All Pokémon Fire Red Cheats: Infinite Money, Items, and More

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Pokémon Fire Red is a remake of the famous game Pokémon Red, which was originally released for Game Boy. This remastered version was released in 2004, for Game Boy Advance, in parallel with another version called Pokémon Leaf Green, inspired by the game Pokémon Blue.

The remaster brought updated and improved graphics, as well as the original 151 Pokemon and a new feature that allows players to battle and trade wirelessly between consoles.

In addition to updated moves compared to the old version, the game also brought "Abilities", which are abilities activated in combat that made new strategies available to the player. The genre was also added to pokemons, in addition to the possibility of breeding pokemons to generate stronger versions and with exclusive attacks and abilities.

The game also brought double battles and the Sevii Islands as an explorable region.

Cheats Pokémon Fire Red

As in other very popular games, such as The Sims and GTA (see GTA San Andreas codes), Pokémon Fire Red has cheats, which are codes that make it possible to "circumvent" the game rules and get items faster, advantages in battles , make it easier to catch pokemons, among other things.

It is important to note that the use of cheats can corrupt your game's save file, so the player must save the game before using the codes. After saving your game, it is necessary to acquire a Master Code to enable all other Pokémon Fire cheats, it serves to ensure that the other cheats work correctly.

To activate the Master Code it is necessary to open, in the game options, the "cheats" or "pass" and enter the following code:

000077CA 000A

If this code doesn't work, try this one:

1004448C 0007

After entering the Master Code, the player can start using all available Pokemon Fire Red cheats by typing them in next. To help players, here is a list of all the cheats for pokemon fire red:

It is worth mentioning that the cheats starting at number 251 if your Pokedex is updated to the Nationaldex. It is possible to obtain it after Elite 4 and after defeating Gary for the first time.

Pokémon Fire Red Cheats for Infinite Money and Items

Twelve infinite rare:820258400044 (Does Not Require Master Code)
Master Ball Infinita no Key Itens pocket:8202595c 0001 ou 8202595e 0063
Level up quickly:82023D50 270F (This code will continually level up once you win a battle, to interrupt you must deactivate it.)
Walk through walls:509197D3 542975F4 ou 78DA95DF 44018CB4
Infinite money:82025838104E ou 8202583AE971
All Generation Poke Balls:0000295F000A or 101DC9D40007 or 420259D80001
Buy everything for 15:3C25A344 ou FD8F451C ou 2823D8DA
Todas as berries:42025AF40085 ou 42025AF65212
Go anywhere:42026592FFFF
1+ experience:7300218C0001
5+ experience:7300218C0001 ou 7300218C0001
All HMs:42025A0C0153
All TMs:42025A2C0121 ou 42025A2E5212
Free Daycare:820370C20000
pokemon eggs crack quickly :33202864200FE
Make the pokemon that hatch from a male egg:320286400016
Make the pokemon that hatch from a female egg:320286400016
Full Badges and Pokedex:8202658CFFFF
Pokemon gets easier to catch:4D83B1BF E0F5F507 ou 8E883EFF 92E9660D
Full Pokedex:4202462CFFFF or 42025BA0FFFF

Pokemon Fire Red cheats to improve your pokemons

You can also use cheats to make your pokemons more powerful and increase their levels. For this, the player must enter the following code according to the position the pokémon is in:

1º pokemon:20242DA03E7 ou 000000070002
2º pokemon:4202433E03E7 ou 000000070002
3º pokemon:420243A203E7 ou 000000070002
4º pokemon:4202440603E7 ou 000000070002
5º pokemon:4202446A03E7 ou 000000070002
6º pokemon:420244CE03E7 ou 000000070002

Pokémon Fire Red Cheats that enable new slots

Fire Red pokemon cheats also allow the player to get infinite items. However, they require codes other than the Master Code. What the codes will do is change the PC's item slot so that the player can add whatever items they want.

To enable cheats it is necessary to enter the following codes, according to the item slot position:

PC Item Modify Slot 1:82025840 xxxx
PC Item Modify Slot 2:82025844 xxxx
PC Item Modify Slot 3:82025848 xxxx
PC Item Modify Slot 4:8202584C xxxx
PC Item Modify Slot 5:82025850 xxxx

Cheats Pokémon Fire Red: items to recover life

And then, in place of the “xxxx” insert the code according to the desired item:

Max Potion:0014
Hyper Potion:0015
Super Potion:0016
Full Restore:0013
Burn Heal:000F
Ice Heal:0010
Parlyz Heal:0012
Full Heal:0017
Max Revive:0019
Fresh Water:001A
Soda Pop:001B
Moomoo Milk:001D
Energy Root:001F
Heal Powder:0020
Revival Herb:0021
Max Ether:0023
Max Elixir:0025
Lava Cookie:0026
Berry Juice:002C
Sacred Ash:002D

Cheats Pokémon Fire Red: items to improve skills

HP Up:003F
Rare Candy:0044
PP Up:0045
PP Max:0047
Guard Spec.:0049
Dire Hit:004A
X Attack:004B
X Defend:004C
X Speed:004D
X Accuracy:004E
X Special:004F

Cheats Pokémon Fire Red: iyou have pokemons they can hold

Red Scarf:00FE
Blue Scarf:00FF
Pink Scarf:0100
Green Scarf:0101
Yellow Scarf:0102
King’s Rock:00BB
Coin Amulet:00BD
Cleanse Tag:00BE
Soul Dew:00BF
Smoke Ball:00C2
Focus Band:00C4
Lucky Egg:00C5
Metal Coat:00C7
Dragon Scale:00C9
Light Ball:00CA
Soft Sand:00CB
Hard Stone:00CC
Miracle Seed:00CD
Black Belt:00CF
Mystic Water:00D1
Sharp Beak:00D2
Poison Barb:00D3
Spell Tag:000D5
Dragon Fang:00D8
Silk Scarf:00D9
Bell Shell:00DB
Sea Incense:00DC
Lax Incense:00DD
Lucky Punch:00DE
Metal Powder:00DF
Thick Club:00E0
White Herb:00B4
Macho Brace:00B5
Exp. Share:00B6
Quick Claw:00B7
Soothe Bell:00B8
Mental Herb:00B69
Choice Band:00BA

Cheats Pokémon Fire Red: mails

Orange Mail:0079
Harbor Mail:007A
Glitter Mail:007B
Mech Mail:007C
Wood Mail:007D
Wave Mail:007E
Bead Mail:007F
Shadow Mail:0080
Tropic Mail:0081
Dream Mail:0082
Fab Mail:0083
Retro Mail:0084

Others cheats do Pokémon Fire Red

Blue Flute:0027
Yellow Flute:0028
Red Flute:0029
Black Flute:002A
White Flute:002B
Shoal Salt:002E
Shoal Shell:002F
Red Shard:0030
Blue Shard:0031
Yellow Shard:0032
Green Shard:0033
Big Mushroom:0068
Big Pearl:006B
Star Piece:006D
Heart Scale:0078
Poke Doll:0050
Fluffy Tail:0052
Super Repel:0053
Max Repel:0054
Escape Rope:0055

evolution stones

Sun Stone:005D
Moon Stone:005E
Fire Stone:005F
Water Stone:0061
Leaf Stone:0062

key items

Mach Bike:0103
Coin Box:0104
Old Rod:0106
Good Rod:0107
Super Rod:0108
S.S. Ticket:0109
Contest Pass:010A
Wailmer Pail:010C
Devon Goods:010D
Soot Sack:010E
Basement Key:010F
Acro Bike:0110
PokeBlock Case:0111
Eon Ticket:0113
Red Orb:0114
Blue Orb:0115
Rm. 1 Key:0119
Rm. 2 Key:011A
Rm. 4 Key:011B
Rm. 6 Key:011C
Storage Key:011D
Root Fossil:011E
Claw Fossil:011F
Devon Scope:0120
Oak’s Parcel:015D
Poke Flute:015E
Secret Key:015F
Bike Voucher:0160
Gold Teeth:0161
Old Amber:0162
Card Key:0163
Lift To:0164
Helix Fossil:0165
Dome Fossil:0166
Silph Scope:0167
Town Map:1069
VS Seeker:016A
Fame Checker:016B
TM Case:016C
Berry Pouch:016D
Teachy TV:016E
Rainbow Pass:0170
Powder Jar:0174

Cheats Pokémon Fire Red to find Pokémon

To find any pokémon available in game number 1 to 250 it is necessary to use a standard code of the version of the game installed on your device plus the code of the desired pokémon. The code is as follows: 17543C48 E65E0B97.

To find pokemons from number 251 to 386 it is necessary to use one of the following codes: 8C050415 EB447C7A, AD86124F 2823D8DA, A0CCA92E 61571E3B, E2302908 64FD3288 ou 25AF3162 06D16963.

After entering one of the previous codes, enter the code corresponding to the desired pokémon:

BulbasaurAD86124F 2823D8DA
ivysaurAB84463B B2609644
Venusaur3542F0A7 7D2E171F
CharmanderDB8C60CD 81FD6AA7
Charmeleon08506D61 55CBD9A8
CharizardA56395D2 8AF46857
SquirtleBCDCB406 2F2FD763
wartortle268349C8 63FF53CE
Blastoise5FD24ABC 1FE3296A
caterpie358CC2BF 9BFA3518
MetapodDC725D4E 3A20792F
butter free33EFFB7C E1794F5B
weedle9A86D92A 635F8DBC
kakunaCCEC9F6E 5A2A0F12
BeedriF3D99280 49F4EEDC
Pidgey139BBA32 2DC356C8
pidgeotto2F7B0F2F 257173EA
Pidgeot13659B39 95BD80E5
RattataE5C49E22 47B157F2
rationale60C9DC15 1AD9B226
Spearow2F5D7856 A5F7B4AE
fearow23689847 DA918B8D
EkansA5BA4CFA CA5D771C
treeB75D69F0 7C3B3103
Pikachu9D4A1BFF 05120D39
raichuCE7B779B AE493550
sandshrew7DFC4CBD 20BB83B6
sandslashCFC711B9 0585971F
NidoranB6450111 C65005BC
Nidorina0BA329E0 CEB39484
nidoqueenC3B010F5 6DB0ED0E
NidoranA38262A2 825F8CF0
Nidorino33D5E08A 037AB9C4
Nesting82E3DD4B EBFEF864
ClefairyE8EAB84F 26C8AB6B
keyableD15755D8 AF5BE6F1
vulpix276AF592 A3A635CC
Ninetals27B815E0 B8CCC2DA
JigglypuffB18AC7E0 E667A184
wigglytuff7CEDC4CF F95C5521
Zubat47596727 51BB292A
GolbatFF3A0DD1 DF54EB13
OddishEF723724 F31E5F64
GloomA386B043 9DEB5064
Vilefeather4A2748A4 F888F1C9
StopEAD30258 3988D84F
parasect74CFC9E9 82CD278E
Venonat0CC56D24 C9F5A33A
VenomothDFDFFF0A 8919BB28
DiglettBA7199EC 664F9418
dug trioBCC0FB44 1A047D3C
Meowth5F38FD3F 5D7412A3
persian0BEC25D3 787468AE
Psyduck70CEC019 12F0A7B0
golduck32E8BC37 7712CF08
mankeyDAAB0C35 55611812
primeapeB82FBCB6 C954F4ED
growlitheCD7047AB 42D861F2
Arcanine3099D33C 49E66A04
poliwagAF0908F3 650FE1BD
PolywhirlC29C3277 063E67E9
Polywrath8DC834CF BFECCA56
Open5738CFE5 515C61CF
Cadabra67CA1286 0E3A5D83
AlakazamC91954D9 68AAD246
machop8AD2C8BB EB3D7A39
machoke95EFD5EA DD857E98
machamp3BF5B7C4 061AAA45
bellsproutCF2E3B09 3B30426E
weepinbell0030C455 4F43BB12
Victreebel1DF3B8CA DC70EC58
tentacool65C4E9C5 24CA1894
Tentacruel51DDE51A 00DE2CE3
Geodude399F7170 D519951E
gravelerDDF655E3 9BDEE49C
G103F567C 2F1A9043
ponyta877A6953 8F6209F2
rapidash195BAD3F C840CA28
Slowpoke4CEC5478 ACBC593C
SlowbroFE7C44DB 7672B1D8
magnemite3C17AEA9 5DC9D705
magnetonB8BD13C5 E3E7D9B3
Farfetch9121060C 74B908E0
doduo920BE3C7 3E00359C
dodrio02258041 19ABFE29
Seel8EC19A12 FD47B55F
DewgongE18D1069 1053E30C
grinmerEB7F9C3F DB3192F5
Muk729160A9 F8F73577
shellder92A2030E 24F19E86
cloysterFB078533 1A99C72A
Gastly99B8A848 91759EFF
Haunter7F14537B 6C00E975
gengarBA9A9758 4221EBF4
Onix54D9A0DB 68FC768F
DrowzeeC5C4BBBB 55B1B77F
hypnosisF4BB6321 8E9265DB
KrabbyD83FACC2 7D31E557
kinglerFF0F431F 400EF220
voltorbABD2C0C0 FBC68A93
electrode0C2333CD 141730A7
Exeggcute8D2F9E72 8719250B
exeggutor744AF614 12D8281B
CuboneD9E3884F 37500E3F
MarowakCB4A8BD1 1D028DA2
hitmonlee9EDB950D 454533E5
hitmonchan3535FA3A EBECD355
LicensingF582757C 16122B78
coffeeBF93F87F BC1AB791
WeezingD966DA15 88BBB73A
Rhyhorn7DA9C8C7 8549C3D4
Rhydon9071D41E 55259C19
ChanseyAD38C4DB B5EBB8A7
Tangela100D1518 466A2D06
Kangaskhan8F4BE409 7110788B
Horse02401CFF F2742052
seadraB0160E28 ED6B68EC
goldeneen29061002 69BB68FF
seaking676505B9 904C9DE3
staryuD7D9A00C 7BFB7AAC
starmie0E2752FA 51091446
Mr.Mime0922D9A2 C1E680BA
scythera28BEFBB3 68DE4569
JynxFB0FC84E D45216CF
Electrabuzz1E6DE7CB DDDBAD78
magmarC644F8D1 4159A2D6
pinsirAEFBB853 03F4B721
Tauros1D5557F2 FACC2BA7
Magikarp04658924 E67574E2
Gyarados56156F0A D2F071F2
Lapras483AC796 E3850B8F
Ditto3613AA25 2CC1B172
Eevee4B78A144 F02E1187
VaporeonD82AEDF5 F23B27A4
Jolteon1850F0B1 AAFB142F
FlareonAB622741 B3F84F8B
Porygon6EE60CB5 746DFF03
Omanyte1DBD6215 4FD65295
Omastar23F20EC6 1368F543
Kabuto32A2B3E0 40DB80D9
Kabutops2058318E 392B7EE5
AerodactylC44B6463 DB3237C3
SnorlaxE9ADF485 15BE8FA7
ArticunoD7B594AF C1DA18AB
Zapdos83E25054 9C927E5E
MoltresF8DEC3CC A014B094
Dratint47C69D5D 1AA59D6D
Dragonair8B3A1FF0 A3C0E786
Dragonite796E6824 2B208DD5
Mewtwo4C77BA3F CA4EDCB6
MewB751BDF4 95CEF4CC
Chikorita539C7E13 DD795F72
Bayleef39D823E3 9EB6C9AA
MeganiumA2F7F837 7F974DEB
CyndaquilE4995046 3D00BF91
QuilavaB9CCC7BB D4C29E22
TyphlosionB5592578 FBB9A4ED
Totodile6699EF70 D7B03D43
Croconaw33C5C90B D46AD9DC
FeraligatrE1F0FEFA D0036CD4
Sentret6C2D5D5E 008A751F
Furret2B34A3C7 A829209F
HoothootB33DAC5B 29EB7EB5
Noctowl8E0B9473 A4AE2B53
Ledyba5F2FD32D 941693B4
Ledian1CD7078F A7384A34
SpinarakBF975E40 430B4806
AriadosF3D55605 74AE5C52
Crobat56FC2792 3AEFE3F9
ChinchouD70D1018 A021245F
Lanturn2D2CC458 21BDD10C
Pichu90AECEE5 A888F8AE
Cleffa08C2447D 2096B6AE
IgglybuffD7F35EE0 D224ECDE
Togepi82269FC8 9579FD5A
TogeticE3581C9B AE652F9A
NatuB635603F B1E81481
Xatu459823AE 3F1683A4
Mareep0783E965 C5165BF8
FlaaffyF510A285 5288E291
Ampharos3CE54322 74A86618
BellossomF0088391 0C65D5E3
Marill51EB125F EAA0FCBE
AzumarillE832EF37 64D0E6A2
SudowoodoDDA1AC43 4A067FAE
Politoed5C6CD179 E18C31EF
HoppipB1BC8307 69EF9C2C
SkiploomE32EA0FE CB37FF3B
JumpluffC03FCFEF 84CB37BA
AipomA45DFE4F F27A9D8D
Sunkern165C689B AF94A177
Sunflora36838BE7 E5367C3A
YanmaE500846E 9A4FF5C7
Wooper6F071CA9 63FF4902
Quagsire67375392 E7F55C24
EspeonEF8A105C 72CEF63E
UmbreonEF708FD1 C5E8B000
Murkrow98F8C8F7 EEA657B9
Slowking43D2617C C2F14DFB
Misdreavus2E5E5AEB 22EBF9FF
Unown10998FB0 656B5C99
WobbuffetEC4EB940 2C63CA65
Girafarig41377A90 E36247DE
Pineco43C3A9BF 477AF067
Forretress55815067 03B03952
Dunsparce4F8D48EA 9336834B
Gligar729F34AB 5B1018D0
Steelix1FE62E14 130CD2F8
Snubbu77C7197D 502B8B56
GranbuCF223304 929E964E
QwilfishC9551136 F45B0236
ScizorF8D4BFAE D2C136F5
ShuckleA94D8CB8 560257D4
Heracross779D6EBF 3139EFF6
SneaselC21BA23A 95AB64BD
TeddiursaEDEB2FF0 88466B79
Ursaring2607FA8F 4BF940FA
SlugmaE2899947 9269834F
MagcargoA58E1198 6E004BAD
PiloswineAA68D49C B33C8972
CorsolaDDEFF53A EC57A23F
RemoraidA67D580A B44A4DF4
Octillery78BA5E9D BA836EEB
DelibirdBC1FE4EC 9F1818A1
Mantine3AF8DB31 042E9DF9
Skarmory92DE3CD4 65C14106
HoundourCABF0A0B B0E620D3
HoundoomD8D99C49 B49D47DC
Kingdra2B185541 DB13ACF6
PhanpyCBCB02D6 C41FE3F4
DonphanB8A6C516 12ECADE5
Porygon04EA10C3 8DB0146F
Stantler9C0B5F02 A2857BBC
smeargle49D7E467 103D0D48
Tyrogue3D2030E2 B2A0CACE
HitmontopA357C435 8BC380D1
Smoochum8C287F7F E3950A6E
MagbyD77AEB51 E63292DB
Miltank1A55F1D1 2FCDADEA
Blissey01EA07BF 793C86F2
Raikou43FF33D1 F368CDE6
Entei0C8037A6 BE1D9DB2
Suicune80755BDB E392B806
Larvitar2C8E4296 84D8D6E3
Pupitar8418E051 5C53CE38
Tyranitar32D66B09 40354103
Lugia545C676A 51FFDC1C
Ho-oh437065EF 67DF37EF
Celebi4AEC27E8 A5FF1540
Treecko3BA410B6 94CBB557
GrovyleD9FE5FBF B09F0205
Skeptical1AA369E5 72BBA287
Torchic673752FC D4065FA8
Combusken2F22FB72 D5887213
Blaziken136BD0D6 606187D2
MudkipFCEF6F25 3905588C
marshtompA72262EA 7F7FD464
swampert8EED2DB5 964D67F8
Poochyena1A6BE162 4481A843
mightyena7A1769D1 40699C90
Zigzagoon4B9FB849 14A5AA94
LinooneF1F00B1F F5B3721A
WurmpleEF31EC55 1417DEC6
SiliconA83BF115 130C3917
beautifully2244D1D6 A87DAAB7
Helmet6DBB6131 90E40C0A
DustoxAD5C9BC6 8E3E4C3B
Lotad7CC9941A A70E2C37
The shadowD4BE7AA5 F9CE65B8
Ludicolo9459FC5B 5516BE48
Seedot809DED68 B67856D4
NuzleafDCE40F64 D45D202E
ShiftryBF87B744 16F7C28C
Tallow52C2D901 7344A4FA
SwellowBBB05E5B 3A3FDC85
WingullCDB2A8AF 7D43F8B7
PeelC963D063 10F5AC28
Ralts6BCA1BD9 953420E2
Kirlia86C62F1D 27B0AF88
gardevoir1A2EEF24 65E331B7
Surskit73285D38 A5A4E2BD
Masquerain00C9CFD8 65021DD5
ShroomishD0B107DB 027BEBD8
Breloom3F140B0A 5937E9BE
slakoth23E5A94B D21E7E80
Vigoroth485C366A DA423D56
slackingFEA287AE FFB54BB5
nincada3C703413 6B8119CC
ninjasky43A8378B 9EF75A96
Shedinya22DDE250 8D8EC616
whisper50C81E21 6119F922
LoudRed.FBC2DB33 D8FC5AC6
ExploudFE9AF7C9 14FDA298
mauhita911CF1D9 1617CFE7
Hariyama7B801817 11F090AA
AzurillB277605C 646BAD0D
Nosepass5413C7F0 CE1DFBD5
Skitty47B99235 3CAC8E1F
delcattyB4015263 3D8633C6
Sableye42084D1D C19BB889
MawileDB37A521 AA84D2C4
AronA80E3734 B2245A9B
LaironEEC41DEB 3342969F
aggron79BE0284 FA8BF8A0
Meditate5F3C63E3 B673BE5E
medicine0E4C4AA5 E7F532D7
Electricity4D371C9E 0A2DF533
Manectric3F5C8201 651A6EFD
plusle7FD8F8C5 BEAD0097
MyB135B018 4F5665D6
Volbeat06C43F9A 7BD8363C
IlluminateB86B39BB 97DC88B5
RoseliaC7A5752A B4204332
gulpin5D38F9C5 DAA67938
SwalotA86C4608 9C15E158
carvanhaF78C3DA6 F97B5B3D
SharpedoA9CF954D E9766F71
wailmerA14CF5B9 0D7133A1
Wailord769A7373 7F6C71B8
First Name9AA97665 37DD44B1
cameruptAA1264F4 8D3DB4BE
Torkoal1442906D 473E0C26
spoink26ADB7EE 91286E09
grumpigBF9B34C2 D768D3A9
SpindaA32B0FED 60C07CFA
trap inchE684507C B44D6D05
VibrateB1088C6F 3E950D4C
Flying4DC25E25 13510F3C
cacneaAF5D5782 CEF3B5F2
cacturneE50B77C1 C220E7C0
swablu063E4A1A E5A25573
AltanaF8AC663C 65487239
Zangoose80AFF5CB E67520AD
SeviperEC92A4E9 B9482C67
Lunatone50020D7B 77627E33
Solrock3F5FE916 3075AF6E
barboach8D571791 584F1676
WhiskeyB5BCD3CC DB08C2DA
CorphishF12028C4 0328D5DD
CrawdauntEFA89FA3 A3E1A789
Baltoy74154C68 0EF0C16F
ClaydolF20AE4A5 8B610FCA
lileepF75A3D1C 04A663CF
cradily461F0590 FCD7E05C
Anorith15C4B0A5 E98A0379
ArmaldoE98E6596 D6AFAB27
feebas85125B29 D2CE1B37
Milotic6E805A17 D4A84889
Castform8388E07F 48E67820
Kecleon3088742E D89961FA
Shuppet84DDB13C BF8191AE
Banette8341095A BEE333E8
DuskullCB8303C4 2D5A9910
DusclopsA2E933B5 2F11EC3E
tropiusCA12CA9A 91D29CAF
Chimney27C35F73 A8E9E879
Abso59D84A8F 121CD813
Wynaut77BF3639 95EBCE8C
Snorunt5BFC0B46 9DDC0643
glalieB0C7AEC3 524643FF
Sphea5166F096 A0F21E46
sealeoE52A33D8 9E4152F7
Whale clean1CAA4FF9 CFBC38AC
Clamper14182A0A 79282B1B
huntailAC4037BF 03D48B47
gorebyss0C724AF3 BA81EAA3
RelicantF18DC227 1C86F9E4
Luvdisc44DD8537 0FACB798
ShelgonD701EA4F 59B08C77
SalamenceCECF6CF9 AFA8D274
beldum2FCB50C0 DBECD9CB
metangACB05D5E 076626E0
metagrossBD2BFF8F FE6AA4DB
regirockCA6230A5 D89220E0
regiceA72D5514 4128DA3D
Register1A2209C5 C0228D4C
LatiasC5ECDE5B 0D6B09C8
Latios26A5F4EA 772A0B12
Kyogre742ED98D 9B284DFA
Groudon16AFD4E7 E10BFB55
Rayquaza0002FF77 A52C0BAF
Jirachi72BAB975 7E4038A8

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