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    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    Um app to make video with photos and music makes your profiles on social networks much more dynamic and fun. Video apps that provide the option of using mobile photos, such as Video Clip Maker, Photo Video Maker, and VideoShow, are easy to use and have many more features to use when editing.

    All of them are simple, full of tools to enhance your creations and edits and the best thing is that they are all free and you can check out the 10 best ones right here!


    video clip creator

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    in the video app video clip creator you choose your photos and make your video with access to a collection of thousands of songs made available for free by the application, in addition to being able to use your own music. You can grab photos not only from the gallery, but also from Google Photos.

    In the app to make video with photos and music you can choose different effects and animations to use in the video, adjust or rotate your photos, add captions and manage the duration of the chosen animation. A very good detail is that the created video does not have a watermark.

    One of its downsides is that Video Clip Maker may not find all mp3 files on user's cell phone.

    In our test it was very easy to make the video with photos using Video Clip Maker. After selecting the images by clicking the check icon for each image and clicking Next, a preview appears on the next screen, with background music and different transition effects. Then just choose how to edit using the tools available in the lower menu.

    video clip creator is available for:

    Android IOS

    VideoShow – video editor

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    VideoShow is one of the best video editing apps in general, used even by professionals. You can use the app to make video with photos and music with no time or photo limit. It allows you to record your own voice to put it in the video, write freely on the screen and focus on the part of the image you want to be highlighted the most.

    The choice of photos that will be part of the video is made in the section “Presentation“. All you have to do is choose the photos and then edit as you wish, with the songs that you can download within the app itself or from your own cell phone, add sound effects, fade effect in music, change the background, image aspect ratio, themes, filters and much more.

    Initially, VideoShow's settings are a little complicated, although its interface is simple and it already shows the main options right away. But nothing that a little more time in the app exploring its features can't solve.

    Another positive point of the app is that the video created can be reduced in size so that your cell phone doesn't get "heavy".

    VideoShow – video editor is available for:

    Android IOS

    Scompa Video – Slideshow and Video Editor

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    In the free version of Scoompa Video the user can make videos of up to 90 seconds with a maximum of 30 photos with water mark. There are more than 40 transition effects, different themes and songs to choose from, both from the app itself and from the cell phone.

    To save the video you have made, you must tap the share button, where there are three connected dots, and choose between sending it to the gallery or to your friends. The video is saved in the gallery, in the subfolder called Slideshow Maker, inside the Videos folder. Created videos can also be modified even after being saved.

    Scoompa Video is available for:


    VivaVideo – Video Editor

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    VivaVideo is another platform that is among the best photo video apps. The free version allows recording of videos up to 5 minutes. The app's songs are divided into 12 categories and the user can also choose their own songs.

    To make the video, just click on the option Photo Video on the home screen. Its interface is quite cheerful and the application is quite innovative. You can choose different themes and effects, cute stickers of animals or even superheroes, like spiderman and Thor, as well as other costumes to make your video photos funnier.

    The only downside of the app is having water mark. Once done, you can share your custom video on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Youtube, WhatsApp and other platforms.

    VivaVideo – Video Editor is available for:

    Android IOS

    Music Video Maker

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    O differential that Música Video Maker offers is the possibility to fit the images chosen to make the video in the exact proportions of social networks, such as Instagram stories or Youtube video.

    On the home page, just click on Slideshow, choose the photos and the ideal format and then edit using the features that the app offers:

    • 7 transition effects;
    • 75 songs in 25 different categories;
    • 14 frames;
    • Stickers similar to Facebook and WhatsApp;
    • Add text to video;
    • Speed ​​adjustment.

    Video can be saved in low, medium or high resolution and no watermark.

    Music Video Maker is available for:


    Video Maker: Video Editor with Photos and Music

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    Video Maker (Filmigo) is an application to make video with photo that stands out for the different and cheerful styles of video that surprise its users. you make a video no duration limit, with export without loss of quality. There are 9 different styles, seven categories of songs and an editing menu with more than 20 tools, such as:

    • Voiceover;
    • Sound effects;
    • filters;
    • Transition;
    • Music fade;
    • Adhesive;
    • Subtitles and more.

    Video can be saved in gallery in Quick Mode or HD Mode for free. The other options (1080P mode, GIF and no watermark) are only available to those who subscribe to the Pro version of the application.

    Video Maker (Filming) is available for:

    Android IOS

    Music Video Editor

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    Videos created in Music Video Editor can last up to 30 seconds. The amount of ads that appear on the screen is a negative point of the app, which offers 6 transition effects, 5 themes and the possibility to use the music of the cell phone itself. In our test the music section did not work well.

    Music Video Editor is available for:


    Video Editor Photo Slide With Music

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    The application's initial interface is not visually pleasing, but it is intuitive. Then click on the + icon and after giving the necessary permissions, the user is directed to the photo page, where he can select up to 30 images. Its tools include:

    • Switch the position of photos;
    • 19 transition effects;
    • 49 different moldings;
    • Controlled photo display duration.

    The app does not have its own songs and the number of ads that shows during the video creation process is annoying.

    Video Editor Photo Slide With Music Beautiful Slides is available for:


    Inshot – Music Video and Photo Editor

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    InShot is a great video and photo editing app that can be used in this case. He does not limit the number of photos chosen, it makes available several songs and those that are on the cell phone can also be used. Its features include:

    • Trim, Canvas (fit to desired aspect ratio);
    • Filter, Music and Sticker (stickers);
    • Text, speed adjustment and background choice;
    • Resize, rotate and flip.

    The saved video no watermark.

    Despite being a very famous Instagram photo editing app, InShot is not the best for making video with photos because it doesn't have themes and animated transition effects between images.

    shot is available for:

    Android IOS

    Make Videos With Music And Photos

    10 Apps to Make Videos with Photos

    The app is surprising for its ease of use and the resources available, it even surpasses many more famous ones. You can make the video with as many photos as you want, in addition to saving it with good quality and rendering. Unfortunately, the option to narrate the video is not available, but it is possible to use recorded audio in other applications.

    The user can download more than 50 free themes from the app's own store and use the songs that are on the cell phone, since the platform does not provide its own songs.

    Make Videos With Music And Photos is available for:


    Video with Photo Video Maker App

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