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    21 Apps to Make Music on Mobile (Updated)

    Music making apps on Android and iPhone offer hundreds of beats, rhythms and effects to produce and edit your sound, as well as create harmonies. You can make your music on your cell phone with realistic sounds of the most diverse musical instruments with great professionalism using a digital studio in the palm of your hand!

    With one or several of them installed, you can enjoy your free time anywhere to produce your musical content and record your inspiration. Here you can see 21 applications to make your music on your smartphone. Enjoy!


    • Professional Apps
    • Song Maker - Free Music Mixer
    • iPhone exclusives
    • instrument simulators

    Professional Apps

    Rap fame

    Are you a rap and hip-hop singer or do you intend to become one? Don't stay without downloading Rap Fame and have a real rap studio on your phone! Record the rap, choose from over 100+ available hip-hop beats, participate in in-app tournaments and be recognized worldwide!

    Rap fame is available for:

    Android IOS

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    Song Maker - Free Music Mixer

    Novo 12/08/2022

    In addition to composing music, in this application you can modify loops and sounds. You can even record your voice and add it to the music. Download and check out many other features of Song Maker

    Song Maker - Free Music Mixer is available for:


    Become the DJ at the next party and rock everyone with your own setlist! Create music, beatbox, make powerful beats and remixes with the tools of MixPads, which has nine sound effects, musical instrument loops, audio mixer, recorder and more!

    MixPads is available for:

    Android IOS

    Walk band

    Make music on the go with this digital studio that plugs into your smartphone as soon as it's installed. Get the experience of having a band without the need for other people and add realistic guitar, drums, keyboard and drum machine sounds to your songs to create a high quality musical project in the palm of your hand!

    Walk band is available for:



    With this app you can discover new music, but also create and share with people from 180 other countries. Take advantage of the following tools included in the app: Hot Beats with hip-hop beat lists, mixing editor to record, remix and import, 100 vocal, guitar and bass presets, looper to create your own beat and the guitar tuner, as well as being able to share your project directly with BandLab users.

    BandLab is available for:

    Android IOS

    n-Track Studio

    What do you think about having a complete recording studio on your smartphone? Amazing, huh? Record voice, add various virtual instruments and numerous effects, create a rhythm with the sequencer, make adjustments, apply volume and share with your friends. This app will change the way you create music in your spare time!

    n-Track Studio is available for:

    Android IOS


    Want to record a rap anytime with a studio in the palm of your hand? With Rapchat it is possible to become a professional rapper, creating music with different effects, including: Chipmunk, Vocal Cave and Tune. Take the opportunity to participate in exclusive app contests, get discovered and compete for prizes!

    rapchat is available for:

    Android IOS

    FL Studio Mobile

    Create, record and convert various songs quickly in this application that includes sampler, drum kits, loop beats and high-quality synthesizers, as well as a voice recorder, mixer and various filters to improve your musical project even more. In the end, you can share your production to your mobile in WAV and MP3 format.

    FL Studio Mobile is available for:

    Android IOS


    Show all the DJ talent that exists in you with the help of this simple, functional and intuitive application. Mix, mix sounds and create amazing music anytime and anywhere with the tools and a huge music library with Loops, tracks, filters and sound effects like slow down, ripple and reverb that are included in Groovepad!

    Groovepad is available for:

    Android IOS

    Music Maker JAM

    Be the music producer and have studio quality in the palm of your hand. Choose from 200 packs of music styles, melodies, rhythms and loops. Make adjustments, remix songs with an eight-channel table, record your voice as you sing your sound and have amazing projects to share with the app's own community of artists, fans and opinion leaders!

    Music Maker JAM is available for:

    Android IOS

    Caustic 3

    Count on the help of this application to create music with 14 types of synthesizers, samplers and more than 20 effects that are chosen by you! In addition to having an equalizer, the app also has a sequencer, recorder, player and mixing table to help you when recording, editing and reading audios!

    Caustic 3 is available for:

    Android IOS

    Drum Pad Machine

    Start creating drum bass beats, beatboxing and be the next rap star or DJ at the hottest parties with your own sound! To use this mixing console, you don't have to be a professional, the developers provide tutorial videos that teach you how to use the application so you can create your own hit of different musical styles very easily straight from your smartphone. Enjoy all your creativity and share with friends and fans.

    Drum Pad Machine is available for:

    Android IOS

    iPhone exclusives

    Auxy Studio

    With a mission to put a studio in your pocket, Auxy has produced this application to make music creation and editing easier for musicians. Discover thousands of sounds and diverse samples of high-quality instruments in the library and easily produce music on your iPhone. Share directly to SoundCloud or export with each instrument rendered as separate audio tracks.

    Auxy Studio is available for:


    KORG Gadget 2 Le

    Can you imagine having a gallery of musical instruments available on your iPhone? Yes, it is possible! Make a real music production with this application that offers several customizable tools, one of them is the nanoKEY/KONTROL Studio, which turns your cell phone into an incredible studio to record and mix your music.

    KORG Gadget 2 Le is available for:



    Make beats on your iPhone and be a professional DJ with the help of TZE, which offers chords, effects, an audio recorder and more than 400 professional sounds designed by Sonic Sounds, in addition to being able to share the music in the app's feed and be heard by other users. And not to lose, save your entire musical project in the storage of the application called “Tize Cloud”.

    TIZE is available for:



    Just use your creativity to create amazing music projects on your iPhone with the tools in this app. Use the arpeggiator and turn chords into melodies, add effects, gain access to drums, bass and beats, and maintain control and rhythm of your songs. In the end, share your music in iTunes library!

    figure is available for:


    Garage band

    Turn your smartphone into a studio with high quality recordings on iPhone and become a professional DJ and musician. Arrange, play and record with synthesizers, add string instruments with Smart Strings, acoustic drums, sound effects like visual equalizer and overdrive. When you're done, save everything to iCloud Drive on your phone.

    Garage band is available for:


    instrument simulators

    Real drum

    Get a battery on your cell phone screen with Real Drum! Play and create various arrangements, bass, produce amazing sounds and export the finished project to MP3. If you're not a drummer, take advantage of the 60 lessons/video lessons available to become a drummer.

    Real drum is available for:

    Android IOS

    Drum solo

    Be a drummer on the go right from your phone. With this drum simulator it is possible to record the session produced by you, then export it to MP3 and create a rock n roll professionally. But if you are an amateur, take the opportunity to learn to play and make beautiful solos, record and show your friends.

    Drum solo is available for:


    Real guitar

    Play guitar and guitar on your cell phone in real time, create and record your own song and perform magnificent solos in the simulator that has more than 1500 chords! You can enjoy studio quality, three types of guitars and export the recordings in MP3.

    Real guitar is available for:

    Android IOS

    Simple Drums

    With seven different sets of real percussions and 40 tracks of different genres, the drum simulator app has numerous features so that the final result is impeccable. Enjoy eight high-quality drum sets!

    Simple Drums is available for:


    Did you like it? Stay on top of all the news and what's trending in the world of applications that give that up on your cell phone!

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