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    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 23, 2022 | Instagram |

    The internet is full of important and motivating figures that we can use as examples for learning and inspiration. Among these great figures, we can highlight women who inspire through your online reach.

    If you are interested in having this motivation with them and starting to follow these women who inspire, a great way to do that is through social media.

    Below, we've separated a list of amazing women who inspire, their profiles and their stories on social media that you can start following in more detail. So be sure to check it out, especially with the arrival of International Women's Day.

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    The best profiles of women who inspire you to follow on social media

    1. Dora Figueiredo

    To start our list of women who inspire, we have presenter, content creator and actress Dora Figueiredo. She stood out on her YouTube channel when talking about a woman's health and sex. However, she only discovered herself and gained more fame a few years after going through a bad experience in an abusive relationship. 

    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    After spending a long time fighting the scales, Dora uses her influence on social media to promote the Body Positivo movement. She also uses her huge following to talk about her acceptance journey.

    If you are interested in following her work, Dora's Instagram is @dorafigueiredo.

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    2. Cidinha Ikegiri

    Cidinha Ikegiri is a gynecologist who uses her vast knowledge and reach on social media to talk about women's sexual health. In her publications and stories, the influencer talks about topics such as menstruation, vagina, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and much more.

    She stands out for using easy-to-understand language and for dealing with subjects with great naturalness and humor. To follow Cidinha's work, just follow her Instagram @cidinha.

    3. Roberta Munis

    If you are one of those people who love gel nails, then one of the inspiring women you need to meet is Roberta Munis, on her Instagram @robertamunis. In the influencer's profile, you will enter the world of famous nail arts of the highest level, also known as nail arts.

    Roberta also stands out for its well-known clients throughout our country, such as Anitta and Sabrina Sato.

    4. Carol Martins

    Carol Martins, who goes by the name of @camartins on her Instagram profile, is one of the ideal inspiring women to follow if you want to get some tips on curly and frizzy hair, in addition to making your feed on the social network much more colorful.

    The influencer shares tips on how to define your curls and keep your hair as beautiful as possible. In addition, as a gift, you still receive information and tips on amazing makeup to do.

    5. Carla Lemos

    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    Carla Lemos, or @carlinha if you want to follow along on Instagram, is among the main women who inspire on social media. If you're looking for ways to improve your self-esteem and have more self-love, or just keep up with someone doing it, then following Carla is what you need.

    She uses her online reach to promote empowering messages and reflections, as well as encouraging discussions on these issues. 

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    6. Mariana Mendes

    Mariana Mendes is a model who was born with a birthmark on her face, but she doesn't show any shame, as she doesn't even wear makeup to hide the mole.

    So if you're after positivity and acceptance of your skin, Mariana puts on a show when it comes to Skin Positive. She is definitely an example among the women who inspire and you can check everything on Instagram @marianamendes.m. 

    7. Tiane Felix

    Our next suggestion on the list of women who inspire is the plus size model Tiane Feliz, who you can find on Instagram through the profile @tianeflx. Like other names mentioned, Tiane strongly encourages the Body Positive movement, encouraging her followers to accept their bodies.

    In both her feed and her Stories posts, you'll find Tiane giving a self-love class, as well as skincare, fashion, and sometimes recipes.

    8. Suyane Ynaya

    Present on Instagram with the profile @suyane_ynaya, she is a creative director and stylist who stands out for being one of the women who inspire and one of the biggest names in national fashion. She is also one of the creators of the creative studio MOOC, which has the main objective of making space for black talents in art, fashion and communication.

    In addition, you can still find content about motherhood, awareness of racial issues and empowerment of black women.

    9. Camila Nunes

    Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, makeup for black skin, hair, acceptance and much more, Camila Nunes posts almost everything on her Instagram profile, @camilanunees.

    Among the various themes, it is worth highlighting the words of acceptance regarding curly and curly hair, where she says that it's okay for you not to have natural hair, but it's also okay for you to have it. In addition, she gives great teachings on how to transform your image into a business.

    10. Loo Birth

    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    Loo Nascimento is one of the inspiring women that you can follow on Instagram through her profile @neyzona. You will find several publications and fashion tips, but you will also be able to follow Neyzona's daily life in the world of entrepreneurship.

    She also often talks about the representation of black women in the fashion job market, talks about her career and stands out as a great inspiration. 

    Loo Nascimento is still responsible for the creation of two brands: @dresscoracao started as a page dedicated to inspiration, but today it has several collections of super stylish clothes to wear. @iloostre is a jewelry brand.

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    11. Daniele Da Mata

    For those people who are interested in beauty content, then our next suggestion among women who inspire is perfect for you, as we're talking about Daniele Da Mata. His work is focused on developing makeup for black people, in addition to being a makeup artist and entrepreneur. 

    Daniele is also the founder of the first school focused exclusively on makeup for black skin, where you can also learn to do makeup yourself.

    In addition, she also talks about topics such as self-esteem, entrepreneurship and female empowerment, using her wide reach on social media. If you want to follow the professional, the profile on Instagram is @damata 

    12. Luiza our country

    Luiza our country is a journalist who is present on social networks, more specifically on Instagram on the profile @mequetrefismos. Luiza has a very interesting picture on her IGTV on her profile, entitled 6 minutes, she talks about all the main events in the world.

    She also talks about topics such as entrepreneurship, black skins, the fashion market and several other subjects in her feed publications.

    13. Cris Paladin

    Cris Paladino uses her profile to talk about topics such as feminism, racism and black culture, as well as addressing issues such as self-esteem. On her Instagram @prettamesmo, she also gives a lot of inspiration to anyone who wants to start a modeling career.

    You will also be able to view several fashion tips in the feed and stories, as the influencer also understands a lot about the subject.

    14. Maíra Azevedo

    Maíra Azevedo does a little bit of everything, working as a speaker, journalist and stand-up comedian. On her Instagram profile, @tiamaoficial, she usually brings several questions and situations to address and talk to her followers, as a big name on the list of women who inspire. 

    Whenever possible, Maíra tries to approach subjects with a hint of humor, but when necessary, reflective and serious texts are also present in her feed. Her publications often make the public reflect on issues, thinking about what happens in life.

    15. Ana d'Utra Vaz

    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    Ana d'Utra Vaz gained more prominence among women who inspire on her TikTok, posting videos about makeup and talking, without fear of what they might think, about male behaviors.

    Addressing topics of how men think, act and also about relationships, she seeks to help most women identify their mistakes and what they should change. If she wants to follow the professional, she is also on Instagram at @supervulgar.

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    16. Alexandra Gurgel

    Gaining prominence on her YouTube channel and on her Instagram profile called Alexandrismos, on our list of women who inspire journalist and writer Alexandra Gurgel could not be left out.

    Among the main topics she addresses, we can mention self-acceptance of her body, self-love and self-care. Alexandra also stands out as the creator of the Free Body movement, which inspires other people to accept themselves.

    17. Giovana Fagundes

    You may know Giovanna Fagundes as a comedian or in one of her roles as an actress. However, on her social media she talks about several other subjects that put her here as one of the women who inspire. You will be able to find content about her daily life and even about political agendas. 

    She usually mixes her talent for humor with being in front of the cameras, posting videos talking about all kinds of topics and not caring what people think.

    If you want to follow the comedian on social media, her Instagram is @giovanafagundes.

    18. Ana Carolina Fernandes

    Ana Carolina Fernandes often uses her Instagram, @eta.nega, to talk about various essential issues in society, such as racism and feminism. Graduated in Psychology, Ana fearlessly exposes her political criticisms and gives you several tips and encouragement for you to accept yourself exactly as you are.

    In addition to all this, she is also the founder of Portal Pretitudes, an entertainment website aimed at black audiences.

    19. Gives Gives

    19 women who inspire to follow on social media

    Last but not least when we talk about women who inspire, we need to highlight the well-known Jout Jout.

    Although she has been off the internet for some time, but slowly returning, she has been publishing comfort materials for years, especially as one of the first women to achieve great success online and talking about subjects such as spiritual and life issues.

    Jout Jout usually addresses topics such as social behavior, has its position against machismo, social rules and prejudice.

    If you want to follow her work, her Instagram profile is @joutjout.

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