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    TapTon: How to turn your cell phone into a machine

    TapTon: How to turn your cell phone into a machine

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 29, 2022 | Finance |

    Constant technological innovation is always welcome. It increases the possibility of jobs, improves working conditions. An example of good technology activity in business is the use of machines, which expand payment methods. But did you know that there is already a tool on the market with the proposal that promises to be the evolution of the machine? Come and meet TapTon, an app that turns your cell phone into a machine.

    So, in this post you will find out what are the features of TapTon, which turns your cell phone into a little machine. In addition, you will be able to know the positive and negative points of the app, the fees charged for the service, how to use it and some other important information that you need to stay tuned for.

    Therefore, the first aspect to keep in mind is to know what this new technology is.

    What is TapTon?

    TapTon is a feature launched in August 2022 by one of the largest startups in our country, Stone, which guarantees that micro-enterprises and self-employed people can receive payments by approximation only using their cell phone, which can make it unnecessary to use of traditional machines.

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    This innovation is thanks to NFC, an acronym for Near Field Communication (Near Field Communication, in direct translation). Therefore, NFC is an information exchange technology in which there is no need to use cables, everything works by approximation between two devices, which can be used for various purposes, including payments.

    To make it clear, to use this technology it is only necessary to bring the two devices together and then turn on the function, so the data exchange begins, which is done in a few seconds.

    In this way, TapTon turns your cell phone into a type of machine, which allows your device to accept payments via credit and debit cards without the need to pay the rent or monthly fee of traditional machines.

    It is possible to notice that one of the most positive points of this feature is that you no longer need to travel with a machine in hand to be able to receive payment via credit card for your negotiations, which can even increase your number of sales depending on the way you you use this service.

    What is the purpose of creating TapTon?

    Innovation arises in competitive environments and whoever creates the new has come out ahead or stands out among competitors. It is in this scenario of machine warfare that Stone launched its TapTon service.

    To get an idea of ​​this “war”, well-established names in this market such as Cielo, Moderninha Plus, PagSeguro, SumUp, SafraPay, Mercado Pago, among several others, fight non-stop to guarantee the largest possible share of this market, always thinking about the different financial profiles of the customers.

    And despite so much competition between companies, the demand is still very high to capture people who still do not use any type of machine. So, Stone's goal is to be able to attract the public of almost 30 million self-employed individuals who do not use the machines. The idea is to capture manicurists, freelancers, personal trainers, private teachers, pet caregivers, among others.

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    Above all, it was thinking about this large number of possible demands that Stone decided to bet on the development of this NFC resource by cell phone, aiming at a solution. So, the idea is to make these self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs able to make payments with less cost to customers and with the greatest possible practicality.

    Once you understand how TapTon works, learn how to use this service on your mobile device below.

    How to use TapTon?

    For those who are interested in testing TapTon, you need to access the platform's website, you can register at this link. Just fill in your full name, email and your phone number in the field on the right of the main screen of the page. After doing this, you will need to wait for an invitation from the company to use the service, as it is not yet available to everyone.

    As of the closing of this post, the TapTon app can only be used on Android devices. But according to Ton, the feature will be available to everyone by the end of 2022. The company asks users to keep an eye on the registered email and on the Ton app, where notifications with news will be sent.

    That said, see the tutorial below on how to use it.

    Step 1: with the app already downloaded, with the registration done and the invitation sent, within the app, tap on the “Sell now” option.

    Step 2: Enter the value of the sale you made.

    Step 3: After the sale starts, hold the card or device with NFC technology turned on to your customer on the back of your mobile device.

    Step 4: ready! If all goes well, your sale will be made.

    If you still have any doubts, check out the video below:

    Video: publicity/Ton

    It is worth mentioning that to use TapTon, users need to have a cell phone with Android system higher than version 8.0 and have the NFC connection feature. So, to know if the device has this function, follow the tutorial below. Remembering that the step by step can change a little because it can vary from brand to brand of cell phones, but the paths are similar.

    Step 1: tap the settings option on your device

    Step 2: choose the “Connections” option;

    Step 3: tap “NFC” or “NFC and contactless payments”

    Step 4: now you can turn the NFC activation key on or off.

    Since the entire process of this feature involves the credit card, one of your concerns is security, right? So let's talk a little about it in the topic below.

    Is TapTon safe?

    In addition to a service in this segment needing to be efficient, it must also be secure. To ensure customer data protection, TapTon is certified by major brands, such as Mastercard and Visa, which attests to the security of the technology as they are the two largest credit card brands in the world. And, according to TapTon's website, the feature has passed several anti-fraud tests.

    And to help ensure the security of the entire process, there is a limit of up to R$200 to make sales without having to use a credit card password.

    Proofs of operation can be sent to the customer via SMS, email and WhatsApp. The person in charge of the TapTon has a sales report and the alternative of making a chargeback, if necessary, as well as the users of Ton machines.

    Knowing all this practicality, did you remember another service that is still new and that also deals with money transfer? In a way, TapTon and Pix have some similarities.

    TapTon VS Pix

    Although both services offer users similar functionalities such as payment, for example, TapTon has a difference and attraction that may be greater for you than Pix, which is the possibility for the person to make the payment by credit, which it doesn't happen with Pix, as it is necessary to have the money in the account.

    Even if there are similarities between TapTon and Pix, what is most likely to happen is that these services are not direct competitors with each other. TapTon, as it is a recently launched service, should be seen as another possibility to make payments, which will help the self-employed or micro-enterprise offer more service discharge alternatives for their customers.

    If you still don't know exactly how Pix works, you can check out this other post we have on the blog. Anyway, here are the advantages and disadvantages of TapTon.

    Advantages of TapTon

    • Another payment alternative that your customer can have.
    • Immediate use, no need to wait for the machine to arrive at your house.
    • It is not mandatory to have a bank account as the digital account is already included.
    • No rental or membership fees are charged, only on sales.
    • free app

    Disadvantages of TapTon

    • Despite being an item that can be seen as security, the transaction limit of a maximum of BRL 200 can be an obstacle for people who usually deal with transfers above this amount.
    • TapTon accepts the two biggest brands: Mastercard and Visa, but for now, that's all.
    • People who do not have NFC-enabled cell phones are excluded from using TapTon
    • Even with the promise to launch the iPhone application by the end of 2022, so far people who only have this device are also out.

    With everything that has been shown so far, after all, does this technology fit with your business? See who can best take advantage of all TapTon's features.

    Who can TapTon be a good alternative for?

    As you can see, TapTon offers customers many benefits, but there are still some areas for improvement. Thus, at the stage that this technology is today, it is good for the following cases:

    • Self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs who sell or offer their services for a price of up to BRL 200
    • If you receive few payments via credit card, as it is not advantageous to have a machine paying rent or buying.
    • Constantly loses a business for not accepting cards, is limited to cash, checks and even Pix.
    • You are starting your business and don't want to spend money buying a machine or renting it to make sales via credit card.

    Now, there are also cases where TapTon may not fit your business, for example:

    • Have constant sales worth more than BRL 200, at least for now
    • If you have a lot of customers who use Elo, Hipercard, Diners Club and AmexTaxas credit cards.
    • If you have an iPhone or Android that is incompatible with the service

    In this way, it is possible to notice that the aspects that need to be improved are very specific, and since it is a new app, it is even understandable, and makes the expectation that Stone will fix these points as soon as possible.

    How do TapTon fees work?

    Another very important point when choosing a machine is the question of the price of the monthly fees and the fees charged. With TapTon, the application is free, that is, there are no membership fees or monthly fees.

    However, sales fees are charged. This rate has not yet been well explained by Stone, it is not clear if the charge will follow the same ones currently used in the machines of its plans: GigaTon, MegaTon, Basic Ton. To check the values ​​click here.

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    After all, is it worth using TapTon?

    Despite being a very new service, with only one month on the air counting from the day of publication of this post, everything that has been seen so far is very advantageous for customers and the expectation is only to improve the quality of the service.

    So, to answer the question in this thread, yes, TapTon is worth a try, mainly for the following reasons:

    • Accessibility and easy use of the application, as you can see in the posted video.
    • Because it is a free service, which is excellent, especially for entrepreneurs who are starting their business and do not have enough capital to invest and maintain a traditional machine.
    • Due to the fact that there is no collection of rental or membership fees, the only fees are from the sales made.

    In addition, the service is an app that can be installed on your cell phone. Just keep in mind that the feature is new, it will still go through changes and adjustments, and that some points, as already discussed, still need to be improved.

    So, if you have any doubts, you can contact the Ton team on WhatsApp, either by mobile or the web version.

    And if you liked the post, be sure to visit the blog frequently to stay updated with the main news involving the world of technology.

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