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    Black Friday Mc Donalds: what will be the offers this year?

    Black Friday Mc Donalds: what will be the offers this year?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 24, 2022 | Shopping |

    Do you want to enjoy the Black Friday MC Donalds? So let's help you with that.

    With the date of promotions getting closer and closer, several stores and fast-food companies are starting to prepare their offers, promotions and schedules for the Black Friday 2022 event, which takes place on November 26th.

    Black Friday Mc Donalds, also known as Méqui Friday, has several promotions in apps and in physical stores, and even offers free snacks if you meet some requirements.

    Below, we separate the main promotions and offers offered by the company. Check it out in more detail to make the most of low prices for a limited time.

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    Black Friday McDonalds: Deals

    To start talking about the fast food chain's Black Friday Mc Donalds promotions, we first need to highlight that the company has offers in its own app, McDonald's: Coupons and Delivery, available on the Play Store for devices with Android and on the App Store for iOS mobile devices.

    In addition, you can also take advantage of Méqui Friday through services such as Mercado Pago and iFood.

    So check out each one in detail below.

    Black Friday Mc Donalds at Mercado Pago

    Black Friday Mc Donalds: what will be the offers this year?

    Image: First Class Passenger

    Those who purchase their snacks through Mercado Pago will be able to enjoy some benefits of the promotion.

    Some snacks from the McDonald's menu, such as Duplo Barbecue or McChicken, can be purchased for only R$1,90.

    More elaborate snacks like Cheddar and Quarteirão can cost R$3,90. Intermediate and classic snacks like McChicken Bacon and the Big Mac can be as low as R$2,90.

    To take advantage of this Black Friday Mc Donalds promotion, payment for your order needs to be made through the Mercado Pago QR Code at the restaurants participating in the campaign.

    Check out the units of the fast food company that participate in the Black Friday offers

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    Black Friday Mc Donalds no iFood

    Black Friday Mc Donalds: what will be the offers this year?

    On iFood, one of the main and most famous delivery apps available on the market, you can also take advantage of some Méqui Friday offers.

    The company offers a 39% discount for those who buy the snacks:

    • McChicken;
    • Block;
    • Big Mac;
    • Cheddar;
    • McChicken Bacon;
    • McChicken Barbecue;
    • McChicken Cheddar;
    • Duplo Burger Bacon;
    • Duplo Barbeque.

    Promotions with 35% discounts are also offered on the purchase of two Chicken Jr snacks. or two Cheeseburgers. However, you have to buy the drink together.

    Interested parties should stay tuned, as Mcdonald's promotions will be available on iFood only until November 30th.

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    Black Friday Mc Donalds in the App with Free Cheeseburger

    Black Friday Mc Donalds: what will be the offers this year?

    If you haven't used the Mc Donalds app yet, then now may be the perfect time to start using and shopping digitally in the app, as you can win a cheeseburger.

    The process is very simple and we will explain how to get your Free Cheeseburger. 

    The promotion is for customers who are going to use the app for the first time. If you already use the app, unfortunately it will not be possible to participate in Méqui Friday.

    Check out the step-by-step below:

    Step 1. Download the McDonalds app: Coupons and Delivery on your mobile device;

    Step 2. Register on the platform for the first time, informing your basic data;

    Step 3. Access your e-mail used for registration. There will be a message that you should open and follow the recommended steps to finish the Mc Donald's registration process;

    Step 4. When returning to the application, look for the “Coupons” tab, you will have the coupon “Vale Cheeseburguer” ready to be redeemed;

    Step 5. To redeem your coupon, you need to select the desired offer;

    Step 6. After that, go to the “Get Coupon” button to finally gain access. It is worth mentioning that the coupon will only be available to those who have version 3.0.6 or later of the application on their Android device. For iOS devices, version 3.0.1 or later is required. 

    Step 7. Finally, you will receive your coupon code on the screen of your device and you can take it directly to the restaurants participating in the promotion to redeem your Cheeseburger snack. It will be possible to present the coupon on the cell phone or print it to present it physically. 

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