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    What is the best digital bank to open your account?

    What is the best digital bank to open your account?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Technology |

    The popularization of online financial institutions has made many people have doubts about which is the best digital bank to open an account. With that in mind, we have developed a guide with the main options on the market. Here, you will have access to the advantages of each one and how they can influence your financial routine. 

    There are alternatives for legal entities, individuals and even kids account for children. He doubts? So, read on and find out which is the best digital bank 2022. 

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    What do I need to know about digital banking? 

    Before showing which is the best digital bank, let's cover some interesting features about this type of service. That way, you will have great insights to choose the best alternative for your pocket. 

    What is a digital bank? 

    It is a financial institution that works through the internet. In other words: the bank does not have a physical branch and, in most cases, there is no manager offering services at all times to meet the target for the month. 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, digital banks generally offer great support for customers. There are alternatives on the market, such as Nubank, which provides a team of specialists, with several collaborators, to answer the most common questions from consumers, either by email or chat. 

    What are the benefits of a digital bank? 

    With digital banks, consumers guarantee several advantages to their customers. Find out which are the most important below. 

    • Digital experience without bureaucracy;
    • Free digital account;
    • No account maintenance fees;
    • Fee waivers for most services;
    • Possibility to invest your money with a few clicks; 
    • Returns greater than savings. 

    Transparency is another important feature of most institutions that work online. That's because they make visible the amount your money can earn when it is stored in these banks. So, with a quick search, you can find out which is the best digital bank to invest in. 

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    Is Digital Banking safe? 

    Yes. The fact that a digital bank operates only on the internet does not mean that anyone can open a financial institution online. On the contrary, it needs to be regulated by the Central Bank. This rule makes digital banks protected by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC). 

    Now that you already know the main information about an online financial institution, we are going to present which is the best digital bank to move or store your money. 

    What is the best digital bank? 

    From now on, we will develop a list of the best financial institutions on the internet, highlighting how they work and what their main features are. It's a great comparison of digital banks 2022.

    You will also know which digital bank yields the most in 2022 and which are those options that are exempt from fees in various consumer services. 


    Let's start our list of which is the best digital bank talking about Nubank, considered one of the main digital banks in the country. This company's proposal is to put the customer at the center of everything, that is, they can receive, move and store their money with less bureaucracy. 

    One of the main advantages of this bank is that its balance yields 100% of the CDI rate and can be redeemed at any time. For you to better understand how this process works, just access the official website of Nubank. On the page, the user has access to a free tool that shows what their financial return will be when leaving the money saved in this institution. 

    The customer is also entitled to several free services, such as: digital checking account, exemption from the account maintenance fee, transfer (Pix, TED), deposit via bank slip and issuance of a card with a debit function. Security is a feature that cannot be ignored. In real time, the customer receives all the details about his account, including: transactions and withdrawals. The information is sent on the consumer's cell phone. 

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    Unfortunately, some unforeseen events occur with your credit card, such as loss or theft. In these situations, the customer can block and unlock the card through the app, without having to contact the company. 

    The bank also offers a no-bureaucracy and no annual fee for your company. In the application, the user can access not only the personal account, but also the PJ account. It's a great way to bring more practicality and agility to your routine. 


    This is another digital account where consumers can solve their financial problems through the app. Here, Pix and transfers can be made immediately and free of charge. In the application, you can request the credit card that is offered by the institution. It is an alternative with a virtual card, automatic debit and uncomplicated administration. 

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    The customer can still apply for loans in the app. Through the system itself, you can monitor the installments, values, advance the installments to guarantee great discounts. As with Nubank, the Neon account opening process is free. Just download the app and follow the bank's processes. 


    For customers looking for a digital account with many benefits, Banco Inter is a great option. In this alternative, Pix, transfers and withdrawals are made free of charge. It is also possible to request a card without fees and with cashback. 

    With a few clicks, you have access to several services. Among the most common are: Unlimited Pix and TEDs, 24-hour service, money deposit via bank slip and an uncomplicated platform for investments. 

    The kids account, on the other hand, is a great solution for parents who want to start planning and investing in their child's future, quite easily. In addition to making your child's money work, you can also apply for a debit card for your child and create an account without fees. It's an interesting strategy to teach your child financial education. 

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    In the Digio digital account, the customer has access to several benefits. 

    • Yield 100% of CDI;
    • Possibility to pay credit card bills, bills and bills through the application;
    • Deposits by means of slips;
    • Transfers to other financial institutions free of charge;
    • Hassle-free salary portability. 

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    The objective of the BS2 bank is to help consumers manage their money more conveniently, with a variety of services available. 

    • Payments;
    • Deposits by means of slips;
    • Digital card;
    • Transfers;
    • investments;
    • credit and debit card;
    • Pix;
    • Gift Card;
    • digital take out 


    A digital account that offers the customer a Mastercard prepaid credit card. You can also request 10 more virtual cards to make purchases through the internet and with more security. 

    What is the best digital bank to open your account?

    Download and Pix can be used free of charge and without limits. With the Superdigital application, it is also possible to secure a loan quickly and easily. You can also make withdrawals both at Banco24horas terminals and on the available card. 

    Who is MEI can also open a digital account, which offers physical card, virtual card, R$ 6,40 per withdrawal, R$ 5,90 per transfer and other resources without limits and fees. 

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    When choosing which is the best digital bank, Next is also included in the list of many customers of other digital banks. That's because it guarantees unlimited withdrawals and transfers. You can invest your money safely and still earn various treats that are offered by the financial institution. 

    The list of benefits also includes an immediate deposit without the need for an envelope, cell phone recharge, the possibility of paying bills and slips through the application, unlimited purchases and statements, in addition to buying foreign currency directly at Bradesco cashiers. 

    For customers who need extra income, Next offers a commission of up to R$1.000 when referring friends to open an account.


    The Bari digital account is suitable for customers looking to pay, receive, transfer and invest in just one tool. With the support of the control account, you can manage consumption on a differentiated card. 

    If you have difficulties taking care of your finances, the control account is a tool that helps you divide part of your income for specific consumptions. It works like this: the customer establishes a maximum amount and can have a personalized debit card, that is, according to their needs. 

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    The objective account is a tool, which was developed by the financial institution, to help consumers save money to achieve a goal. The customer sets the maximum period and the amount he wants to save, and the bank's mission is to help him earn money. 

    Sofisa Direct 

    It is a digital account with security similar to that of a physical financial institution. Another positive point is that the profitability is very similar to that of a brokerage. 

    To give you an idea, its capital yields 110% CDI. The customer has several types of free services available, such as: maintenance fee, TED transfer, deposit by bank slip and card issuance. Undoubtedly, Sofisa Direto also enters the list when the question is which is the best digital bank to store money. 


    The PagSeguro digital account is perfect for those customers who like a free international card and free withdrawal from Banco24Horas. The absence of fees can also be observed when paying bills and slips, payments with QR Code, extract and deposit by slip. 

    When recharging your cell phone, you get 2% back on all processes. To be entitled to this benefit, the purchase must be made with a credit card or account balance. 

    We know that in some financial institutions, applying for a loan is quite complicated. With PagSeguro, this step is quick and can be completed with rates three times lower than other alternatives available on the market. And the best: the loan is released within one business day, payment can be completed in up to 12 months and it is not necessary to go to a financial institution to make the request. All you need is a cell phone with internet access. 

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    The PagSeguro PJ account is also free, without complicated processes and can be managed online. It is ideal for businesses looking for complete solutions. To top it off, it offers a yield of 100% of the CDI. It is one of the best digital banks 2022.

    C6 Bank 

    The next option on our list allows the customer to make free withdrawals from 24Horas Cashiers. The absence of charging can also be identified in transfers via PIX and unlimited TEDs. By opening your free account, you can apply for the C6 Tag. With this benefit, when passing through tolls and parking lots, the value of the services is immediately deducted from the financial institution's account. 

    The C6 Tag is available not only for individuals, but also for those who are registered as MEI. It is a service without costs, monthly fees or charging fees. 

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    What is the best 2022 digital bank? 

    If you have reached this stage of the article, you may still have doubts about which is the best digital bank to open an account, right? The indecision is justified, mainly by the number of alternatives that the market offers to customers. 

    However, before making a decision on which is the best digital bank, we recommend evaluating several characteristics, such as:

    • benefits,
    • available services,
    • reputation in the market,
    • service costs

    In this way, it will be possible to define what your priorities are and what are those options that can be discarded. The most interesting thing is that many alternatives that were mentioned in this list have already been part of the “which is the best digital bank 2022” ranking. This shows that they continue to evolve to surprise the consumer.  

    After finding out which is the best digital bank to open an account, learn about the 10 best digital brokers to invest. 

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