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    Telegram channel: learn how to create for your company

    Telegram channel: learn how to create for your company

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 24, 2022 | Social Networks |

    If you've been researching digital marketing lately, you've surely come across the name Telegram. Or, possibly, you heard about it at some point when WhatsApp crashed and it was not possible to respond to your customers.

    Launched in 2022, the instant messaging app has over 400 million active users worldwide. It works just like its biggest competitor, WhatsApp, but it has interesting features for those who want to use it in digital marketing strategies for businesses.

    This application has gained more and more space in the daily lives of entrepreneurs, who use social networks to promote their products and services. It's no different around here and now you can join our Telegram channel and receive all the news first hand.

    Difference between Telegram channel and WhatsApp broadcast list

    Since Telegram basically has the same functions as WhatsApp, you might be asking yourself “why should I download yet another app?”

    Here are a few reasons:

    1. The number of subscribers to a Telegram channel is unlimited! That's right! Meanwhile, a broadcast list or WhatsApp group can have up to 256 people;
    2.  Through Telegram, it is possible to have a public group, where people will find you organically through search;
    3. A channel is allowed to have multiple administrators, with different permissions. Unlike a broadcast list that is stored on the creator's cell phone and only he can send a message;
    4. To enter your company's channel, the customer will only need to access the link sent. Already in the WhatsApp list, you need to ask the customer to add their number, otherwise they will not receive your messages;
    5. Speaking of numbers, the best reason to use a channel on Telegram is that no user has access to the phone number of the other participants. Thus maintaining everyone's privacy.

    Want to learn how to create a channel for your business? Then check out our tutorial.

    How to create a channel on Telegram

    Step 1: When entering the Telegram app, go to the tab Chats. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the icon New message;

    Step 2: Choose option New Channel;

    Step 3: On this screen, there is a brief explanation of what it is. tap on Create Channel;

    Step 4: Choose a photo and name. Then put a description explaining what people will find on your Telegram channel. When finished, tap Next;

    Step 5: Select whether your channel will be:

    - Public: Can be found in search and anyone enters;

    - Private: A member can only join if they have the invite link.

    When choosing the option Public, you can create a custom link. If you choose Private, an invite link will be automatically generated by the application;

    Step 6: On this screen, you can invite your mobile contacts to the channel. tap on Next;

    Step 7: Ready! Your Telegram channel has been created. Now you can share it 🙂

    Send content on the Telegram channel

    Apparently there's not much of a secret, is there?

    The application is very intuitive, but we would like to show you some options that your company can use to send content and vary its formats.

    Step 1: The text box is located in the lower middle of the screen, where it is written To transmit. In it you will write and send links. On the left side, we have the clips icon. It is possible to send: Photo and Video (made on the spot or from your gallery), File, share your Location, to do Survey and share a Contacts;

    Step 2: No But, choose whether or not channel subscribers will receive a notification of your post;

    Step 3: next to But, we have the Stickers. They work like WhatsApp stickers;

    Step 4: Finally, you find the audio button. If you wanted to record a video, just tap the microphone and it will change.

    How to delete a channel 

    If you want to do this, keep in mind that you will not be able to retrieve the participants or sent messages afterwards.

    Step 1: Tap the channel name in the upper middle of the screen;

    Step 2: Click on the More ;

    Step 3: Touch Turn off Channel. Then the option will appear again, but this time with a text explaining that subscribers will be removed and all messages lost;

    Step 4: A feature of Telegram that we found very useful is the Undo.

    Right after deleting a chat or even a channel, you will be given the option to undo it. But you have to be fast, it's only 5 seconds.

    For those who spend more time in front of the computer, a tip is to install Telegram on your desktop. If you want to check for the version for your device, visit the app's official website and install it.

    Tell us what you think of Telegram in the comments and if your company already has a channel there!

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