option.

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    The customer has 24 hours of support

    One of the great positives is the customer support that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, working via email and telephone.

    In the social networks Twitter and Facebook, it is also possible to ask questions.

    The PayGo company, responsible for the machine, has a very good rating on Reclame Aqui, and has a reputation considered Great, with a score of 8,3/10.

    It also stands out for responding to 100% of the complaints registered, with a resolution rate of 92,3%.

    In addition, 76,9% of customers said they would do business with PayGo again, showing that the C6 Bank machine is in good hands.

    Are there other services included in the C6 Bank Maquininha?

    Other perks will also be available when you buy the C6 Bank machine.

    The advantage that stands out the most is the use of the C6 digital account, which can be requested automatically when getting the credit card machine.

    With it, the user can pay bills, make bank transfers, access and make investments, earn discounts at partner companies of the bank and much more.

    Another point is that you can make use of C6 Pay Link and generate payment links that can be sent or received through social networks, WhatsApp, email, etc.

    With this option, sales can be paid in up to 6 installments.

    C6 Express is another one that you will also have access to, allowing C6 bank customers to make withdrawals using their machine, and with each withdrawal you will have a profit of R$1,50.

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    But after all, is the C6 Bank machine good?

    But what is the conclusion? Is the C6 Bank machine really good? If you are looking for great support, a wide range of flags and cheap rates compared to the rest of the market, then this is the option for you.

    The option becomes even better if you are already a customer of the bank.

    However, it is always good to keep in mind that, even if you pay the membership fees, the machine will not be yours.

    And to be entitled to most benefits, you will need to create a digital bank account.

    In addition, there is not much technical information about the machine. So there is no way to assess in detail how it works.

    So, to answer the question whether or not it is worth having the C6 Bank Maquininha, it will depend on whether you are a C6 customer or if you are willing to open a bank account.

    If so, it might be worth it and be a good one. If not, it might be better to look for another option.

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