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    Brazilian anime: the best to watch online

    Brazilian anime: the best to watch online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 16, 2022 | Technology |

    The number of fans of brazilian anime it only increases.

    It is increasingly common to see people wearing shirts and accessories featuring characters from Eastern culture.

    One of the factors that help in the growth of the popularity of these audiovisuals is the good titles that are in the streaming catalogs.

    On the other hand, the local production of these series is still in its infancy.

    This is not due to a lack of quality or good ideas, on the contrary, Brazilians are usually very creative, the problem lies in the lack of financial incentives.

    Even so, there are Brazilian animes that were successful worldwide and some projects promise to be very cool.

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    In this post, in addition to seeing successful Brazilian anime, you will be able to see some national animation projects in which the expectation of quality is high.

    You will also check out a platform focused on developing original titles from small anime studios made in our country.

    In this way, get to know, below, the anime made by a Brazilian mangaka that is successful worldwide.

    Brazilian anime: highlights 

    1. No Game, No Life

    It's worth the warning, if you haven't seen No Game, No Life know that you're missing a great Brazilian cool anime.

    That said, get to know a little about the Brazilian behind the work and also the history of this animation.

    If you search for the name of the author of No Game, No Life will show the name Yū Kamiya, a pseudonym for Thiago Lucas Furukawa, a Brazilian.

    He was born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais and went to live in Japan when he was a child.

    In Japanese lands, he decided to venture into the world of mangaka, a respected but highly demanded profession that demands extreme effort from professionals.

    Thus, at a dōjinshi (Japanese word for independent publications) event, Kamiya was noticed by an editor who gave the Brazilian the opportunity to publish some of his manga in a magazine.

    Over time, he gained more and more notoriety, until reaching his biggest hit to date: No Game, No Life.

    To give you a sense of success, his work reached the mark of six volumes as one of the 30 best light novels that were commercialized in Japan.

    In 2014, the incredible number of 1,1 million copies sold of the No Game light novel No Life was reached.

    With all this sales volume, it caught the attention of Madhouse, a studio that produces anime.

    Also in 2014, the light novel won an anime adaptation, and in Japan the animation was televised by AT-X and in the West the work arrived by Crunchyroll initially.

    It is worth remembering that in our country, manga and light novels are licensed and can be purchased officially.

    Understanding the trajectory of the Brazilian mangaka, learn a little about the history of No Game, No Life.

    The work is an isekai, that is, the characters are teleported to another world.

    The story follows the brothers Sora and Shiro who are geniuses in video games.

    On a seemingly normal day, the brothers received a suspicious email challenging them to a game of chess.

    The duo eventually accepts the mission and wins the game.

    As a gift, they are sent by a God to a world called “Disboard”.

    In this new world, everything is solved with game duels.

    So, the brothers' goal is to continue their reputation as undefeated players and go after the 16 dominant species (we can't say what that is, it would be a spoiler!) on Disboard to harness the power of the God of gaming.

    What makes the brothers' journey even more difficult is that on Disboard, humans are considered an inferior race.

    And because of that, one of Shiro and Sora's goals is to change that concept by winning the God of games.

    The coolest point of the plot is the dynamics of the games that are amazing as well as the solutions given by the brothers.

    The duo follows a line of thinking, most of the time, as logical as possible, using science and real facts as principles to perform magic, which holds the viewer from the beginning to the end of the season.

    The work has only 12 episodes and can be found on Netflix, Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime video for you to watch anime online.

    In addition, the work also has a movie. It is still worth highlighting the traits of this work, which are very colorful and beautiful.

    Check out the trailer:

    So far there is no news of a new season.

    But fans are still hopeful that the work can get more episodes or maybe some more movies and OVAs.

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    Unfortunately, No Game, No Life, is an exception among Brazilians in anime productions.

    Not everyone can reach the level of having a work licensed by a major Japanese studio.

    Therefore, it is necessary to seek other means for the stories to gain this type of animation.

    With that, get to know a little about the trajectory of another Brazilian who intends to launch a totally national anime.

    2. Magma

    Before talking about the anime, it is important to know a little about the history of the person behind Magma.

    The creator of this work is Robson Meneses, a 2D animator, who works in the advertising area. That's right, advertising!

    Unlike Kamiya who followed Mangaká's career, Robson went the way of animation studios.

    He managed to participate in Disney's The Princess and the Frog, a feature that was nominated for an Oscar in 2010.

    But his history with anime started long before that.

    In 2000 he was already involved in animation projects.

    It was at this time that he created the Magma sketches.

    But due to the difficulties of financial investments, he ended up shelving the project.

    In this way, Robson only returned to devote more attention to the production of Magma animation in 2015.

    Brazilian anime: the best to watch onlinePhoto: Publicity/Robson Meneses

    Speaking of the plot, the anime will be of the action and science fiction genre, where on a planet far from Earth, a more technologically evolved people managed to learn to better use the circulation of electrical impulses of the brain, which made other beings appear behind this one. power that arose through that discovery.

    So, a girl from that planet went to Earth to get help.

    In this way, the story follows the journey of the boy Rasdael Tatsuya, a resident of our city.

    The girl who came to Earth looking for help is called Lu-Ha, and thanks to her, Rasdael Tatsuya's life changes completely.

    It is because of this alien that the protagonist has the first contact with Magma energy, it is something with a footprint like Dragon Ball's KI, the Knights of the Zodiac Cosmos and Naruto's Chakra.

    Rasdael is 13 years old, he is a nerdy, smart kid who loves sports and loves games.

    He doesn't go on adventures alone, the boy has his childhood friends Will Gabriel and Thiago, as well as the dog Toguro (do you understand the reference?).

    Thus, this is the main trio of the story.

    Magma does not yet have a release date, but what is known is that it is still in production.

    And, according to Robson, a certain number of episodes is not yet defined, but there is an estimate that it will be about 26 episodes in all.

    Despite not having the animation available, the opening has already been released:

    In addition to the YouTube channel, you can follow the project on Robson's Facebook.

    As can be seen, the market for Brazilian anime productions is still small.

    But there is a project that promises to encourage national animations.

    In this way, get to know the streaming platform with a focus on anime made in our country.

    3. Anistage

    It is important to make it clear at the beginning of this thread that Anistage is still in the process of creating, and is expected to be released in early 2022.

    So, learn more about this platform that promises to be geared towards animes produced independently in our country.

    The creator of the project is Jailson PS Junior, from São Paulo, who started having the idea for the platform in November 2022.

    The initial objective was not to have a streaming service, but to develop an app to assemble fan dubbing teams.

    However, he realized that this work could end up becoming a major legal problem due to the anime's copyright.

    Even with this obstacle, he did not abandon the idea, and in early 2022 the project took another direction, which is Anistage as the otaku public knows it today.

    Jailson, along with a few other people who agreed to participate in the project, redid the idea and went after animators who were excited about the platform's proposal.

    Thus, it was only in September 2022 that the production of this platform was announced on social media.

    And with the announcement, a story that would already become an anime was reported, it is Decay of the Knights, which has been used as a flagship to this day.

    The expectation is that it will be one of the best independent animes.

    Brazilian anime: the best to watch onlinePhoto: Publicity/Anistage

    In addition to this work, Anistage already has other projects to become anime and integrate the catalog of the future streaming platform.

    Thus, it has already been announced that there will be animation releases of the following independent works: Gate Glass, Prologue dos Anjos, Anistory, Simple World and Mokura.

    It is worth mentioning that Anistage is also developing a mobile application for better accessibility in browsing the anime catalog.

    However, this app cannot yet be downloaded by the general public, it has only been made available to some people who have received prior authorization.

    Now that you understand how the idea of ​​having the streaming platform came about, it's important to know how it will work when it launches.

    So, check out some important information about this future streaming.

    How will Anistage work?

    According to Jailson, Anistage will be a streaming platform that works on demand, a service model similar to what is found in the market, but, according to him, this way of working will be more flexible, without bureaucracy for the consumers.

    One of the goals of the production team is to offer an affordable service to animation studios that have a small proportion of visibility.

    In this way, the contents will be accessible through the Anistage website initially, on partner channels of the platform and even on YouTube.

    Also according to Jailson, the main objective of the platform is to further develop the Brazilian independent market, first making Anistage grow in order to help new projects that arise.

    To be clear, Anistage is a streaming platform that aims to release original anime and also indie studios that produce animations.

    When the platform was announced, it was announced that the monthly subscription for the service would be R$5.

    But due to the increase in the dollar with the pandemic, there was an adjustment to R$7,90.

    Remembering that it is not yet possible to subscribe to any plan.

    That way, if you visit the Anistage website, you will see a notice that is almost ready.

    Until the closing of this post, the general progress was at 84,8% accomplished.

    If you want to follow the project, just access the social networks of the site, which can be seen on this Linktree.

    Brazilian anime: the best to watch online

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    So, if you enjoy watching anime online, it's a good idea to follow this project.

    Expectations are high for great animations to come out.

    So who wins are the consumers who will receive good quality works and incentives from Brazilian productions.

    Who knows, there may be more cases like No Game, No Life.

    It is also worth remembering that there is an expectation of dubbed Brazilian anime releases, which is very cool.

    And finally, it is worth noting that No Game, no Life is one of the coolest isekai anime.

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