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    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    Work, studies, courses, gym, meetings, outings with friends. With the rush of routine, having a good agenda to make appointments can be essential. How about the practicality of always having it at hand, on your smartphone?

    In addition to helping you organize your day-to-day tasks, you can rest easy knowing that the tool will send you reminders of your appointments. Messages can sound alarms, have personalized messages and even be synced across different devices.

    Check out 7 calendar and reminder apps for iPhone and Android.

    1. Evernote (Android e iOS)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    What doesn't Evernote do? The application is widely used for those who want to make notes of texts, record audios, take photos and save files of various formats. All this with auto-save (online) on Evernote's online platform, which works like a cloud. But did you know that it also has reminders?

    With the app it is possible to create reminders with alarm for the date and time the user wants. It's worth remembering that Evernote syncs the content of your account across all the devices you access it from. In this way, you increase the chances of not forgetting your appointments.

    The program has a quick search tool for all notes, reminders and other content. In addition, it allows sharing the file that the user wants, easily and quickly.

    O evernote app is available for Android and iOS.

    2. Google Agenda (Android and iOS)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    Google Calendar syncs your appointments across all devices where your Google account is accessed. The big advantage here is that events that are linked to your service profile account will be added automatically.

    Whether it's contact birthdays, work meetings, restaurant reservations, flights, hotel reservations, among others. Everything will be available on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The user can also create to-do lists, goals and take advantage of suggestions from the calendar organization app.

    O Google Calendar is available for Android and iOS.

    3. Wunderlist (Android e iOS)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    This is the app for you if you are looking for a way to digitize and organize your to-do lists. From the grocery list to the doctor's schedule, from the details of a job to planning a vacation. Everything can be easily arranged. And to make sure the user doesn't miss a thing: reminders!

    With the app, you can even add sub-tasks, notes, attach files, comments and other details to your lists. User can also save web pages and articles.

    Another very useful feature is the option to share your to-do lists with friends and family. Collaboratively, they can add elements and help with tasks.

    O Sleep as an Droid is available for Android and iOS.

    4. Microsoft To-Do (Android e iOS)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    Microsoft's official daily planning application is intended to help users increase productivity. The idea is to create a simple daily workflow.

    From grocery list to work tasks, you can plan everything with this app. The program offers the option to create subtasks to track the progress of each item.

    Reminders, of course, are included in the tool, to ensure that the user will not forget certain appointments. All organized and programmed by the user. The app even has Outlook integration and can be accessed from different devices.

    O Microsoft To-Do is available for Android and iOS.

    5. Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers (iOS)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    This app brings diverse features for iPhone users. It is possible, for example, to create reminders with alarm through Siri. In addition, the app syncs your appointments and reminders with iCloud.

    To ensure you don't miss the reminder, in addition to alarms, the app sends pop-up alerts. These communications can be programmed to repeat at different times. In addition, it is possible to customize the message, include notes, among other details.

    The app also brings categories to facilitate the organization of the agenda. For the alarm alone, more than 140 types of sounds are available. You can also share appointments via email, messages and AirDrop.

    O Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers is available for iOS.

    6. To Do Reminder with Alarm (iOS)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    The purpose of this app is to make your user's life easier. For that, it offers a tool to organize tasks and appointments and schedule reminders. Don't want to let any birthday go blank? The program imports the birth dates of your contacts from your phonebook, Facebook and Google.

    It is possible to send birthday cards directly from the application, via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS and email.

    The app also has an iCloud backup, the ability to add photos to reminders and schedule repetitive activities, such as medication schedules.

    O To Do Reminder with Alarm is available for iOS.

    7. Weekly Planner (Android)

    7 Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

    The Weekly Planner brings traditional paper agendas to your cell phone screen. At least, visually, since the app comes with several templates that refer to classic planning notebooks.

    As its name implies, its objective is to help the user to carry out weekly planning. But if the user prefers, he can change the look to two days per page. With just one touch, you can access the diary mode and enter your notes easily.

    The idea is to please those who prefer tradition and simplicity. Therefore, developers are proud of the fact that the application does not have integration with various virtual calendar services.

    O Weekly Planner is available for Android.


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