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    13 Music Cutter Apps for Android and iPhone! (Updated)

    With a music cutter application you can select excerpts from your favorite songs to create ringtones, send them through audio or even insert them into a video. Having a music cutting app is like having a mini studio on your smartphone to use whenever you want and edit your music easily on Android and iOS devices!

    Check out the best and have fun!


    • Cut Music in Music Maker JAM
    • Music editor
    • mp3 cut
    • Mp3 cutter to Cut audio
    • Cut music & Make ringtones
    • MP3 cutter
    • RingDroid
    • WavePad Audio Editor Free
    • Audio Recorder and Editor
    • Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor
    • Hokusai Audio Editor
    • MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker
    • A MP3 Cutter for iMovie Free

    Cut Music in Music Maker JAM

    With this application, you can cut out pieces of music and unleash your creative side in various Rock, Hip Hop, Techno rhythms. It has a recording studio mixer consisting of eight channels with which you can generate songs with your own style. You can include different voices and make adjustments in a very simple way.

    Music Maker JAM is available for:

    Android IOS

    😱😍 Meet too 20 Apps to Make Music on Mobile!

    Music editor

    Novo 24/08/2022

    Super complete application with a simple interface to be able to cut any song easily. However, after the test phase, if you want to continue using it, you will have to sign the plan. It was too good to be true, wasn't it? But it's worth checking out!

    Music editor is available for:

    mp3 cut

    With mp3 cutter it is possible to cut music files and also merge several cut audios to create a unique production! Using it is quite simple: just choose the MP3 file that the file itself shows in a list and cut the desired parts with an easy-to-use tool. Music cut off by being saved to memory card!

    mp3 cut is available for:


    Mp3 cutter to Cut audio

    Mp3 cutter comes with a super fun proposal: cut any song to make a ringtone and set it as a ringtone for incoming phone calls, message alerts and notifications and much more! It supports most music formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, FLAC and there's even a difference: audios can be recorded live to be edited. What about?

    Mp3 cutter to Cut audio is available for:


    Cut music & Make ringtones

    How about a unique touch for each contact made with the best pieces of music cut by yourself? With the app in question, you can do this with millisecond precision and zoom range so that the service comes out perfect! Then you can mix the music, adjust the volume and audio format based on your preferences. You've already realized that it's worth testing, right? Try it!

    Cut music & Make ringtones is available for:


    MP3 cutter

    Another simple music cutter app: it will list all the songs on your phone and you can choose any of them to cut with the forward or backward selector. Very easy, no? The modern and cheerful interface is sure to please you!

    MP3 cutter is available for:



    It is a free app that lets you create alerts, ringtones or messages and notification sounds based on the songs you have on your phone or the audios you record.

    RingDroid is available for:


    WavePad Audio Editor Free

    This free app supports a huge variety of file formats and in addition to cutting songs, it also allows you to record, edit and add effects to the audios. You can still send to yourself or share, even for editing on another device.

    WavePad Audio Editor Free is available for:

    Android IOS

    Audio Recorder and Editor

    Another audio editor, but only for Android smartphones, which cuts songs and lets you record and edit high quality audio files. It is possible to join, split and convert audio files, as well as reduce the recording volume, insert echo or adjust the speed, among other options.

    Audio Recorder and Editor is available for:


    Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor

    Another app that lets you cut out part of a song you want and lets you save it as a ringtone, alarm or whatever you want. It works with different file formats and is also free.

    Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor is available for:

    Android IOS

    Hokusai Audio Editor

    A full-featured multi-track editor, focused directly on major iOS mobile devices. The main features are related to professional audio editing, either with direct recording of the track or by importing previously downloaded tracks to your mobile phone.

    It is a very user-friendly app as far as usability is concerned. There are different tools as well as the possibility to add different sound effects.

    Hokusai Audio Editor is available for:


    MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

    The app allows you to quickly cut and paste music as per your taste. You can record live audio, manually set the start and end, and test if the section you cut is correct.

    MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Make is available for:


    A MP3 Cutter for iMovie Free

    Perfect app for cutting and editing music, it lets you create music themes and sound effects that fit perfectly into movies and iMovie creations.

    A MP3 Cutter for iMovie Free is available for:


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