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    What changes with the new Microsoft Rewards?

    O Microsoft Rewards starts working in June, so the old Xbox Live Rewards will be replaced by this new nomenclature. For those unfamiliar, Xbox Live Rewards  is a rewards program that started to work in December 2022, at the time the system did not have so many users, it was a mix of complaints and satisfaction, but the program underwent changes and became very interesting over time.

    O Rewards consists of exchanging points, as if they were miles, add and for each a certain amount of points you can request a withdrawal, usually it happens in the middle and end of the month, if you add 5000 points it is automatically exchanged for local currency, during the period of deposit, or when requesting the withdrawal.

    The last big news was the gems of the MyVIP section, when completing certain missions the player could request the gems, and exchange them for prizes from the vault, there are numerous prizes that are available according to your region and have limited stock.

    If you still don't know the program, we have an article made in March 2022, click here to read our article.

    But what changes with Microsoft Rewards?

    The big difference is the unification of the service that was previously only for Xbox Live, today encompasses all Microsoft services.

    What will happen to my dots? Xbox Live Rewards?

    If you do not claim MyVip points and gems by May 31st, everything will be converted into local currency for your Microsoft account by the end of June, and you will have 1 year to spend these points.

    How will Microsoft Rewards work?

    When you buy qualifying content from the Microsoft Store on Xbox or Windows, as a Tier 2 member, you'll earn 10 points per dollar spent, plus bonus points. Points will be deposited within 48 hours of purchase.

    • Level 1 members - will receive 1 point per dollar spent.
    • Level 2 members - will receive 10 points per dollar spent at the time of purchase.
    • Level 2 members - with Xbox Live Gold they also receive 10 extra points per dollar spent, up to a total of 20 points per dollar spent. New members with Xbox Live Gold status will start earning at the bonus rate within 48 hours of signing up.

    As with Xbox Live Rewards, eligible content includes full games, on-demand titles for Xbox One, arcade games, indie games, game add-ons, game season passes, movies, TV shows, full TV seasons and apps.

    Certain items do not qualify, such as purchasing in-game consumables, Xbox Live Gold memberships, memberships such as Xbox Game Pass or EA Access, Microsoft Movies and TV Season Passes, and purchasing Xbox Gift Cards.

    As each purchase can only qualify for one offer at a time, please keep in mind that if you purchase a title that is part of a featured rewards offer currently available on the site, you will not receive the additional points, but you will receive the promoted points. of that specific offer.

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