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    The 8 Best Gin Tonic Recipes on YouTube

    The 8 Best Gin Tonic Recipes on YouTube

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 11, 2022 | News |

    Gin and tonic is among the most requested drinks at clubs and bars, as well as at barbecues with friends. The drink that is on the rise in recent years is a refreshing recipe made with lemon, gin, tonic water and ice. Despite the minimalist concept, it is possible to create new combinations of gin and tonics by adding dehydrated fruits, spices, fruit syrups and various herbs.

    The 8 best gin and tonic recipes on YouTube

    Despite being popularized as an alcoholic beverage, the original gin recipe was created in the Netherlands as an alternative solution for those suffering from kidney problems. In England, soldiers used spirits to escape the cold of wars. However, the aromatic flavor of the drink pleased many people, causing the formula to be improved years later. 

    While some gin and tonic drink preparations involve specific techniques, there are many simple YouTube recipes that you can try at home. See eight recipes with gin and tonic that we've separated to enjoy with friends and family. 

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    traditional gin and tonic


    • Ice cubes
    • 40 ml of gin
    • Approximately 200 ml of tonic water
    • 1 Tahitian or Sicilian lemon 


    1. Fill a tall glass with a generous amount of ice and then add the gin.
    2. Cut the lemon into four parts and place the slices inside the glass.
    3. Gently add the tonic water and mix lightly.

    You can also add sprigs of rosemary to enhance the aroma of the drink.

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    gin and tonic with spices

    The use of spices makes the drink more refreshing and aromatic, as well as bringing a different look to the drink.


    • 30 ml of gin
    • 2 star anise
    • pink pepper to taste
    • 5 juniper grains 
    • 1 Sicilian lemon
    • ice cubes
    • 1 can of tonic water


    1. Pour the gin into a glass, then add the star anise, pink pepper and juniper.
    2. Lightly mix the spices with the gin.
    3. Then, cut a piece of the lemon and squeeze it into the glass.
    4. Cut three lemon slices. Place two in the bowl and reserve the other for decoration.
    5. Afterwards, fill the glass to the top with the ice cubes.
    6. Finally, slowly pour the tonic water over the glass.

    For a less acidic drink, add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to the recipe.

    passion fruit gin and tonic


    • Ice cubes
    • 1 passion fruit
    • 1 cocktail shaker 
    • 1 teaspoon of sugar
    • 50 ml of gin
    • 1 can of tonic water


    1. Cover the glass with plenty of ice and stir with a spoon for twenty to thirty seconds. Then remove excess water.
    2. In a cocktail shaker, place the passion fruit pulp together with three ice cubes, sugar and gin. Mix for a few seconds and set aside.
    3. Add the cocktail shaker mixture to the glass and mix gently with the ice cubes.
    4. Finish with tonic water and serve.

    Gin and tonic with red berries 


    • 50ml dry gin
    • 100 g of red fruits
    • 1 red fruit flavored tea bag
    • ½ can of tonic water
    • ice cubes


    1. In a cup, place the tea bag.
    2. Then fill the glass halfway with ice cubes.
    3. Add the red fruits and then the gin.
    4. Top up with tonic water, mix and serve.

    Gin and tonic with hibiscus tea and cranberry syrup 


    • 1 hibiscus tea bag
    • 15 ml of cranberry syrup
    • 50 ml of gin
    • ice cubes
    • tonic water
    • raspberry to decorate


    1. Place the tea bag in the cup.
    2. Pour in the cranberry syrup and then the gin.
    3. Add ice halfway up the glass and top up with tonic water.
    4. Finally, decorate the glass with raspberries on a stick.

    aperol gin and tonic with orange


    • ice cubes
    • 1 cocktail shaker
    • 1 orange
    • 50ml dry gin
    • 50 ml of aperol
    • tonic water


    1. Chill the glass with ice or leave it in the freezer for about 6 minutes.
    2. In a cocktail shaker, mix the juice of an orange with the dry gin, aperol and a few ice cubes. Reserve the mixture.
    3. Remove excess water from the glass and add the mixture made in the cocktail shaker.
    4. Finish with tonic water and a slice of orange to decorate the glass.

    Gin and tonic with dried orange and bay leaf


    • Ice cubes
    • 3 tablespoons of gin
    • 2 tablespoons of tonic concentrate
    • ½ cup carbonated water
    • Dehydrated orange slices to taste
    • 1 strip of Sicilian lemon rind
    • 1 bay leaf


    1. Cover a tall glass with ice.
    2. Add the gin, tonic concentrate and carbonated water.
    3. Arrange the orange slices inside the glass.
    4. Squeeze the lemon strip into the glass and spread it along the rim of the glass as well.
    5. Finally, add a bay leaf to the drink.

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    Gin and tonic with lime, cinnamon and mint 


    • 2 pieces of cinnamon with bark
    • ice cubes
    • 1 lime
    • 50 ml of gin
    • 3 mint leaves
    • ½ can of tonic water


    1. Burn the tip of the cinnamon and place it on a surface, then cover with the cup.
    2. Remove the cup as soon as it fills with smoke. Enjoy the smoked cinnamon to compose the drink.
    3. Cover the glass with ice.
    4. Squeeze half the lime and add two slices into the glass.
    5. Then add the gin.
    6. Shake the mint leaves in the palm of your hand to release the aroma and rub the rim of the glass. Then add to the mixture.
    7. Top up with tonic water and serve.

    How to make a perfect gin and tonic?

    To guarantee a perfect gin and tonic drink you need to be aware of some ingredients and steps of preparation.

    the cup

    The best way to serve a gin and tonic is in a tall glass. This is because this type of glass allows the ice, used in abundance in recipes, not to melt quickly and leave the drink watery.

    The Balloon Cup, or gin glass, has a narrow neck that retains the aromas present in the drink, allowing all of them to be felt equally when tasting.

    The ice

    Gin and tonic is a drink that takes a lot of ice in the preparation. To ensure that the drink has the characteristic freshness, it is necessary to start with the ice cubes to cool the glass and maintain the temperature for a longer time. Also, prefer larger ice cubes as they will melt more slowly.

    O Gin

    Spirit is one of the main ingredients in any gin and tonic recipe. Thus, investing in a good quality gin gives your drink a striking flavor.

    the keynote

    The characteristic of the tonic is to be carbonated. In this way, you should not mix the ingredients too much, as this will cause the drink to lose its gas. Then, add the tonic last to keep the drink's sharp flavor.

    Use of spices and citrus fruits

    The accompaniments of the gin and tonic are individual preference, but the choice of citrus fruits and spices accentuate the tropicality of this drink. Some spices that go well with gin and tonic are: cardamom, cinnamon bark, cloves, hibiscus, as well as pepper. 

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