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    Percentage calculator: the 6 best ones to use online

    Percentage calculator: the 6 best ones to use online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 1, 2022 | Technology |

    Mathematics can be quite complex for some people. If you are one of these, then surely having a percentage calculator will be of great use in your daily life.

    Every now and then we come across promotions with the following phrase: “enjoy 40% off such a product” and when we realize it, we cannot calculate and arrive at the final value and know, in fact, what the promised discount was.

    Whatever the situation, calculate a portion of the thirteenth salary, calculate compound interest percentage, the percentage increase or percentage decrease of something or what percentage corresponds to a specific amount. The calculator will help you.

    With that in mind, today you will get to know a list of apps and websites that are able to calculate percentage online. So, you can perform a calculation quickly, without getting bogged down with the numbers.

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    The 6 best percentage calculators

    1. Mobills percentage calculator

    On the Mobills website, you will find an online percentage calculator that you can use for free. Just access the site and simulate what you want to know.

    There are four percentage simulators, divided as follows:

    Simulator 1:

    1. In the first field, you must enter the percentage you want to know.
    2. In the second field, you must fill in the total amount in reais.
    3. To see the result, just click on “Calculate"

    Simulator 2:

    1. In the first field, put the value you want to find out.
    2. In the second field, enter the total amount.

    Simulator 3:

    1. In the first field, you must fill in the initial value.
    2. In the second field, you must fill in the total plus its increase.

    Simulator 4:

    1. In the first field, enter the total amount
    2. In the second field, the total amount after the decrease.

    And so, in a matter of seconds you have an answer. No need to rack your brains to do the math, just let the technology do it for you.

    2. Percentage Calculator (Omni Calculator)

    The Percentage Calculator (Android | iOS) offers several options to meet many different needs regarding percentage calculations.

    Among these options you can find percentage increase or decrease, conversion of fractions to percentages, business calculator with calculation of trade, income, profit margin, simple and compound interest and much more.

    3. Percentage Calculator (Appovo)

    Percentage Calculator (Android) is a simple but functional app. The results of the calculations are also represented in graphs, instantly.

    4. Calculate Percentage

    With the Calculate Percentage app (Android) you can calculate percentage increase, percentage decrease and percentage of an amount.

    All these options can be found in a browser at the top of the screen (under “Percentage calculation”). Select what you need, and do your calculation for free.

    5. Calculator with percentage

    The Percentage Calculator (Android) is a good alternative for those who want to do just a simple calculation but with a very complete calculator. It's simple and easy to use.

    6. Percentage Calculator (Philip Stephens)

    The Percentage Calculator (Android) has a simple and very intuitive interface. It allows the calculation of reverse percentages and percentage changes.

    The calculator also allows other calculations such as VAT (Sales Tax), used in business. In addition, you can also customize the calculator with the theme you want.

    The developer of this app also relies on other types of calculators such as fraction calculator, scientific calculator and pie charts.

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    How to calculate percentage

    It's always good to be prepared and have cards up your sleeve, because if there is an unforeseen event and you don't have access to a cell phone when you need to calculate the percentage of something, you'll know how to do it yourself.

    Calculating percentage is not that seven-headed animal that everyone thinks, just a little reasoning and calm.

    For example, let's say you want to know what 5% of 500 is. To do this, you just need to multiply the fraction:

    5% de 500= 5/100 x 500

    We cut the zero, so it looks like this: 5Ă—7=35. And quickly we come to the final answer.

    The same thing goes for other values, such as 50% of 1000. It would look like this:

    50% de 1000= 50/100 x 1000
    = 50 Ă— 10
    = 500

    For a more detailed step-by-step, there is a class by Professor Sandro CuriĂł, for those interested in learning. We hope we've helped you find an app that meets your needs.

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