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    10 Apps to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages (Updated)

    You can see the deleted whatsapp messages and mobile with applications that work in a simple way! Ordinary app to see deleted message you never suffer from spilled milk again – or the lost message.

    If you've ever seen that WhatsApp message informing you that a message has been deleted and have been wondering how to recover it, you need to check out our selected list of the best apps in question that also serve to recover messages that you accidentally deleted from your cell phone and that contained important information.

    Oh, enjoy and also get to know WhatsApp GB, a WhatsApp clone that has the Anti-Delete Messages feature that prevents any contact from deleting messages sent to you!


    • WhatsRemoved +
    • WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages
    • WAMR - Recover deleted messages
    • Unseen
    • Newsave
    • Restory
    • Notification History
    • read deleted messages
    • Whats Deleted Messages Recovery
    • WhatsDelete
    • Video with App for WhatsApp Deleted Messages

    WhatsRemoved +

    What this application does is basically monitor your notifications from instant messaging systems on your phone and your folder of files and incoming messages in order to detect when a file is deleted.

    As soon as the application detects that a file has been deleted, it notifies the user and retrieves the information in its database, all automatically and very simply! And you can configure which notifications the app can access, as a form of security.

    WhatsRemoved + is available for:


    WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages

    Novo 17/08/2022

    Perfect application to stop being curious to know what I had written in that deleted message! With this app, you can recover not only text messages but also media attachments

    WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages is available for:

    WAMR - Recover deleted messages

    Novo 17/08/2022

    Not only can you recover text messages and also any media attachment (photos, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs and stickers), now you can also download Status! All this in a single app. It is worth checking!

    WAMR - Recover deleted messages is available for:









    Unseen is an app that receives all the messages from the app so you can see it without your contact knowing and even if they delete the message later! It's lightweight and super easy to use: we've already tested it!

    Unseen is available for:

    Android IOS


    Notisave lets you know which conversations have been deleted and shows messages that have been saved on the phone even before they are deleted. The app delivers what it promises and is easy to use!

    Newsave is available for:



    With just one click on the deleted WhatsApp notification many secrets can be revealed! However, only text messages can be redeemed – media is left out!

    Restory is available for:


    Notification History

    This application works by capturing WhatsApp message notifications and other applications to store them on the cell phone. So all messages are saved and if they are deleted you can see them on your phone! User can choose which notifications will be captured!

    Notification History is available for:


    read deleted messages

    The app proves to work well in most user-reported experiences. Audios and other deleted files cannot be recovered, only text messages. It's worth testing!

    read deleted messages is available for:


    Whats Deleted Messages Recovery

    With this application you can view and recover deleted messages on WhatsApp. It serves both to recover messages deleted by other people and that you can no longer see, and to recover those messages that you deleted, either on purpose or by mistake.

    The app can even create a backup of the recovered messages so that they are safe and not lost again.

    Whats Deleted Messages Recovery is available for:



    This application is an alternative for those who want to see messages deleted by other people on WhatsApp. It even manages to save statuses, be they videos or photos, and the media associated with paid messages.

    The app is still very light and simple to use.

    WhatsDelete Pro is available for:


    Video with App for WhatsApp Deleted Messages

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    Audio Video 10 Apps to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages (Updated)
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