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    9 Apps to Download Games (Updated)

    With a application to download games it makes it much easier to find exactly the game you want. In these applications the game download is free and you have several options, as they provide lists of the best games of the moment or already offer different games that are suitable for the whole family within the application itself. Check it out, download and enjoy!


    • Games Store App Market
    • Mini Games: New Arcade
    • Google Play Games
    • Gamebanjo
    • 101 games in 1
    • YooB Games
    • Math Playground Cool Games
    • Kizi – Free Games!
    • Halloween Slots 30 Lines Multi Games
    • Video with App to Download Games

    Games Store App Market

    The Games Store App Market application provides the user with various functions such as:

    • Top Charts: where you can find the hottest games of the moment, free and paid. This function already provides all the information about each game in question in advance so that you know in advance before downloading;
    • Category Charts: which consists of charts that show which is the best game in each category;
    • Search (Games only): where you search for games on a single platform, with even more chances to find the perfect game for you;
    • Filter Games: a functionality within the APP that informs you of the number of downloads of the games, the comments about it, its status and fame.


    Mini Games: New Arcade

    Novo 14/08/2022

    The application contains contains online mini-games by category: arcade, racing, adventure, puzzle, football, shooting, board, strategy, for two and many other games on the net.
    Download and have fun! You can even challenge your friends via Mini-Games!

    Mini Games: New Arcade is available for:

    Google Play Games

    Novo 14/08/2022

    Create your custom Gamer ID, earn XP and level up as you progress through Google Play games. It has a multitude of games to play online or even offline. Oh! And through this app you can easily record and share the best moments of your favorite mobile games. Be sure to check it out!

    Google Play Games is available for:


    There are twenty-six games made available by Gamebanjo with high definition and a variety of categories, such as Galactic Battle, Alien Planet, Sea Wolves, Sudoku, classic games of aligning blocks and popping bubbles, building cities, racing and puzzle games. Many games are about progress: you accumulate coins, bonuses and tokens to advance between different levels and worlds.

    Gamebanjo's graphics are quite realistic and the games please adults and children alike. The mobile device needs to be connected to the internet to run the games.


    101 games in 1

    This is an application that brings together more than one hundred and thirty-eight games in a single application. As you play, you accumulate coins to unlock other games within the app, which fall into different categories, such as puzzle, arcade, racing, sports, cooking and Sudoku. There are options for all ages and genders and you don't need internet to play any of them!


    YooB Games

    Yoob Juegos is an online game application, that is, they can only be played with a cell phone connected to the internet. There are dozens of games suitable for all ages and there's not much secret about their use: when you enter the app, just choose the game you want and start playing, simple as that!


    Math Playground Cool Games

    Aimed at boys, Math Playground Cool Games offers several free games, with options for racing, fighting, football, among others. You don't need a WiFi connection to use it, which is a big plus point of the app.


    Kizi – Free Games!

    The Kizi app has several family games. There are more than 100 games to choose from in a super simple and practical interface, including cooking games, football, intelligence, RPG, zombies and others. No secret in its use: just enter, click on the game you prefer and start playing!


    Halloween Slots 30 Lines Multi Games

    Haloween Slots is the ideal app for anyone who enjoys 20, 25 and 30 line slot games. It is fun and safe, with no payment required during the games provided within the APP. There are many games of chance, roulette and betting, including football games.

    Within the application you choose between manual or automatic play and with how many lines you want to participate in the game. You have the option to multiply your bet by selecting as many lines as you want.


    Video with App to Download Games

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