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    9 Gospel Messaging Apps

    Have an app of evangelical messages on your cell phone to share them whenever you want! Evangelical messaging apps work by sending daily messages, all very beautiful and rich, ideal for you to maintain your communion with God.

    Some send messages together with images, schedule for each day of the week or group messages in different categories for you to search and copy the one that most inspired you to share at that moment.

    Check out our suggestions for 8 evangelical messaging apps now and install them on your Android or iPhone!


    • Verse of the Day
    • words of the Lord
    • devotional
    • Gospel Messages and Phrases
    • Psalm of the Day
    • Images with Biblical Phrases
    • Evangelical Messages
    • Biblical Phrases
    • phrases of God

    Verse of the Day

    The app notifies you with different verses throughout the day, whether morning, afternoon or night. The messages are from the themes of love, cheer, motivation, gratitude…all designed to make your day better and allow you to share messages with friends. Also create beautiful images with the verses and your gallery photos.

    Verse of the Day is available for:


    words of the Lord

    The application brings verses and psalms to reflect at any time of the day. You will be able to read proverbs, parables or even short sentences, copy and share with your friends. Available for iOS devices, Words of God becomes an indispensable platform for anyone who likes to be inspired by the Bible every hour of the day.

    Words of the Lord - Passages from the Holy Bible is available for:



    The app offers several meditations and in a way offline! In addition to biblical excerpts, you can read messages from different pastors of various religions, annotate, highlight and share with your friends. Also take the opportunity to put the best ones in the Favorites category, so you can consult the same verse whenever you want.

    devotional is available for:


    Gospel Messages and Phrases

    With Evangelical Messages and Phrases you can read the messages — about God, reflections, good morning — and you can even export them directly to your WhatsApp status. It also offers the option to create evangelical stickers for your chat apps.

    Gospel Messages and Phrases is available for:


    Psalm of the Day

    was made to let the most beautiful Psalms very accessible to your hand. Psalm 91, 23 and 40 are some of the most accessed. You can also easily share the beautiful verses on social networks and know other motivation, gratitude and greetings phrases (good morning, good afternoon and good night).

    Psalm of the Day is available for:


    Images with Biblical Phrases

    Are many Straight verses and passages from the Bible embedded in beautiful images. In addition to biblical phrases, there are motivational, love and gratitude phrases. Share everything on social networks, download messages or create whatsapp stickers with them!

    Images with Biblical Phrases is available for:


    Evangelical Messages

    Evangelical Messages contains messages both in text and in images and with easy sharing to social networks! You can also choose photos from your gallery and create your own images with verses. A differential of the app is that it is updated weekly and messages are separated by category for you to have easy access to them.

    Evangelical Messages is available for:


    Biblical Phrases

    With Biblical Phrases you can create several images with messages. Just select the photo from your gallery and edit with different effects and text fonts. The app works in three different languages, has an easy-to-use design and has over 100 different backgrounds for the images.

    Biblical Phrases is available for:


    phrases of God

    Frases de Deus is not an app specifically for biblical verses, but it contains simple and religious messages in a very beautiful design that would look interesting as a WhatsApp status, for example! These are phrases that extol divine justice, gratitude and God's love with a reflective and inspiring touch.

    phrases of God is available for:


    Did you like Christian messaging apps? Each one has its differential, but both offer phrases for you to start and end your day closer to God! Don't forget to access the links below for more app tips!

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