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    Holidays 2022: Check out all the holidays of the year and plan ahead

    Holidays 2022: Check out all the holidays of the year and plan ahead

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 11, 2022 | News |

    In 2022 we will have a year full of holidays, so we can't help but stay inside to find out what the 2022 holidays are. study, for example. 

    So that you don't have to look for date by date on the calendar, below we've listed for you all the 2022 holidays and commemorative dates that you can't miss and miss. If you want to check the complete calendar and know the celebrations on each day, our suggestion is to use the Calendarr website, which leaves everything very well organized and divided for you.

    So, without further ado, check out our list of holidays 2022:

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    Calendar 2022 - Holidays and commemorative dates

    In this new year, only in the months of August and September we won't have any holidays, however, these months will also have commemorative dates, so stay tuned for them. 


    • January 1 (Saturday) – Holiday: As is quite obvious, the year already starts on a holiday, being the new year. Also called New Year's Eve, we can't start a new year without forgetting to celebrate this date. Also on January XNUMXst, the Universal Fraternization is celebrated, which is a civic holiday with the objective of wishing the union of the people in the new year that is entering.

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    • February 28 (Monday) – Holiday: After the new year, the next scheduled holiday 2022 is only at the end of February, being the optional point for Carnival. 


    • March 01st (Tuesday) – Holiday: Carnival 2022 continues to be celebrated on March XNUMX, as another optional point. 
    • March 02nd (Wednesday) – Holiday/Commemorative date: Ash Wednesday is also an optional point that goes until 14 pm. Although it is not a holiday per se, for cultural reasons, the working day starts only after 12:XNUMX. 

    Lent also begins on this same date, which lasts 40 days and ends the week before Easter, on Thursday of Holy Week. This is a period of penance, when the church remembers the time when Jesus was in the desert.

    • March 08 (Tuesday) – Commemorative date: International Women's Day is also celebrated in March, being a celebration of the social, economic and political achievements of women over the years of struggle. This is not considered a national holiday, but is often celebrated annually. The date was adopted by the United Nations (UN) and soon after by several countries. 


    • April 10 (Sunday) – Commemorative date: Palm Sunday does not have a fixed day, being always celebrated on the Sunday before Easter. Although not one of the highlights with holidays 2022, this is usually a celebrated date and marks the beginning of Holy Week. The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as the Son of God is commemorated.
    • April 14 (Thursday) – Commemorative date: Maundy Thursday is not one of the national holidays, but like Palm Sunday, it is celebrated during Holy Week. Also known as Thursday of Diseases, this date is a reminder of the day Jesus and his Apostles had dinner before his death on Good Friday, a meal known as the Last Supper.
    • April 15 (Friday) – Holiday: Good Friday takes place before Easter, being the day on which the crucifixion of Jesus is remembered by Christians. Also known as Good Friday, this is a federal holiday determined by law.
    • April 16 (Saturday) – Commemorative date: Although Hallelujah Saturday is not one of the 2022 holidays, it can be considered as an optional point, as it is part of the Easter celebrations.
    • April 17 (Sunday) – Holiday: Easter is one of the 2022 holidays celebrated by Christians as a mobile celebration, which changes its day each year. This is one of the most important holidays for Christians as it marks the resurrection of Christ. 
    • April 19 (Tuesday) – Commemorative date: The Indian Day is celebrated annually in our country. This date is a reminder of the holding of the First Inter-American Indigenous Congress, which took place on the same date in 1940, in Patzcuaro, Mexico.
    • April 21 (Thursday) – Holiday: Tiradentes Day is a national holiday that serves to honor Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, the historical hero known as Tiradentes. Died on the same date in 1792, Tiradentes was consecrated by fighting for the independence of Minas Gerais against the Portuguese.
    • April 22 (Friday) – Commemorative date: Although not a national holiday, the Discovery of our country is a date celebrated every year, marking the arrival of Portuguese navigators in 1500 in the national territory.


    • May 01 (Sunday) – Holiday: At the beginning of May we have the celebration of Labor Day, a national holiday. The date serves as a reflection between employee and company on labor laws, standards and work rules.
    • May 08 (Sunday) – Commemorative date: A week after Labor Day, we have Mother's Day, which is also a moveable date. This date is a tribute and thanks to all mothers.


    • June 12 (Sunday) – Commemorative date: On this date we have the celebration of Valentine's Day, outside our country, as in the United States, this date is usually celebrated in February.
    • June 16 (Thursday) – Holiday: Corpus Christi is a holiday only in municipalities that so wish, being more an optional point than a national holiday. The celebration usually takes place 60 days after Easter. 
    • June 24 (Friday) – Commemorative date: Saint John's Day is also known as the time of the Festas Juninas.


    • July 09th (Saturday) – Commemorative date: Although we don't have any holidays in July, we will have the celebration of Constitutionalist Revolution Day. It is worth mentioning that this is not a national holiday, but it is only in our city. This date is also known as Revolution Day.

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    • August 14 (Sunday) – Commemorative date: Father's Day, although not one of the 2022 holidays, is celebrated in August. Just like Mother's Day, this is a date to thank and honor parents. 
    • August 22 (Monday) – Commemorative date: In August we also have the celebration of Folklore Day. This date serves to commemorate the first time the word “Folklore” was used in 1846.
    • August 25 (Thursday) – Commemorative date: On this date, Soldier's Day is celebrated, thanking the soldiers of our country's Army who work for the nation.


    • September 07th (Wednesday) – Holiday: Our country's Independence Day is celebrated in September, celebrating the day our country had its independence from our country declared, on September 7, 1822.
    • September 21 (Wednesday) – Commemorative date: Although it is not a holiday, this same month we also have the celebration of Arbor Day. The main objective is to make the population aware of the importance of preserving forests and trees.


    • October 12 (Wednesday) – Holiday/Commemorative Date: Children's Day is a date that serves to celebrate the rights of adolescents and children. Thus, people can be aware of the care needed during this stage of life.

    On the same date, the national holiday of Nossa Senhora Aparecida is also celebrated. The objective is to honor the patroness of our country, also being one of the greatest saints of Catholicism.

    • October 15 (Saturday) – Commemorative date: In October we also have the celebration of Teacher's Day, which although it is not one of the 2022 holidays, it is still a date to remember. This date serves to honor one of the most important professions and dedicating life to transferring knowledge.
    • October 31 (Monday) – Commemorative date: Halloween, or Halloween, is also not one of the 2022 holidays, but it is still a very celebrated date. Even though it is a date typically coming from abroad, it has spread all over the world.

    Also on October 31, Saci Day is celebrated, celebrating one of the best-known mythological figures in our culture.


    • November 01st (Tuesday) – Commemorative date: All Saints Day is not one of the holidays 2022, however it is a date dedicated to honoring and celebrating the martyrs and saints of the Catholic Church, ensuring they are not forgotten.
    • November 02nd (Wednesday) – Holiday: The so-called Day of the Dead, or Day of the Lost, is a national holiday determined by law. Important for many religions, this day serves to honor loved ones who are no longer alive. 
    • November 15 (Tuesday) – Holiday: Also being a national holiday determined by law, the Day of the Proclamation of the Republic commemorates the event that happened in 1889 when a military group led by Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca carried out a coup d'état, freeing the country from the Empire. So, we see that this is one of the most important 2022 holidays.
    • November 19 (Saturday) – Commemorative date: Flag Day is not among the 2022 holidays, but it is still a yearly remembered date. The date remembers the day the national flag was instituted as an official of our country in 1889.
    • November 20 (Sunday) – Commemorative date: Also known as Zombie Day, Black Consciousness Day is not one of the 2022 holidays, but it is still one of the most important dates on the national calendar. On this day, we have a tribute to Zumbi, who represents the struggle of black people against slavery.
    • November 25 (Friday) – Commemorative date: Black Friday happens annually the day after Thanksgiving. The date is known worldwide due to the promotions and discounts that various products in stores and shops receive.


    • December 25 (Sunday) – Holiday: Christmas is one of the main holidays 2022 not only in our country but all over the world. This Christian celebration serves to celebrate the day the baby Jesus was born. Over time, the date ended up being disseminated beyond the religious scope, and many people, regardless of beliefs, celebrate the date.
    • December 31 (Saturday) – Holiday/Optional Point: Preceding the arrival of the new year, we have the eve of 2023, which although it is not one of the full 2022 holidays, counts as an optional point after 14 pm.

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