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    BBB 21: How to watch live online?

    BBB 21: How to watch live online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 6, 2022 | News | 1 comment

    After almost 20 years on the air, Big Brother our country returns with BBB 21. The reality show broadcast by Rede Globo since 2002, now takes place in the era of social networks and streaming. if you want to know how to watch BBB 21 live online, I will show the steps and the alternatives. 

    There are several ways to follow BBB 21, you can watch BBB 21 live, watch BBB 21 online and, if you want to follow closely, watch BBB21 up to 24 hours a day. Let's know how to watch Big Brother our country. 

    When does BBB 21 start?

    BBB 21 started on January 25, 2022. After the huge success in 2022, the house returns in the middle of the pandemic and with new participants. Twenty participants were selected for this edition and the division between the box and popcorn team was maintained. 

    Who are the participants of BBB 21?

    This year bbb 21 participants are:

    • Karol Conka: singer
    • Carla Diaz: actress
    • Camilla de Lucas: influencer
    • Fiuk: actor and singer
    • Pocah: singer
    • Viih Tube: actress and youtuber
    • Project: singer
    • Nego Di: comediant
    • Lucas Hairstyle: actor
    • Rodolfo: singer
    • Arthur Piccoli: crossfit instrutor 
    • Carlos Farah: farmer
    • João Luiz Pedrosa: geography teacher
    • Arcrebian: model and physical educator 
    • Juliette Feire: lawyer and makeup artist 
    • Kerline Cardoso: model
    • Lumena: psychologist
    • Gilberto Júnior: PhD student in Economics
    • Thais: dental surgeon
    • Sarah Barbosa: digital marketing consultant.
    BBB 21: How to watch live online?

    BBB 21: How to watch live online

    What is the BBB 21 award?

    This year, the winner of the reality show will take home R$1,5 million. The amount paid has been the same since 2010 and, according to economists, if it were adjusted for inflation measured by the IPCA, it should be approximately R$2,7 million. As inflation in the period rose, but the prize did not, each year the winner loses purchase value. 

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    How to watch BBB 21 live and free: open TV

    The most popular, free and easy way to watch BBB 21 is through the live broadcast of the Globo network. Every day, around 22 pm (time in our city), the program is broadcast on open TV. Presented by Tiago Leifert, the program airs every day of the week. 

    The broadcast on open TV shows a summary of the day, the competition for leadership during the week, parties and other activities to win over stakes. To watch BBB 21 live, just tune into your TV on Rede Globo. 

    How to watch BBB 21 online and free: Globo Play

    You can watch Globo's open programming on the internet. With the Globo Play app, just create a free Globo account to have access to open TV programming and follow everything that is on TV.

    To create your Globo account is very easy. You can download the Globo Play app from your mobile app store. Also, you can download the Globoplay app on your smartTV if it has this option. 

    To create your free account on Globoplay, follow these steps:

    1. Download the Globoplay app on your device (can be mobile, tablet, video game or smartTV). You can also see BBB 21 on Globoplay using your computer's browser. Just access and follow the steps below
    2. Look in the app or on the website for the “Login” option. It is usually found in the upper right corner.
    3. Select the option “Don't have an account? Register"
    4. Fill in the data requested in the registration or create your account with Facebook, Google or Apple data. 
    5. After making an account, log in and access Globoplay content.
    6. Look for the “Now” option to follow Globo’s programming and watch BBB 21 online for free.

    If you miss a show and want to review it, you can see reruns of all shows through the Globoplay app.

    In addition, you can watch some excerpts with highlights of what is happening in the house. In this option, you will see that there is some content flagged as “Subscriber”. These are contents released only to Globo Play subscribers. 

    How to watch BBB live online 2022: Globo Play Pago

    If you want to know everything that happens at BBB 21, the best way is to be a paid Globoplay subscriber. As a subscriber, you can watch the reality broadcast from 11 cameras live, 24 hours a day. 

    In addition, by subscribing to Globo Play, you have access to many other exclusive content for paid subscribers. Plan prices vary (at the time of writing) between R$22,90 per month to R$49,90 per month for access to Globoplay content and also access to other channels of the Globo group.

    The most expensive plan allows you to see, for example, the live programming of channels such as GloboNews, Universal, SportTV, GNT, Megapix, Off, Mais Globosat, in addition to allowing you to download content to watch offline. It is worth searching the internet for some promotions to subscribe to. 

    As a Globoplay subscriber you also have access to series, movies, programs and various other exclusive content. Among the famous series that subscribers have access to are:

    • The Big Band Theory
    • The Good Doctor
    • Killing Eve
    • Supernatural
    • Grey's Anatomy
    • Smallville
    • Home

    Among the famous films are titles such as:

    • Shrek
    • The compassionate car
    • Fifty Shades of grey
    • Tropa de Elite
    • Butterfly Effect and many others

    Globoplay and Disney +

    Globo has partnered with Disney where it is possible to subscribe with a Globoplay and Disney+ combo. The cheapest plan is R$43,90 per month and gives access to Globo and Disney+ content, without access to Globo group channels.

    Assistir BBB 21: pay-per-view

    Another way to immerse yourself in the BBB 21 universe is by hiring a pay-per-view package with your cable TV operator. If you already have a cable TV, you can hire the BBB 21 paid package and have access to what goes on in the house 24 hours a day. 

    Among the operators that offer this service are:

    • Clear
    • Net
    • Oi
    • Sky
    • Vivo
    • DirectTV 

    For more details on how to hire, access the Big Brother website or our pay-per-view country or consult your TV operator. 

    Watch BBB 21 live: Multishow

    If you want to continue following the program, after the end of the live broadcast on Globo, you can follow another 45 minutes of transmission on the Multishow channel. 

    You can watch the broadcast of BBB 21 through the Multishow channel on your pay TV. Another way is to use the Globoplay app and, if you are a subscriber. 

    BBB 21 Conclusion: How to watch live online?

    Here are the top ways to watch BBB 21 online, free and live. If you are not very attached to the program, but like to watch it to pass the time, following the broadcast live on open TV is the most common option. 

    However, the possibility of watching it online and for free through the Globoplay app is a recent novelty that was not even thought of back in 2002. Now, if you are a fan of the program and don't want to miss anything, subscribe to the pay-per-view or Globoplay is one way. 

    You will be able to follow the house 24 hours a day and know, without editing, what each participant says or does and draw your own conclusions. 

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