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    The 60 best horror movies to watch on Halloween

    The 60 best horror movies to watch on Halloween

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 29, 2022 | Technology |

    If you are also a fan of horror movies, then you need to check out the list that we have prepared for you, with the best films of the genre, which will make you sigh and make you sleep with the light on.

    To make sure you don't miss the opportunity to marathon horror movies, especially on Halloween, we've listed 60 productions that are available on 5 different platforms, in the following order:

    • Amazon Prime;
    • Netflix;
    • GloboPlay;
    • HBO Max;
    • StarPlus.

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    The 20 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Video

    To start our list, we will present some horror movies that are on Amazon Prime Video.

    Choose your option, prepare the popcorn and the heart.

    1. Sobrenatural: Insidious Chapter 1

    The film is directed by James Wan, a great director and responsible for several other successful productions such as Saw, The Conjuring, Fast and Furious 7, Aquaman, among many others.

    Supernatural revolves around a family whose safety is threatened when entities begin to surround them, after Josh and Renai's son slips into a coma with no explanation.

    This is just chapter 1 that was released in 2022.

    The Insidious saga won 3 more films and we guarantee you: it will guarantee you great scares and twists in the horror plot.

    2. Entity 1 (Sinister)

    "The entity" revolves around a writer, who finds old and mysterious footage in his house, with barbaric crime scenes committed by a serial killer, at least that's what he thinks it is.

    Over time, he begins to see strange things and to understand that the footage is not about a human being commenting on such acts, but a monster.

    From there, he needs to fight to protect his family against this evil, as they all become targets.

    3. The Entity 2

    As a continuation of the first film, “The Entity 2” tells the story of a single mother and her two children.

    They move house in order to escape their abusive ex-husband and father.

    However, the place they chose to live is haunted and it was where terrible crimes took place, practiced by the same bogeyman from the first film.

    Although this film does not follow the same family, a character from the previous film reappears, and he is an important piece in helping the mother and boys to get rid of the evil figure and save their lives.

    Both films leave you in constant tension and a heavy atmosphere, as they are very violent scenes.

    Both films are available on Amazon.

    4. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    A group of teenagers, residents of Mill Valey (a town haunted by the cases of the Bellows family) find the book by Sarah Bellows, the troubled girl who wrote gruesome stories in this book over 50 years ago.

    After finding this book, they start to want to investigate Sarah's life even more, but they end up awakening something far beyond their control: the stories start to become real and happen to all of them.

    5. Amityville: The Awakening

    The famous true story of the murders at the Amityville house took place in 1974, gained a lot of attention and inspired several film productions over the years.

    Amityville: The Awakening was released in 2022.

    The film is about a family that moves into the house where the murders took place, a fact that was hidden by the mother of the three brothers Belle, Juliet and James.

    Until disturbing phenomena start to happen and Belle starts having many nightmares.

    Soon, she discovers that she has moved into the house that was the scene of such atrocities.

    Belle then has to fight tooth and nail to keep herself and her family safe.

    6. Saw

    Saw is a franchise that has 9 movies in total.

    His productions are quite bloodthirsty, people are tortured in traps that are either fatal, or leave a great sequel, if they manage to escape.

    On Amazon Prime, you can find up to the sixth film in the saga.

    Prepare yourself for a lot of tension, agony and fear.

    7. 1408

    With a strong cast, with Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack, the movie 1408 is about a writer of storybooks about haunted places, who decides to investigate the room 1408 of the Hotel Dophin.

    For this, he stays at the hotel for one night.

    And with that, he begins to live a disturbing experience, seeing and hearing supernatural things.

    What was supposed to be just a few hours inside Room 1408 felt like an endless, dead end eternity.

    8. Paranormal Identity

    Psychiatrist Cara Jessup has to put her skepticism aside in a case where she wants to diagnose a patient with multiple personality syndrome, but he is actually possessed by an evil being.

    This entity steals the souls of dead people, and one of them ends up resulting in the death of Cara's father.

    Soon, she begins to believe that her daughter may be the next victim and has to face everything she didn't believe in, including a ritual, in order to save her daughter's life.

    9. Halloween: A lenda de Jack

    Jack Cain was a criminal who escaped conviction, but ended up falling into the hands of four men who tortured and killed him in order to take justice into their own hands.

    What they didn't expect was that Jack would come back from the dead with a thirst for revenge for what happened to him.

    10. Halloween

    The horror movie franchise “Halloween” is a classic to watch on Halloween.

    If you've never watched any, you've at least heard of Michael Myers: the most ruthless serial killer in movie history.

    “Halloween” has a total of 11 movies, starting with the first release in 1978, plus the two movies still to be released in 2022 and 2022.

    On Amazon Video, you can find the first three movies released:

    • Halloween: A Noite Do Terror (1978);
    • Halloween 2: The Nightmare Continues! (1981);
    • Halloween 3: Halloween Night (1982).

    And two more films from 2007 and 2009, which are a “remake” of the old ones:

    • Halloween: The Beginning (2007);
    • H2: Halloween 2 (2009).

    11. Case 39

    In one of the best horror movies, social worker Emily comes across a case of child abuse and ends up being very moved by the situation and getting completely involved.

    Emily manages to take the Lilith child from her parents' hands and gains custody of the girl.

    In daily contact with Lilith, Emily realizes that there are more and more dark secrets in the girl's life, which she could not even imagine.

    12. The Awakening of the Shadows

    A mysterious disappearance of a mother causes two brothers, Adam and Jake, to meet again after a while to resolve the situation.

    But this search ends up resulting in a supernatural force's pursuit of the brothers, and begins to jeopardize not only their lives, but those of Adam's wife and daughter.

    13. The Sleep Demon

    When entering a case where a man was strangled by his wife while he slept, psychologist Kate Fuller ends up getting involved in a macabre story.

    Kate then begins to investigate a demon that attacks people while they sleep.

    But she begins to experience the symptoms of all past victims and must save herself and Sophie, the daughter of the victim who brought her on the case.

    14. The Hour of His Death

    Have you ever thought if there was an app that could predict the time of your death?

    Bizarre, right?! But that's what happens in "The hour of your death".

    Young Quinn decides to download the app on her cell phone, which has become a fever and he indicates that she only has two days to live.

    She then enters a fight against time for her survival.

    15. Escape Room

    A group of people are sent on an unusual experience, they are locked in a room with traps and they can win a million dollars if they are able to leave.

    But there's a catch: the traps can be fatal and they need to act quickly and wisely to be able to decipher the clues they receive.

    16. Ghostbusters (1984)

    Now a lighter film and considered a classic: the ghostbusters.

    A group of scientists decide to become ghost hunters and start a war with the supernatural.

    This "adventure" will take them to a portal to the other dimension and this will cause great damage to New York City and they will have the difficult mission to change that.

    17. Watched

    A leisurely trip turns into a real nightmare for the two couples of friends who decide to spend the weekend in a house by the sea.

    Mina, Josh, Michelle and Charlie come to suspect that the owner of the place is watching them through hidden cameras, which could expose secrets between them.

    18. Deep Fear

    Bigger than fear, just the agony you will feel when watching this movie!

    Two sisters are trapped in the immense depths of the ocean and must act against time to survive.

    They only have an hour of oxygen left and to make matters worse they are still surrounded by sharks.

    It's a plot that will leave you breathless from start to finish.

    19. Shadows of Terror

    Stan is a high school student who is about to finish high school in order to protect his best friend, Dommer, from the bullying and beatings he takes at school.

    The two come up with a plan.

    For this, Stan takes advantage of a somewhat unusual situation: he discovers a terrifying and murderous creature that is in the tool shed of his grandfather's house and tells Dommer and from there the idea of ​​revenge arises.

    20. A Casa do Terror

    A group of young friends find a haunted house on Halloween.

    But what at first seemed to be just a Halloween prank ends up being a torment.

    The house promises to feed on each one's deepest fears, and soon they realize that's really what it's about and start to suffer the consequences.

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    The 15 best horror movies on Netflix

    1. The Street of Fear

    Rua do Medo is a franchise of Netflix original productions, inspired by the books by RL Stine, which is divided into three parts and is quite scary.

    The story takes place in Shadyside, a place that seems to be cursed with brutal serial murder cases over the years.

    Always an ordinary, random person is possessed by a witch and turns into a ruthless killer.

    At least, that's what the first part makes us understand.

    In the other two films there are surprising events and revelations of dark secrets, which we could not even imagine.

    So this terrifying and immersive sequel is our first big nomination, among the horror movies that are in the Netflix catalog.

    2. Deliver us from Evil

    When police officer Sarchie attends to several strange occurrences in the same week, he begins to investigate further and must deal with a demonic force and put his skeptical world aside, when a series of strange events begin to happen.

    Dealing with family dramas and work stress, he enlists the help of a demonology expert priest to face a terrifying truth and they begin to work together to fight evil and perform an exorcism.

    And one more detail: the movie was based on real events, which makes everything even scarier.

    It is directed by Scott Derrickson, the same direction of “The Entity” and “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

    3. Emily Rose's exorcism

    And speaking of him, The Exorcism of Emily Rose was and still is very successful, mainly because it is a film based on the tragic true story of Anneliese Michel, which took place in Germany in 1976.

    The film demonstrates the great battle between religion and science, where Emily's parents and the Catholic Church believed that the girl was possessed by a demon, but the doctors did not.

    First, Emily was diagnosed with epilepsy and schizophrenia, but there came a point where the medication-based treatment was no longer working and as she and her family were Catholic, they allowed the church to do the religious intervention, an exorcism.

    Emily had to undergo several exorcism sessions, 67 in all, which lasted about 11 months.

    As a consequence of the life she was leading, she ended up dying of malnutrition.

    The film shows a little bit of what happened in Emily's life, but also focuses on Father Richard Moore, responsible for the exorcism, and Erin Bruner, her defense attorney.

    The priest was charged with negligence and murder.

    From there, a war begins to prove her innocence, on the argument that Emily's condition could not be justified by science alone.

    4. Supernatural: The Last Key

    Despite being part of the "Insidious" franchise, The Last Key is independent and you can understand the plot without having watched all the other 3 movies.

    It focuses on the life of Elise Rainier, the psychic responsible for solving and helping in all supernatural cases.

    When called to solve a case in New Mexico, she has to deal with her past and everything she has lived through, as the house in question is the one she lived in as a child.

    5. Slender Man (Faceless Nightmare)

    The group of 4 friends, Hallie, Wren, Katie and Chloe, decide to summon an entity called Slender Man through the internet.

    But things get out of hand and the joke becomes real when they all come to be tormented by a faceless figure.

    Until Katie disappears and they have to join forces to find her friend and end the nightmare, in addition to having to face her fears and the monster.

    The film's character is based on a fictional character that originated from an internet meme created in 2009 by Eric Knudsen.

    6.Death Note

    Death Note is a Netflix original production, where a notebook falls from the sky and is found by student Light Yagami.

    It allows the person who possesses it to kill someone, just by noting the target's name on one of its pages.

    Knowing this and under the influence of the real owner of the notebook, Ryuk, Light starts to use the notebook to kill criminals and is acclaimed by several people, but he also becomes the target of Detective L.

    7. Influence

    In a mixture of witchcraft and occultism, Influence deals with Alicia, a woman who needs to return to the house where she grew up in order to take care of her mother.

    But she will undergo a trial by fire when she realizes that she will have to face an evil force from her past, which will now also threaten the life of her daughter.

    8. Cursed Cemetery

    Cursed Cemetery is a classic, based on one of Stephen King's works "The Cemetery".

    When the Creed family moves into their new home, everything seems perfect and pleasant, until strange happenings become frequent.

    The fact is that the house is located near an old cemetery, used to bury pets, but which was also used to bury indigenous people.

    The place is cursed and the family suffers from it.

    9. Hush: Death Hears

    Writer Maddie Toung lost her hearing as a teenager and has lived in isolation ever since.

    Until one day she comes across a masked person at the window of her house.

    She doesn't listen, doesn't speak and communicates only through signs, lip reading and texts.

    The plot becomes even more tense, as she needs to go beyond her own limits to escape the maniac.

    10. run away

    “Run away” is a bizarre story that delivers a lot of suspense.

    Chloe is a wheelchair user and has some health problems, until one day she begins to suspect that something is wrong in her life.

    As she investigates further, she discovers sinister secrets about her own history and has to fight for her life and freedom.

    11. Or I'm from Death

    After losing their son, Mark and Jessie decide to adopt another child, Cody.

    All goes well, until Cody's problem surfaces: his nightmares are capable of coming true and they can be fatal.

    12. Deadly Screams

    Jamie and Lize are a happy couple, until one day they receive a mysterious doll on their doorstep.

    Even without knowing where he came from or why he showed up on his doorstep, they decide to keep him.

    Later, Lize is brutally killed and for the police, Jamie is the main suspect.

    And to prove his innocence, he goes in search of the past and ends up discovering a curse: a woman died and was buried with the collection of dolls and they disappeared.

    13. Veronica

    This is a production inspired by a true story that took place in Spain in 1991.

    In the film, after losing her father, Veronica tries to get in touch with his spirit through the famous Ouija board, used to talk to someone who has died.

    In the middle of the game, the glass used breaks and cuts Veronica's finger.

    From this, she feels a very strong demonic presence and this starts to threaten her entire family.

    14. Blair Witch

    After his sister's disappearance, James and a group of people go to the Black Hills forest to try to unravel what is behind this disappearance.

    There is a local legend of the Blair Witch and everyone believes that this and the disappearance are intertwined.

    Nobody just didn't count on the most macabre mysteries that surround this legend and with a presence at night when they explored the forest.

    15. Ghost Lab

    In this Netflix original production, two doctors team up to prove, through science, that ghosts are real, when they come across supernatural experiences at work.

    In an attempt to unravel the mysteries, they end up putting their own lives at risk.

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    The 10 best horror movies on Globoplay

    1. The Shining

    When talking about good horror movies to watch on Halloween, it would be impossible not to mention the most classic movie of all and that gave rise to several other productions over the years: The Shining.

    It is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel, and it is about the writer Jack Torrance, who goes to a secluded hotel with his wife Wendy and their son Danny, in an attempt to end his writer's block.

    But things start to get complicated.

    Danny has premonitions that end up getting more intense and Jack, after discovering dark secrets of the hotel where he is, begins to become a homicidal psychopath.

    It's a psychological horror movie, which is definitely worth adding to your session.

    2. A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Who has never heard of one of the most famous monsters in movie history: Freddy Krueger?!

    The one who attacks you in your nightmares and leaves you no way out.

    In this 2010 production, 5 friends begin to dream the same thing: a burned man who uses a glove full of blades and tortures them in nightmares.

    They realize that the nightmares are starting to become real and the only way out is to stay awake and race against time to try to save themselves.

    3. Friday the 13th: Welcome to Crystal Lake

    Friday the 13th is also among the most successful horror movies, with the ruthless serial killer Jason, who wears a hockey mask.

    Clay, in an attempt to find his missing sister, goes to the Crystal Lake forest and decides to explore the place with a colleague, who was with another group of people.

    But Jason shows up and they need to escape before it's too late.

    4. When the lights go out

    Brothers Rebecca and Martin experience sinister things at home when the lights are not on.

    Their mother is the only one who seems to understand what this is about.

    And to save them, Rebecca will have to unravel the mystery.

    5. Exorcisms and Demons

    A journalist travels in search of a story about the case of a priest who was sentenced to prison for murder.

    During one of her exorcisms, a nun died and she wants to know if it was in fact the priest's recklessness or the evil one's fault.

    But on this journey, she will also face evil and put her life on the line.

    Also, she will be the only one able to help prove the priest's innocence.

    6. Deadly Call

    Two psychopaths decide to disguise themselves as paramedics, manage to hack 911 calls and begin capturing and torturing victims inside an ambulance.

    But, one of the victims manages to reverse the situation and the spell turns against the sorcerer.

    7. Jessabelle: The Past Never Dies

    After being in a car accident, Jessie loses her husband and the baby she was expecting.

    In a wheelchair, she moves into her father's house, until one day she finds a box of tapes that led to a terrible crime that took place in the past and was covered up.

    Jessie begins to be tormented by a spirit named Jessabelle, loses her father in the midst of it and with the help of a friend from school, she begins to discover what is happening and must try to avoid the worst.

    8. The nail collector

    Coach Dana Milgrom has an accident that leaves her completely paralyzed.

    While in the hospital, she realizes that there is an evil entity in her room that wants her dead.

    Unable to escape, Dana tries to get help, but her family thinks it's just a psychological breakdown, caused by the trauma of the accident, and they ignore her cry for help.

    9. Virtual Panic

    A group of people win a trip from their favorite social network to New York.

    The trip is on a private flight and no one knows each other.

    They are then invited to join a game.

    At first, it doesn't seem like a bad idea.

    But soon, they discover that this game is dangerous and could end up being fatal.

    10. Dementia

    War veteran George is diagnosed with dementia and is forced to hire a full-time healthcare professional to care for him.

    But the nurse carries a macabre secret with her and George begins to be tormented.

    The 10 Best Horror Movies on HBO Max

    1. Annabelle

    Annabelle is a production by James Wan, which was based on real events about one of the cases of the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, the most famous paranormals in the world.

    To surprise his wife who is expecting their first child, John finds a doll from a very old collection and gives it to her.

    One night, a demonic sect invades the couple's house and splatters blood on the doll, which becomes a recipient of a terribly evil presence.

    They try to get rid of the doll, but to no avail.

    The entity wants a sacrifice and mainly threatens the newborn baby.

    2. Conjuring 2

    Speaking of the Warrens, this is another production based on their real cases.

    The film tells the story of a single mother and her four children who begin to be disturbed by evil spirits that dwell in their home.

    3. Conjuring 3

    In the third film that follows the darkest cases of Ed and Lorraine, the story of Arne is told, a boy who was possessed by a demon and committed a murder during an outbreak where he could not answer for himself.

    In real life, the events happened much like the ones portrayed in the movie.

    This was the first case in the United States in which demonic possession was accepted as a defense in a court of law.

    4. Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep is a continuation of the story of the famous movie "The Shining", which now tells the side of Jack's son, Danny Torrance, who survived his father's attack on the Overlook Hotel.

    Danny has become an alcoholic adult full of trauma, when he manages to stabilize in a city and gets a job, he discovers a bond with Abra, a child with powers who becomes a target because of it.

    5. Ghosts Have Fun

    Anyone who enjoys an old classic will love seeing The Ghosts Have Fun.

    The movie that was successful in the 80s, tells the story of a couple who died in a car accident and were trapped in their old home.

    When a new family settles in the house, they try to haunt them, to no avail.

    These attempts end up attracting a spirit that claims to help but actually puts them in danger, along with Lydia, the family's teenage daughter.

    6. A House of Wax

    On their way to a football game, a group of friends are stuck when their car breaks down and they go looking for help in the nearest town.

    Arriving there, everything seems to be closed, except for the wax museum, where they find very realistic sculptures and soon discover why.

    7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

    Recreating several scenes from the previous films, a group of young people are on the road for a trip when they start being chased by bikers until they end up causing an accident, which throws Chrissie out of the car.

    The police arrive at the scene, and take them all to a property.

    But what they don't know is that Sheriff Hoyt isn't that good and that "help" is actually a big trap.

    8. Constantine

    In this film based on “Hellbazer”, a comic book, John Constantine experiences supernatural affairs and sends demons to hell in the hope of securing a place in paradise.

    In the middle of this journey, he meets police officer Angela, who investigates the death of her sister who supposedly committed suicide, but she doesn't believe it.

    Their fate is intertwined.

    Constantine will go after the truth about Angela's sister's affair and together they will have to deal with angels and demons.

    9. You're Next

    A family goes to spend a few days in an isolated place, but is surprised when a group of masked men invade the place and want to kill them.

    One of the victims is that it becomes a threat.

    10. Emergency Call

    Now with a lighter and less supernatural feel, we present this film for you to bite your nails with anxiety, with a plot that leaves you totally involved.

    A girl is kidnapped but manages to call XNUMX.

    The attendant does everything it takes to find her and save her life, because in addition to everything, she recognizes the kidnapper's voice and the past comes to light.

    The 5 best horror movies from Star Plus

    1. Sobrenatural: Insidious Chapter 2

    In this sequel to Insidious, Josh and Renai try to get back to their normal lives after what happened to their son Dalton.

    But Renai begins to suspect that something is wrong with her husband.

    With the help of the psychic Elise, they discover something terrible and Renai must fight with all her strength to save her family from evil.

    2. The Demon's Death

    This is a “remake” of the 1981 classic, in which a group of young people decide to go to a cabin so that Mia can undergo a detox process, as she was addicted to drugs.

    Upon arriving at the place, they discover that the place has been invaded and a kind of macabre altar has been set up in the basement, until they find a cursed book and unleash a demonic force, which will soon take advantage of Mia's fragility.

    3. Signs

    Hess, her children and her brother live in a house next to a large cornfield.

    One day, they discover giant, mysterious crop circles and the appearance of a creature that none of them have been able to define exactly.

    4. The Scream

    Karen goes to Tokyo for an exchange, and is asked to take care of an elderly woman as part of her job.

    But Karen soon starts to feel strange presences in the house and then discovers a curse that affects everyone who enters the house.

    5. Hell Girl

    Student Jennifer (Megan Fox) is possessed by a demon and begins to take revenge on boys who didn't care about her.

    She satisfies her appetite with everyone's meat, until her friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried) takes notice and wants to put a stop to it.

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