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    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    For those who like to follow the message that astrology has daily for the zodiacal signs, some apps already offer daily, weekly and monthly horoscope options.

    We have listed 8 of these apps below for those who want to always stay on top of what their horoscope has to say. Check out!

    1. My Horoscope of the Day

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    My Daily Horoscope allows the user to consult their daily (yesterday, today and tomorrow), monthly and yearly horoscope for free. The content is produced by a team of professional astrologers.

    The tool also features the profile of the 12 signs and 4 elements of the Zodiac, in addition to providing free Tarot reading. For a personalized experience, the My Space section brings together a more complete version of horoscopes for free.

    • My Daily Horoscope (free): Android | iOS.

    2. Love & Romance Horoscope

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    As the name implies, the Love & Romance Horoscope focuses on information about your love life. With it, user can check their romantic horoscope yesterday, today and tomorrow and receive their power number.

    But the app is not just about love. Here, you can also check predictions about health and well-being, emotions, intuition, creativity, work and money.

    Available for all 12 zodiac signs, it allows you to send horoscopes to your friends via email, social networks or SMS.

    • Love & Romance Horoscope (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    3. Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    The Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone brings information about the stars with the seal of the renowned astrologer Susan Miller. Through the tool, it is possible to consult about the signs, daily and monthly horoscopes, compatibility reports, texts, among other contents.

    The app has a free version, which basically consists of replicating the contents published on Miller's website, but with better navigation. The paid edition offers extra items, such as more in-depth predictions and clarification of astrological terms and events.

    • Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone (free, with paid subscription option): Android | iOS.

    4. The DailyHoroscope

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    Updated daily, The DailyHoroscope provides your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope information as per the user's choice. The app also provides information about the characteristics of each zodiac sign and the percentage of compatibility between them.

    In addition to having accurate zodiacal horoscope data, the tool also provides Chinese horoscope information. For those who want to know a different approach, you can also check out the druid horoscope!

    The personalized experience is due to the possibility of changing the app's colors and the font size of the text.

    • The DailyHoroscope (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    5. Astrolink

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    Astrolink is a mix of a social network and a tool for astral consultation. In the app, the user can create a profile and meet other people who have a common interest in astro predictions.

    The service offers features such as personalized daily horoscope, birth chart and tarot consultations. It also has a synastry service, which analyzes the love compatibility between network users.

    • astrolink (free, as in-app purchases): Android

    6. Sun Signs: Horoscopes

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    Sun Signs brings together a team of astrology and tarot experts capable of informing you about different aspects of astrological life. There is content about love, health, money, career and much more. In addition to the classic daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes for all 12 signs.

    Users can also check daily tarot readings, request psychic readings or check love compatibility with that special someone.

    To make the experience even more complete, the app analyzes your luck and temperament with games like Ring of Mood, Magic Ball of Love and Fortune Cookie.

    • Sun Signs: Horoscopes (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS.

    7. Horos - Astral Map

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    Want an even more complete view of what astrology has to tell you? With Horos, you can make your birth chart and check a detailed description of each star and sign at the time of your birth.

    The horoscope can be viewed daily, with information about personal life, emotions, profession, health and family. The app even allows the user to check compatibility with friends and share their astral information.

    • Horos - Astral Map (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    8. My horoscope

    8 apps to track your daily horoscope on your phone

    Daily, seven-day and yearly horoscope as well as information about zodiac signs, astrology and stars. These are the main features of the My Horoscope app.

    With a simple and easy to use interface, the application allows you to share information through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, among other apps. The service also provides the option of sending daily notifications, at a time defined by the user.

    • My Horoscope (free) android | iOS


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