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    11 best sites to create free animated videos online

    11 best sites to create free animated videos online

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jul 13, 2022 | Technology | 0

    You know how create free animated videos online? Animated videos can be quite useful depending on your area of ​​expertise. You can use them in digital marketing strategies, advertising, advertising or explaining how something works and the like.

    You can even use this alternative to present a new product or service of your company in a more fun way to the public and employees.

    Knowing how to create free animated videos online can also be even more useful if you work directly with the internet, as a digital influencer or youtuber.

    On this topic, it is worth mentioning that it is practically impossible to find a website or program to create free animated videos online. The vast majority have extra services that you have to pay to access. Or the user has free access only during the trial period provided by the platform.

    While it is entirely possible to assemble good content with just the free services that are offered, in some cases you may need to resort to these premium services if you want to achieve perfection.

    With that in mind, we have separated the best sites to create free animated videos online, and maybe you can achieve your goals only with the free services they provide, which, believe me, are not few.

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    Create free animated videos online


    One of the most popular free online animated video creation tools on the internet, Powtoon is focused on 2D creation. The user creates his content from pre-shaped characters that are available on the platform.

    Only with the free trial version, practically all services are available to the public, making it possible to create a high quality video with it.

    Powtoon also gives you the option to create animated presentations. Although they are in the slide style, they stand out for the creativity and quality of the final material.


    InVideo is a great tool that helps users create animated videos within minutes. InVideo features a huge library of stock media, a huge number of customizable templates, and some really powerful editing features that work well for both individual and business use.

    This video editor has a collection of 5000+ customizable templates that cover almost every application and industry. It also has an extensive library of stock assets where you can find images, clips and other elements to create a professional video with ease. The tool even gives you the flexibility to add your own fonts, colors and watermarks to create branded content.

    It is one of the cost-effective online animation tools with a $15/month business plan and an unlimited $30/month plan.

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    Vyond, formerly known as GoAnimate, allows the user to create free animated videos online through the website itself, without having to download a program. It stands out for having a dynamic, interactive and easy-to-use interface.

    To use the platform, you can create your animated characters using templates predefined by the site. That way, you don't waste time drawing and you can dedicate your work time to the video dialogs.

    The platform is more geared towards creating business-related content. However, nothing prevents you from also using the site to create content for YouTube, school work or whatever you want.

    Vyond provides 14 days of free usage with limited features.


    Rawshorts allows you to use the tool for a free period and that is enough to create free online animated videos of excellent quality. The platform also stands out for offering premium plan prices much lower than the competition, to have full access to resources and for a longer time.

    You may find this option quite similar with Powtoon for the simple and dynamic interface. The user also has access to ready-made templates and images offered by Rawshorts.

    That way, you can edit and adapt to the way you see fit and save creation time, as you don't have to waste time testing elements to create the best combinations.


    11 best sites to create free animated videos online

    If you are looking to create free animated videos of 2D characters online, then Animaker may be the right choice.

    With affordable plans, including a free one with limited features, it has an easy-to-use, self-explanatory interface. Surely, you will quickly get used to creating animated videos.

    As a differential, we can mention that some Animaker resources are available in Portuguese, which makes it even easier to understand it.

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    Exploe is designed for the user to create free animated videos online in hand-drawn style and 2D style. Its creation interface is based on a timeline system, which makes editing and creation much easier, as the user can locate the exact edition where they left off.

    In addition to characters, you can also create infographics, product presentations, businesses, services and many others. In addition to the paid plans, the user also has access to a trial period with most of the platform's features.


    In addition to creating free animated videos online, with Biteable you can also make free animated presentations. Of course, the platform offers paid plans with more features available, but in addition to being affordable, they are not extremely necessary for you to create quality content. 

    You can create free professional-grade animated videos online, using 2D characters, graphics and other tools for Digital Marketing.

    Biteable also offers ready-made templates that can be adapted by the user.


    11 best sites to create free animated videos online

    Renderforest makes five plans available to users, one free with limited features and four paid with extra features.

    Renderforest has different types of animations for the user to create free animated videos online. Among these, there are more than a thousand animated scenes already ready in 3D, explanatory animations, video templates for YouTube, promotional videos, infographics, invitations and corporate presentations.

    Renderforest also stands out for offering the prices of paid plans in reais and not in dollars. 

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    Moovly's free plan offers users more than 1 million elements for you to create free animated videos online.

    You can start from scratch or choose one of the ready-made templates and just make the edits.

    Basically, the platform works with the simple function of holding and dragging the element to where you want and then releasing. 


    Animatron allows users to create free animated videos online and organize them frame by frame. In this way, the story can be organized in a linear and clear way, in addition to facilitating the editing and creation of elements.

    Focused on 2D creation, you have access to a database with HD images and ready-made elements that you can just copy and paste into your animated video. Among these elements are audio files, videos and also animations, which can be combined to create completely new and original elements.

    In addition to the paid packages with extra tools, you also have the option of a free plan which can be more than enough to guarantee the quality of your own material. 


    11 best sites to create free animated videos online

    With pre-defined templates and ready-made scripts that allow you to adapt with just a few clicks, Wideo can be a great tool if you're looking to create free animated videos online for your business. You can make product and service presentations, create tutorials and present a blog or social network with the templates that the platform offers.

    In case you have images and other files that you want to add to your animated video, the platform also allows the user to do this through upload.

    To modify the positioning of the elements, just hold and drag, very simple and fast. Wideo offers three usage plans that you can try for free for 7 days.

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