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    Easter Egg 2022: What's New This Year?

    Easter Egg 2022: What's New This Year?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 14, 2022 | Shopping |

    Chocolate brands and confectioners are already selling Easter news for the traditional holiday that will take place on the second Sunday of April. The trends for the easter egg 2022 range from gourmet eggs to savory recipes. With trade reopened, the expectation of sales for this 2022 is to surpass the last two years in which the country faced the restrictive measures of the pandemic.

    What is the meaning of Easter?

    In Western culture, Easter is one of the most important celebrations of the year. But do you know the history of this holiday and its meanings?

    For the Christian community, Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is a moment that symbolizes a new life. In the Christian tradition of our country, there are several masses and performances that stage the crucifixion until the resurrection of Christ.

    Passover, or Passover, is also celebrated by Jews. Lasting eight days, it recalls the exodus of Israel from the Hebrews that freed them from slavery in Egypt. As for Christians, Easter represents a time of hope.

    The association between Easter and chocolate eggs, as well as rabbits, is due to the symbology that these figures carry: fertility. Both the egg and the rabbit generate life and are seen as synonymous with luck in many cultures.

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    What's New for Easter Eggs in 2022?

    The big chocolate brands are already launching the novelties for this year, which include gifts from films and drawings, fillings of different textures and attractive packaging. See the main highlights for this Easter.

    Easter Egg 2022: Cocoa Show news

    The brand is one of the largest chocolate chains and is among the favorites of consumers. Easter Cacau Show brings launches in the Dreams and LaCreme lines, as well as in the gift line, which this year features Looney Tunes, Stranger Things, Bytes, among others.

    Cacau Show Dreams

    The characteristic of Dreams Cacau Show chocolate is to have a shell filled with creaminess and crunchy textures. For 2022, the new flavors are:

    • Dreams Banoffe Egg: consists of a 400g egg with milk chocolate and white chocolate flavor with a banoffe shell, the traditional English dessert made with banana, meringue and dulce de leche.


    • Dreams Strawberry Meringue Egg: announced in a commercial by Caio Castro, the launch of the Dreams line has a shell filled with strawberry meringue flavor and the inner part of the egg made with milk chocolate.


    • Dreams Brownie Egg: the novelty of the Dreams Brownie Easter Egg is the presence of glazed and granulated nuts in the shell, making the candy more crunchy.


    Cacau Mezzo

    One of the main Easter egg 2022 novelties from Cacau Show is LaCreme Mezzo and Mezzo Paçoquita. 

    • LaCreme Mezzo Egg: with 260g, it gathers creaminess in a double layer made of milk chocolate and with the traditional flavor of the LaCreme line.

    • Ovo Mezzo Paçoquita

    For those in love with paçoca, Cacau Show launched a 290g egg with a double layer of white and milk chocolate along with a tasty peanut butter. The sweet also has two toast paçocas.

    Cacao Show Amarula

    Amarula is a liqueur of African origin produced from the marula fruit. The sweet flavor was added to the Cacau Show bonbons and makes up the kit along with half an Easter egg shell flavored with white chocolate and milk chocolate and finished with a 50 ml bottle of Amarula.

    Cocoa Show Looney Tunes

    The Looney Tunes line is accompanied by gifts inspired by the Cartoon Network cartoon. The Easter egg with 160g and milk chocolate flavor comes with a slipper with the characters' faces. The 180g Easter egg comes with a Daffy Duck, Piu-Piu, Frajola or Bugs Bunny keychain, in addition to stuffed chocolates.

    Cacau Show Bytes

    The Bytes by Cacau Show easter egg weighs 200g, covered in milk chocolate and with crunchy dragees. The candy still brings a wireless headset available in pink, green and off-white.

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    Cacau Show Stranger Things

    The fourth season of Stranger Things premieres May 27 on Netflix. For fans of the series, Cacau Show has launched a 2022g milk chocolate easter egg 160 that comes with an exclusive pillow and bucket. 

    Accessing the Cacau Show website or visiting the physical store, you can check out other amazing and delicious Easter egg 2022 options.

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    Easter egg 2022: Lacta news

    Lacta is a Brazilian brand very present on the Easter holiday. Completing 110 years, Lacta bet for the Easter egg 2022 in traditional flavors, but with new packaging.

    miniature easter egg

    To gift or kill that desire to eat a sweet, Lacta launches a miniature line with 54g.

    • Mini Lacta Black Diamond

    For 2022, the traditional flavor of the black diamond bonbon comes with a triple layer of miniature-sized creaminess and crunch.

    • Mini Throw Oreo

    Another launch for this Easter is the combination of Lacta milk chocolate with Oreo cookies, now with even more filling. 

    Triple layer easter egg

    Moving away from the traditional packaging made of plastic, Lacta presents its “triple layer” line in an elegant box, combining flavor and style.

    • Triple layer easter egg Strawberry cheesecake

    This launch is a combination of white chocolate and shell with a strawberry cheesecake flavor filling, in addition to pieces of cookies.

    • Triple Layer Oreo Easter Egg 

    Lacta's classic, with milk chocolate shell and Oreo cookie and creamy white chocolate filling is a great option for gifting this Easter.

    • Triple layer hazelnut easter egg 

    This Lacta Easter Egg combines milk chocolate with a layer of hazelnut cream and a shell filled with hazelnut pieces. 

    Children's Easter Egg

    For children, Lacta brings news with gifts from characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Barbie. In addition to these, the Hot Wheels Easter egg, which comes with a miniature car with glow-in-the-dark wheels, is also intended to be a hit with kids.

    The children's Easter eggs weigh 166g and have a cocoa and milk flavor.

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    Lacta is present in the main stores in our country, but you can also check out other releases and purchase your Easter egg on the Lacta website. 

    Easter Egg 2022: Arcor News

    Arcor, a company known for its famous Tortuguita chocolate, bets on the brand's line of gifts for Easter 2022. The launch portfolio includes:

    • Egg Luccas Neto;
    • Authentic games;
    • Paw Patrol and others.

    Arcor also presents to the consumer a version for lactose intolerant: the Arcor Zero Lactose egg.

    Luccas Neto egg

    With almost 37 million subscribers on YouTube, Luccas Neto conquered children all over our country with his content of adventures and games. The Easter egg launched by Arcor is made of milk chocolate and comes with a doll that glows hair in the dark. 

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    Paw Patrol Egg

    The famous superhero dog cartoon hits store shelves with the milk chocolate flavored easter egg. The PAW Patrol gift includes an exclusive flashlight from the television show. 

    Ovo Authentic Games

    Another egg inspired by a Brazilian youtuber, Authentic Games is a channel created in 2011 by Marco Túlio to show Minecraft gameplays. In this milk chocolate flavor themed Easter egg, the consumer wins an exclusive Authentic Games cup. 

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    Arcor Zero Lactose Egg

    Dietary restrictions, such as sugar and milk, began to gain ground in the preparation of recipes for major brands. Arcor presents its classic recipe, but now adapted for those who are lactose intolerant.

    You can now enjoy the best Arcor Easter eggs. Check out other sweets to gift the people you love on the brand's website.

    Easter egg 2022: homemade novelties

    Not only the big brands sell during Easter. Confectioners and entrepreneurs also conquer the public's palate. See the main trends for Easter egg 2022:

    Pop-It Easter Egg

    Fever among children and adults in 2022, Pop-It is a toy known as anti-stress. The most striking feature of the Pop-It is its vibrant colors and the polka dots for squeezing. 

    Taking inspiration from the product, the 2022 Pop-It Easter Egg is externally studded with colored chocolate discs and has a base of white chocolate, milk chocolate or semisweet chocolate. There is also the option of coloring the eggshell with the colors of the toy, creating a rainbow effect.

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    Egg Benedict Cake

    Bento Cake is the new cake decoration trend of 2022. They are small cakes that have phrases, drawings and memes in a rustic and minimalistic way. The instagrammable proposal has already reached Easter eggs and brought a fun look to the sweets. 

    The Egg Bento Cake is composed of a chocolate shell and filling with brigadeiro, nutella, dulce de leche, or any other flavor. Along with the creamy filling, there are pieces of cake.

    The decoration is the attraction of the Bento easter eggs. With customized templates, the customer can personalize the gift.

    neon easter egg

    The 2022 neon easter egg is already a trend. Made with white chocolate and decorated with powdered edible glitter, the candy glows in the presence of black light. 

    coxinha egg

    Moving away from the traditional chocolate, the salted Easter egg has already pleased the taste of Brazilians. Nicknamed “ovoxinha” and “coxovo”, this recipe is a large egg-shaped chicken drumstick with catupiry. The top of the savory is decorated with mini drumsticks and catupiry strips. 

    Temaki egg

    Neither chocolate nor salty, the temaki egg is the most unusual novelty for Easter egg 2022. For lovers of Japanese food, this option takes salmon, cream cheese and various seasonings.

    In addition, the egg must be consumed on the day of purchase, as the ingredients used for the preparation are fresh.

    On YouTube, you can find these and other recipes to make at home and gift to friends and family over the Easter holiday.

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