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    The 50 best hairstyle inspirations for curly hair

    The 50 best hairstyle inspirations for curly hairThe 50 best hairstyle inspirations for curly hair

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 24, 2022 | News |

    Caution attention: this article is for you who are looking for hairstyles for curly hair, and wants to innovate the look for a special occasion or even for everyday life.

    Curly hair has so many easy hairstyle options that you will be amazed. Making new hairstyles is great for breaking out of the same and making a big impact on the look.

    That's why we've listed 50 hairstyles for you to be inspired and rock. There are hairstyles for all tastes and hair, from short to long. Check it out below.

    Simple hairstyles for short curly hair

    Let's start with short hair, which usually has more volume than other lengths. You can play around with it and come up with amazing hairstyles.

    half up hair

    For those who don't like to tie up all their hair, this is an excellent alternative. It's charming and makes a difference. Just take thin or medium strands from the front and secure them with a clip or elastic band at the back.

    The interesting thing is that you can vary this hairstyle, making a bun, baby hair, ponytail or braids, for example.

    Some inspirations from Pinterest for hairstyles for short curly hair:

    See the videos on Emylle Victoria's channel, where she teaches how to make hairstyles for short, semi-pinned curly hair.

    Hairstyles for medium curly hair

    In medium hair, you have more freedom to make a high and bolder bun, leaving some strands loose. If you have a lot of hair, you can hold just a part of the curls and leave the rest loose.

    Hairstyles for long curly hair

    Long hair is usually more versatile even when it comes to doing a different hairstyle. Just be creative when it comes to hairstyles and do it without fear.

    Learn in practice:

    hairstyles for curly hair braids

    Braids are charming and never go out of style. They are great for any hair size, even better for those who have hair with a lot of volume, as it highlights even more.

    Get inspired by some hairstyles with this classic alternative and learn how to do the boxer braids, which fighters often use.

    Hairstyles for children's curly hair

    We also brought you some options for you to make different hairstyles on your daughter. You can abuse your creativity, complementing it with a tiara, clip or some other accessory.

    Hairstyles for curly hair with elastic

    Another option for children is hairstyles for curly hair with elastic. You can do it in several ways, leave your hair half up, make braids or mix braids with your hair down.

    pineapple bun

    This is a hairstyle that can come in handy especially in the summer time. Makes you stylish and comfortable to face high temperatures. See some references:

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    Care and tips for curly hair

    To have better results in the hairstyles you do, it is necessary that your hair is properly hydrated and healthy. That way, it should be brighter and softer.

    One of the ways to keep your hair healthy is to invest in a hair schedule. These are some specific processes that need to be carried out throughout the month.

    The schedule is usually divided into:

    Hydration: indicated to replace the water in the hair fiber, which can end up being lost even in the wash. The hydration will keep the moisture in the hair cuticle and leave the hair silkier.

    Nutrition: this step serves to restore hair nutrients, reducing frizz and opacity.

    Reconstruction: The last step restores hair proteins, bringing restoration to the inner part of the strands. It seals the cuticles and reduces porosity.

    The steps must be interleaved, with at least 48 hours between one process and another. An interesting observation is also that the reconstruction must have an interval of 15 days between one and the other.

    Products that can be used at each stage, along with your hair mask:

    Hydration: glycerin, plant extract, panthenol, lactic acid, urea and vitamins.

    Nutrition: coconut, sunflower, argan, olive, jojoba, natural oils and butters.

    Reconstruction: keratin, egg white and honey. 

    And to finish with a golden tip, to make the hairstyle process easier, a good tip is to do the hairstyle a day after washing. 

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