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    Get Rid of Toxic People: It's Time to Throw Out the Trash

    Get Rid of Toxic People: It's Time to Throw Out the Trash

    by Camila Porto | Nov 3, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Would you build your house on top of a lot of garbage? Understand the importance of getting rid of toxic people and unnecessary things in your life, learning how to change habits that only get in the way.

    I believe that no one would build or wants to build their house on top of a pile of rubbish. The big problem is that many people build their story this way.

    Throwing out trash encompasses many senses

    This was a metaphor I heard from Flávio Augusto, from Geração de Valor, and I've been practicing it in a quick and metaphorical way.

    This is so that I always build the foundations of my life on clean ground and with as little garbage as possible.

    When we talk about building our story on top of garbage, I'm not necessarily talking about physical garbage and old things that we have in our lives, but several other things, such as:

    • People;
    • habits;
    • Things that are not good for us.

    Throughout the day, people, known or not, throw their garbage at us. They are called toxic people.

    What happens in many cases is that we end up holding all this junk.

    In reality, what does this garbage mean?

    Offenses, rudeness, unnecessary criticism, impolite comments and things along those lines, are the famous “garbage” that they throw at us. Now, you have the option to hold on to this mountain of garbage or just throw it all away.

    This garbage can be toxic people, those who don't add anything to your life, who hurt you or treat you badly.

    Another meaning is when I talk about “building the house on a pile of rubbish”. This means that you can clean this land that will be used to create your life story.

    Toxic People: You Should Throw Them Away

    Throughout my life, those great friends that I thought were for life have gone.

    I had to “throw them away”, because they were people who didn't let me evolve and didn't want to evolve either.

    This is one of the first things we need to do if we want to go ahead with this cleaning and changing habits.

    Harmful habits must also be eliminated.

    Smoking, for example. Having addictions to games, cell phones and things like that, are some harmful habits, but they get in the way of our daily lives.

    Get rid of them so you can have more family time, eat healthy, and start doing physical activity to feel good physically and improve your health.

    Sometimes having an unhealthy habit is not good for you or for other people. They often prevent people from doing new things.

    You can also (literally) throw the trash away

    Today I made a deal with myself: if I buy one shoe, the other shoe has to come out. If I buy a blouse, the other blouse has to come off.

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    I believe that many times we buy new things and the others are left in the back of the closet. So I made a deal with myself:

    If there's something I haven't used in over a year, that thing is going to be a lot happier sitting on someone's foot, or warming someone else up, than lying around in my closet unused.

    Remember: for the new to come in, the old must come out.

    These are some attitudes I have to take to start changing habits and throwing the trash away. Whether in the sense of throwing things away, or even people who don't do us good.

    It is very significant for you to realize that you have the possibility to hold this garbage or throw it away, because the most important person in the world is you.

    When you value yourself and realize that you deserve to have better relationships and habits, I believe everything will get easier.

    Watch the video:

    Now I want to hear from you!

    What kind of garbage are you holding that you shouldn't?

    Put it here in the comments for me. I'd love to know how you can start getting rid of your junk today and how to change habits you never thought would get in the way.

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    Want more?

    Once you've learned how to change habits and throw out the trash (whether toxic people, unnecessary things or harmful habits), it's time to start building your story.

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