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    4 best apps to repost on Instagram

    4 best apps to repost on Instagram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 18, 2022 | Instagram |

    Although Instagram is a social network for you to share a photo and even videos, it doesn't have a native function of its own. repost no Instagram, as in Facebook, which comes with a “Share” button, allowing you to repost publications from other profiles and on social networks such as Twitter. The photo and video platform seeks to encourage and only allow you to use your own content in your account.

    But sometimes the need calls for an Instagram repost to be done. You can use the social network as a work tool and thus need to share something from another user, but that is linked to your work.

    Or you might want to share some advertisements from other friends' businesses, other people's work, or even photos of some special moments that other people have shared on their profiles. 

    If you identify with any of these situations, it will be very unlikely that you will be able to make the repost on Instagram, or you will have to resort to the famous “gambiarras”. To try to make your life easier, we have separated some repost tools on Instagram and some tips with explanations about this possibility. 

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    What is repost?

    The repost on Instagram, or as it is also known, Regram, is an easier way for the user to share some posts from other profiles on their account for their followers to see too. This is the same tool available on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook: in the first one it is called “retweet”, in the second it is the famous “share”.

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    Why is Instagram repost important?

    While Instagram reposting is something involving posts from other users, it can also end up being a great tool for you. For starters, you will be able to reach more profiles and get a greater number of views for your publications, consequently for your profile. 

    This is also content that will cost you less, as you will not waste time and waste producing it, you will only share the publication of other users of the social network. But don't forget to tag the original profile that made the post. By giving the proper credits of the repost on Instagram, you will avoid possible problems and show your concern about it, which may result in collaborations with these profiles. 

    Also, you can repost some content more than once. An example is when you are on a certain special date, and you can re-share a post that has been in your account the longest and bring it to the top. Or you can use the famous #TBT, thus attracting more and more followers to your profile. 

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    Apps to Repost on Instagram

    Now that you know what the repost on Instagram is and why to use this tool, we have separated some applications that can do this job for you:

    1. Reposter For Instagram

    4 best apps to repost on Instagram

    Only available to users of iOS devices on the App Store, Reposter for Instagram allows you to repost posts from other profiles on Instagram in a very practical way. What's more, the app also doesn't use any watermark on posts, improving the visual aspect of the repost.

    However, you will need to use an app hashtag in your posts. It is also worth mentioning that Reposter is completely free.

    2. Repost+ 

    4 best apps to repost on Instagram

    This application allows you to share photos and videos from other Instagram profiles easily and quickly, but of course, with due credit to the original post and the responsible profile. All you need is the link to the publication you want to repost on Instagram and the app will take care of everything, in addition to being free.

    What's more, you don't have to leave Instagram to share. The app is only available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Play Store.  

    3. Repost for Instagram

    4 best apps to repost on Instagram

    Perhaps Repost for Instagram is one of the best options if you want to repost, as it is quite simple and practical to use. You just need the link of the post you want to repost, and by copying you will be redirected to the app. You will be able to choose where the watermark will be before uploading it to your Instagram feed.

    It is free and available for smartphones with Android system, in the Play Store, and with iOS system, in the App Store. 

    4. Repost: For Instagram

    4 best apps to repost on Instagram

    For iOS device users, Repost: For Instagram is available on the App Store. With it, you can eliminate the tag that contains the original profile name or edit it so that it appears differently. What's more, the app has the option to copy or not the original caption of the post, which most Instagram repost apps don't allow.

    As with most of the apps mentioned above, all you need to do is copy and paste the link from the original post and the tool will do the rest. Even though it can be used for free, the paid version, without ads, costs R$7,50/month or R$38 per year. 

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    How to repost on Instagram? Step by step

    Now that you know 4 Instagram repost apps that you can use, we'll show you step-by-step how to repost. For this, we will use the Repost for Instagram application, mentioned above in the third place. But first, we need to mention that Instagram itself allows you to share public profile posts in your stories, but in the form of stickers. The person who clicks will be forwarded to the original profile. 

    To do this, simply open the desired post, click on the arrow located below next to the comments, go to the “Add post to your story” option and edit as you see fit. Then, at the bottom left of Stories, click on “Your Story” to finish and repost stories.

    Now, let's go to the step-by-step repost on Instagram:

    Step 1. Download the Repost for Instagram app from the Play Store or the App Store;

    Step 2. Open the post you want to repost, whether video or image, in the original profile;

    Step 3. In the upper right corner of the publication, go to the three dots and click on the “Copy link” option;

    Step 4. Open Repost for Instagram on your smartphone;

    Step 5. The post you copied will automatically appear in the app in image format. Just click on it;

    Step 6. An editing screen will open and you can position the credits as you see fit, changing the color and positioning of the same;

    Step 7. After carrying out the edit to your liking, click on “Repost” at the bottom of the application;

    Step 8. A window will open, click on “Open Instagram” option. With this, you will be directed to the publication already posted on your Instagram, to be able to view;

    Step 9. You'll be able to trim the repost like a normal social media post before actually adding it to your feed;

    Step 10. When finished editing, click on the blue arrow located at the top right to proceed;

    Step 11. On this page, you will add filters and make other edits to the image if you are interested (this is optional). After that, you just need to click on “Next” to continue the process. 

    Step 12. The next step will be to add the caption, location, tag people and put the hashtags you want. 

    Step 13. After completing the steps described, click on “Share”. That way, the image will already be added to your feed and the repost on Instagram will be complete. 

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    Tips for reposting on Instagram

    Don't forget to ask for permission and give credit

    It is always important to inform the original profile that made the publication to avoid accusations of plagiarism and confusion on the social network. To avoid this type of situation, always ask the original profile for permission when reposting on Instagram. That way, you will get rid of copyright issues.

    use hashtags

    Some Instagram repost apps already provide hashtags related to the post. But you can also insert some or add if the app doesn't have this function. You can cite the application that was used, for example, increasing the credibility of the publication, as well as making it reach more and more people and be easier to find on the social network.

    Repost your own content

    Using this technique, you will be able to “revive” some of your old publications, being able to do this on special dates or when a certain subject that you have already addressed in the past comes to light, for example. 

    Do not abuse the tool

    While the Instagram repost option can be a great ally, it should also be used sparingly. Be careful how many times you reply. The tool should be used occasionally, only in special or urgent cases.

    This is important to avoid polluting your feed, as you should focus on original content and not on other profiles. So in short, this tool is just a sporadic “help” for your feed. 

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