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    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    When it comes to search engines, Google is certainly what comes to mind for the vast majority. Despite being used by more than 86% of the world's population, according to the website Statista, the tool is not the only one that exists. There are several other quality search engines available on the internet.

    Some options focus on user privacy, others offer thematic searches. There are even alternatives that help others while looking for what they want.

    has gathered the top 12 search engines other than Google for you to explore.

    Google's competitors

    1. Bing

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    Bing is Microsoft's search engine. According to a survey carried out by Statista, it is the second most used site of its kind in 2022. The service proposal is very similar to that offered by Google.

    There are search options in general, by image, video and related news. Even the look resembles that of the main competitor. The advantage of opting for the tool is the delivery of results different from those of Google, which will reach almost 90% of the population. Thus, the possibilities of answers are expanded.

    The Lifewire website highlights that the search engine has the benefit of ranking hidden and non-hidden content equally and favoring older, consolidated pages in the results. On the other hand, it does not prioritize forums.

    2. Yahoo!

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    Yahoo! enters our list as a classic when it comes to search engines. The service uses an engine developed by Bing and, therefore, the two can offer similar results.

    On the home page, the user finds only the search bar. But in the results, the search can be refined by images, videos, news and answers.

    A single catch is that the links do not display publication or update date. To compensate, it informs you of the topics that are trending at the moment, keeping you updated on the trending topics.


    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    Yandex is Google's Russian rival. In addition to a search engine, it has its own services such as e-mail, maps, translator, cloud hosting, among others. The engine is used by 65% ​​of people in Russia and can be a good opportunity to check the result on a tool that deviates from the American standard.

    The service offers searches in general, by images (with reverse search option) and videos. In all options, there are easily accessible filters. The web search can be done in two languages ​​simultaneously and you can change the location and time period easily.

    One of the possible problems is that the platform is not available in Portuguese. Only English, Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Belarusian, Turkish, Tatar and Kazakh.

    Focus on user privacy

    4. DuckDuck Go

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    DuckDuck Go is a well-known search engine for those who value their privacy. The site stands out for not storing or sharing any user information, whether browsing normally or anonymously.

    Creators also guarantee not to save search history or sell their interests to advertisers. That is, it is possible to search for a product and not be terrified by advertisements about it on every page you access.

    The tool offers general search capabilities, by image, videos, news and maps from Apple Maps. Search filters allow you to change location, security and time period. The only downside is that the service does not have its own search index, working with results from other sources, such as Bing.

    5. Swisscows

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    Swisscows is another option for those who value privacy and security. The service promises not to save or track any data. For this, it has its own servers and does not work with cloud storage or third-party services.

    The platform also claims to deliver only safe results for the family, that is, without sexual or violent items. The tool offers searches in general, by image, video and music.

    One of the main differentiators is a related search system displayed in blocks, available in the right corner of the screen. The larger the rectangle, the more the item has to do with the subject sought. There is also a feature called Digest, which enables a kind of dynamic reading of documents and websites.

    Solidarity research

    6. Ecosia

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    How about combining the useful with the pleasant? With Ecosia, in addition to finding the result for what you are looking for, the user helps the environment. The service donates 80% of advertising revenue to reforest locations around the world, including our country. On average, it takes 45 searches to plant a tree.

    In the upper right corner of the screen, an icon indicates how many searches the user has performed. In addition to the general search, it is possible to search for images, news, videos and maps (Bing and Google). There are also search options on Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Google and Ecosia Travel.

    As you can see, the tool does not have its own technology, using third-party databases to find its results. But it promises never to share or sell your information with anyone and to make your searches anonymous after a week.

    Thematic research

    7. CC Search

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    CC Search is a tool that helps the user to find content in the public domain. The platform searches for photos, videos and audio not protected by copyright. The developers plan to include text in the search.

    You can easily filter the result by usage rights (commercial or with modification) and license under which the image is found. There are also filters by source, image type, among other options. The collection also includes collections from famous museums around the world and from popular image banks.

    8 Internet Archive

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    The Internet Archive proposes to be a “digital library of Internet sites”. Therefore, it gathers content from web pages, as well as video, audio, books, images and software files.

    With WayBack Machine, you can find historical results of over 450 billion pages. Already with the search of the Internet Archive itself, the user finds classic videos, images, old TV shows and much more.

    It is likely that the nostalgic ones spend hours exploring all the options that the site offers. And yet, they won't be able to see everything that is available.


    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know is designed for those who enjoy collaborative encyclopedias such as Wikipedia. Using Google's search tool, the service filters the results so that only wiki sites are displayed.

    You can select to search for the term on all wiki sites, Wikipedia only, or alternative wiki sites only. There is also the option to see only what is found in “real” encyclopedias.

    10. Million Short

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    Million Short is the ideal tool for those who want to escape the standard results of the main search engines. The platform offers the possibility to filter the search, eliminating the 100, thousand, 10 thousand, 100 thousand and even 1 million sites ranked first.

    The user can also combine this result with other filters. You can choose to show or remove sales sites, date or location. If you want, you can manually block pages that are displayed in your search, as well as check, in the column on the right, those that have been eliminated.

    11. Sourceful

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    Sourceful is a search service for public Google Drive files. You can search for themes in documents, spreadsheets, and slides. The platform allows you to filter those reculted by file type, as well as select the display by trending, best or new.

    The user is able to like, comment, share or leave a tip for the author of the content. However, if you want to view the content in Google's own tool, just click on the link at the top. It is worth noting that most articles are only available in English.

    Search in two languages

    12. 2Lingual

    12 best search engines besides Google for you to know

    2Lingual exists to supply a functionality that Google does not offer. The tool allows you to view the search result for the same term in two languages ​​simultaneously. The service supports 37 languages.

    Just type what you are looking for, select both languages ​​and go to 2lingual Google Search. Then the results will be displayed side by side. The look may not be the most attractive, but it is undoubtedly practical and easy to use.


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