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    BJ Connect: what is it and where to download the Colégio Bom Jesus app

    BJ Connect: what is it and where to download the Colégio Bom Jesus app

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 2, 2022 | News |

    Before we talk about the main features and where to download the app BJ Connect, it is necessary to understand more about Grupo Educacional Bom Jesus, which is responsible for the app. According to information from the official website of Colégio Bom Jesus, he has been working in the field of Brazilian education for over 120 years.

    The basis used and applied by the Bom Jesus institution follows Franciscan principles. At the time of writing this text, the educational group is chaired by Friar João Mannes. It is worth mentioning that Bom Jesus is also linked to the Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception of our country.

    In addition to the Bom Jesus schools, the Group is also formed by the Bom Jesus Theater, Valor o Nosso País – Promotional Products, Lace Language Center, FAE Centro Universitário, Gráfica Bom Jesus and Editora Bom Jesus. 

    The biggest inspiration of Bom Jesus educational institutions is Francisco de Assis, whose main objective is to prepare and train their students so that they can have a greater and new reading of reality in the future. In this way, students can rescue the main ethical, spiritual and moral values ​​for the human being.

    In Bom Jesus schools, it is possible to find classes with training from elementary school to high school. The on-site units are spread across some states of our country, and can be found in our city, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná.

    Now that we know the institution, it's time to talk about BJ Connect, the application made available by the company and which can be very useful for many people.

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    What is BJ Connect all about?

    BJ Connect: what is it and where to download the Colégio Bom Jesus app

    BJ Connect, contrary to what it may seem, is a tool aimed at education and dedicated to children, teachers and guardians, which you can access through the computer or in application format.

    The tool provides several functions for students to learn, also aiming at the insertion of parents in the student's student life, since there are features that allow parents to have control of some aspects of the student's life.

    Among the main functions that are available in BJ Connect, we can highlight the following:

    • Library: students have a huge collection of books in the area called “Pergamum”, which can facilitate and help a lot when studying and carrying out activities;
    • Stream: users can view notices, news, messages, happenings and many other things on the BJ Connect timeline;
    • Financial: information on slips, debts and payments can all be accessed through the platform itself, quickly and easily;
    • Academic Data: Academic information, especially course grades, exams and assignments can all be accessed through BJ Connect;
    • Notifications: as soon as you receive a message or if something new happens or is posted in the app, you will receive a “push” notification to know that there are new things you should check out in the app;
    • News: all new information and news related to Grupo Bom Jesus can be followed through the platform;
    • Calendar: All homework, exam dates, class dates, holidays and other information about the Academic Calendar are also available on BJ Connect;
    • Virtual Room: Users will have access to all features of the Moodle platform through the app itself. For those who don't know, this is an educational support software that allows the application of classes.

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    Where can you download and access the BJ Connect app?

    BJ Connect: what is it and where to download the Colégio Bom Jesus app

    If you are interested and want to use BJ Connect, you need to know where to access and download the platform.

    The first form of access that we can mention is on the platform through the browser, which allows you to access the BJ Connect virtual space only by accessing the site on google or another browser. However, you will only be able to login if you already have an account with your login and password, otherwise, you will be able to create yours through the application.

    Now, if you want to download the app on your smartphone or some other mobile device, you can do so through digital stores. If you want to download the version for iOS systems, just access the App Store. However, if you want to download BJ Connect for Android devices, it needs to be downloaded from the Play Store.

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    What can you find on BJ Connect?

    With the main mission of promoting educational, personal development and a closer relationship between the institution, teachers, parents and students, you can find several interesting features on BJ Connect:

    • Study Area: using as a basis the themes and subjects studied in the classroom, in the study area it is possible to find several digital activities to help establish learning;
    • Digital Classes: with the aim of deepening learning, online classes are available in two formats: as normal classes and also in the form of courses. You can follow them via computer, tablets or smartphones and the best part is that you can watch them anytime and anywhere;
    • Digital assessments: intended for students who are in the third year of high school, the focus is to help prepare for entrance exams. The tests bring together multiple-choice questions that have been used in several past selection processes. Assessments are made available once every two months, where each student receives a different test to avoid the cheating process of their peers. After sending the material for correction, it is possible to see how many questions you got right, how many you got wrong and the score achieved at the end;
    • Responsible online: an area for parents or guardians of students, containing services such as issuing tickets, payment of annuity, declaration of debt settlement, verification of the list of necessary materials, digital re-enrollment, Grupo Bom Jesus virtual store and others functions. Parents can also track their children's grades, tasks and materials available, absences, productivity and more;
    • Online Student: it is basically the digital space where the student will have access to the necessary study material, with classroom contents and interactive activities, schedules for assessments, academic calendar, notices and homework assignments, essays, quarterly and bimonthly results and others. . 

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