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    What is the best digital marketing course?

    What is the best digital marketing course?

    by Camila Porto | Feb 3, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | two

    What is the best digital marketing course? This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer when it comes to online courses. The difficulty arises for several reasons. The main thing is that the digital marketing universe is so broad that it is difficult to define what we need to learn. 

    But, today you will know several alternatives of free and paid digital marketing courses. Online digital marketing courses that go far beyond Facebook, content marketing and social media.

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    Digital Marketing: What is it?

    To start bringing you the options of digital marketing courses you can choose from, it is important to understand what is digital marketing. 

    For me, digital marketing is ways to promote a business, project or idea using digital media. 

    You can do internet marketing, through social media, SEO, sponsored links, through content (inbound marketing), email marketing. 

    Because it is a huge field and with many areas of activity, it is difficult to define what digital marketing is. But, as we are not focusing here on theories, but on practice and market experience, more important than knowing what digital mkt is, is knowing how we can have a career in this area and, the best, make money from it. 

    To make it easier for you to choose the best digital marketing courses, I have separated the article into broader areas. In this way, you will check out our choices following these categories:

    Free and online Digital Marketing courses

    Paid and online Marketing courses

    In-person digital marketing courses

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    What is the best digital marketing course? Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

    Starting our selection of the best free digital marketing courses, we are going to bring you some of the most popular options for you to have a broad view of the market. 

    Sebrae Digital Marketing Course

    One of the most sought after and endorsed free marketing courses is the Digital marketing for the Sebrae entrepreneur. This is a free online digital marketing course for those who are really starting out. 

    It's only 2 hours of course where the focus is the presentation of digital marketing for those who have a small business. Sebrae's free digital marketing course offers a certificate of completion. 

    Hotmart Digital Marketing Course

    Hotmart is a platform from Minas Gerais that operates in the area of ​​infoproducts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the companies that most contributes to Digital Marketing in our country. Its front of action is as a service provider for those who want to undertake online selling courses, e-books and any type of digital product. 

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    Among the free digital marketing courses that Hotmart offers, I selected the three most focused on those who want to get their hands dirty and be a digital entrepreneur. 

    Hotmart 30 day challenge

    Hotmart's 30-day challenge is focused on those who want to enter the infoproducts market. They are a series of classes that will teach you from planning to launching your digital product. There are several topics covered from the production of your infoproduct to your sales page and other relevant topics. 

    Hotmart Academy

    Hotmart Academy is not an online digital marketing course. However, with more than 80 classes taught, you will have the opportunity to learn from Hotmart employees how to use digital marketing and much more.  

    Hotmart First Sale Challenge

    Another Hotmart digital marketing course that will help your business is the First Sale Challenge. The topics covered range from how to choose the best product, through Facebook Ads and daily sales. It is worth checking. 

    Digital Marketing Google

    Google also offers several free content for those who want to delve into Digital Marketing. There are several topics that range from creating a resume for digital marketing to strategies for taking your business to other countries. 

    Some courses like Digital Marketing Fundamentals provide a certificate. Best of all, this certification is recognized by the IAB and Open University. Definitely a great way to complement your resume with a free Google digital marketing course. 

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    Digital Marketing Course Facebook Blueprint

    A lot of people don't know, but Facebook also offers a free digital marketing course focused on its platform. Facebook Blueprint is the course center that has several themes. You can learn about topics ranging from engagement strategies to sales strategies via WhatsApp.

    With this selection of distance learning digital marketing courses, you will already have an excellent foundation to direct your studies to areas that interest you most. With this, making sure investments in your education will be easier. 

    What is the best digital marketing course? Paid and Online Marketing Courses

    A digital marketing course can become an excellent investment for you or your business if you really want to dedicate yourself to this market. Therefore, in addition to the free digital marketing courses, it is worth knowing other paid courses. 

    Check out our selection of paid distance learning digital marketing courses below.

    Social Sell – Camila Porto

    Social Sell is my Social Media Marketing course. In it, I share the strategy I developed and apply in my business. In the course, I show you all the steps to attract, engage and convert followers into customers on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Email. 

    What is the best digital marketing course? For sure, my answer is Social Sell 🙂

    There are 3 main modules where I cover topics such as persona definition, target audience research, content production, engagement strategies, ads, remarketing, list creation and much more. Access to the course does not expire and you have access to our Facebook community with hundreds of members. 

    Digital Marketing Course Senac

    Another company that offers digital marketing courses is Senac. There are several free courses that will teach you from digital marketing tools such as email marketing, inbound marketing, SEO and much more. 

    School of Digital Marketing

    The School of Digital Marketing also offers courses and content on digital marketing. Escola do Marketing Digital works on the subscription model, where you will have access to courses and also classes when you become a member. There are several topics ranging from digital marketing for beginners to those who want to be a digital marketing consultant. 

    Launch Formula

    One of the best-known courses on the market, the Launch Formula is a good option for those who want to invest in a digital marketing course. Taught by Erico Rocha, the Launch Formula is more aimed at those who want to know how to launch a digital product. However, with the passage of time, many businesses are applying the teachings to businesses in various industries.

    Rock University

    Rock University is a Rock Content initiative where you will find free and paid digital marketing courses. The courses cover topics such as social networks, mail marketing, content production and many other topics. It is worth checking out the free and paid options of one of the largest online content platforms in the country. 

    Digital Marketing Course Udemy

    Udemy is one of the largest education companies in the world. There are thousands of courses available for you to learn whatever you want. When it comes to digital marketing courses, the range of options is very wide and you can start from the basics to more complex topics such as Big Data, metrics, programming and much more. 

    The main advantage of Udemy is the affordable price of the courses. For those who want to know a topic without investing too much, the course fees are very low. Great option for those who want to know a little bit of everything without investing a lot. 

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    Alura is an online course platform that offers several themes and works on a subscription model. By becoming a subscriber, you will have access to dozens of courses and you can watch as many as you want. If you want to know which is the best digital marketing course, at Alura you will be able to know several.

    According to the company, there are more than 1.200 courses available. You even have access to a member community where you can network with your peers. To help you focus, Alura has a sequence of courses suitable for your needs. The areas of activity and focus of the courses are:

    • Mobile;
    • Programming;
    • Front-end;
    • Devops;
    • Design e UX;
    • Marketing Digital;
    • Data Science;
    • Innovation and Management.

    What is the best digital marketing course? In-person digital marketing courses

    With the pandemic, the offer of in-person digital marketing courses became more restricted. However, it is worth keeping up with the news and, if you are a face-to-face style, here are some options for face-to-face digital marketing courses. 

    Hotmart Camp

    Hotmart offers Hotmart Camp, an initiative that takes place in several cities around the world. The face-to-face meetings cover various topics, such as copywriting, ads, sales funnels and several other topics related to digital marketing. 

    Hotmart Camp's face-to-face meetings take place in cities like our city, Madrid, Mexico City and Belo Horizonte. 

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    ESPM courses

    ESPM offers several face-to-face digital marketing courses in several cities across our country. In addition to extension courses, holiday courses are also offered for those who want to increase their networking and knowledge. 

    The courses take place in our city, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and in traveling cities. 


    ComSchool is one of the companies that offer several digital marketing courses in the face-to-face model. The topics covered include marketing on social networks, Google Analytics, Google Ads and other areas of Google and e-commerce. The courses take place in: our city, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and Curitiba.

    Conclusion: What is the best digital marketing course?

    What is the best digital marketing course? I believe you understand why the answer to this question is: it depends!

    There are many options of content available, values ​​and places where you can learn about this subject. Not to mention the number of topics you can specialize in. So, as a tip for those starting out: start with free courses, understanding the market and discovering the areas you like or need more. 

    Over time, start investing in more advanced courses, preferably with professionals who have experience in the market. This will definitely shorten your path a lot. 

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