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    Mother and daughter tattoo: the 50 most inspiring ideas

    Mother and daughter tattoo: the 50 most inspiring ideas

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 16, 2022 | News |

    It is practically impossible to find something that equals the love of a mother and a daughter. And many families look for ways to immortalize this love. And why not do it with a mother and daughter tattoo?

    There are several options for female tattoos that can represent this unique relationship. In this post, we separate some mother and daughter tattoo options that you can make or use as inspiration to create your own.

    Among the various options, we have symbols and drawings that can be used, as well as phrases that demonstrate your feeling. So, check out some mother and daughter tattoo alternatives that can be very inspiring in your life.

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    Mother and daughter tattoo: phrases

    To start our mother and daughter tattoo list, we have separated the best options with phrases. So be sure to check it out.

    1. For our first mother and daughter tattoo with phrase, we have this option that says “All the love there is in this life” with a beautiful art symbolizing the hug and affection of a mother with her children.

    The image is also available on Pinterest.

    Image: Pinterest

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    2. Also available on Pinterest, this is a perfect option for moms who want to honor their kids. And the phrase says: "Generated in my body, in my dreams and in my soul".

    The best part is that you can also complement the mother and child tattoo with a design.

    Image: Pinterest

    3. This alternative is one of the most interesting, since both mother and daughter can complement the tattoo with each one tattooing a part of the sentence, which when completed says: "Wherever you are, I'll be with you", a beautiful message to show love in the relationship.

    This image is also available on Pinterest.

    Image: Pinterest

    4. Another option for a mother and son tattoo also from Pinterest that both can do, one complementing the other's sentence.

    The phrase in question says "As long as I exist, you will never be alone", showing the union that mother and children can have. 

    Image: Pinterest

    5. This is a more creative alternative, and you can see the original idea on Pinterest. Basically, you will be able to tattoo a sole of the foot the size of your daughter and in the blank space insert some information or messages showing your love.

    Places of birth, date and weight, in addition to the name are a great idea. 

    Image: Pinterest

    6. Mother and daughter tattoos don't always need to show the love and affection between them, do they?

    It is also possible to just tattoo the same phrases. We see in this example of Instagram where we have the phrase: “Be still”. 

    Image: Alyssamoondavis

    7. A classic mother and daughter tattoo option that is also used by many people is the infinity symbol. In this alternative, we have a differential, where words complement the symbol. The mother tattoos infinity with the word “Daughter”, which translates to “daughter” and the daughter tattoos the same symbol, complemented by the word “Mother”, which translates to “Mother”.

    Image: Emily_darling17

    8. To show the love between the family, this tattoo can be done by more than two people, a perfect option for those who have more than one child.

    The phrase in question says “loveyoumore”, all together. Translating it would be something like: “teamomais”.

    Image: MZ_Bubba

    9. Both mothers and daughters, in most cases, would do anything for each other, whether it be risking it all or standing tall despite any circumstance.

    This mother and daughter tattoo will show just that. Basically, one can tattoo the phrase “for her i'd risk it all”, which in translation would be like “For her I would risk everything”. The other tattoo “Because of her I will not fall”, or loosely translated “Because of her I will not fall”.

    Image: Andtony14

    10. This mother-daughter tattoo is pretty simple, but it serves its purpose. The daughter will tattoo the word "Mother" just below the drawing of a heart.

    The mother will tattoo the word “Daughter”, also below the drawing of a heart. That is, a simple but still significant alternative.

    Image: MermGypsy

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    11. Another option for a mother and daughter tattoo that is made more to match than to send a message.

    In this Instagram example, they each tattoo the word “Goodnight” with a small design on top, which means “Good Night.” 

    Image: Jennibird13

    12. Perhaps one of the prettiest on the list, here is a quote from the song “You are my Sunshine” by Johnny Cash.

    In this mother-daughter tattoo, one will tattoo the phrase “You are my sunshine” with a sun design, which means “You are my sunshine”.

    The other complements the rest of the song's lyrics, written "My only sunshine", also with a drawing of the sun and means "My only sunshine".

    Image: Chaos

    13. Another classic musical reference, this is an excellent alternative to tattooing in pairs.

    Referencing Carole King's song, one person will tattoo "Where You Lead" and the other will add "I will follow."

    Together and translating, we will have the phrase “Where you lead, I will follow”. 

    Imagem: Outside Your Head

    14. Going back to the mother and daughter tattoo that shows love, in this Instagram option the daughter will tattoo the phrase “I love you mama”, which means “I love you mommy”.

    The mother will be able to tattoo with the phrase “I love you more”, that is, “I love you more”. 

    Image: Tad Old School Stutsman

    15. Option number 15 on our mother-daughter tattoo list is definitely one of the most interesting.

    Both can tattoo a puzzle piece, where the daughter's will fit into the mother's. Below the daughter's tattoo will be "Like daughter" and below the mother's tattoo will be "Like mother".

    Together, the phrase formed will be: “like mother, like daughter”. 

    Image: Sisteen_ink

    16. Coming from Instagram, this is a mother and daughter tattoo for those people who are separated.

    The tattoo of one will be written “Together forever, never apart”, which translates to “Together forever, never apart”.

    The other will be able to tattoo “Maybe in distance, never in heart”, which, loosely translated, could mean something like “Maybe in the distance, but never in the heart”. 

    Image: Ashleysimonelux

    17. “We got this” is a phrase that translates to “we can handle it”, being a perfect option for a mother and daughter tattoo who are facing difficulties.

    Available on Instagram, this phrase can mean a constant reminder that you are not alone.

    Image: Oleechjar

    18. This is a mother and daughter tattoo for those people who love color. With a giant drawing symbolizing the sky and the moon and in the middle we have the phrase: “Right up to the moon and back”.

    Available on Instagram, the phrase of this tattoo can be freely translated as: “Straight to the moon and back”. 

    Image: Ka_Jess

    19. Available on an Instagram profile, this mother-daughter tattoo contains a simple but meaningful message, the classic: “I love you”, or “I love you”.

    You can even complement the tattoo with a design of something you both like. Here in this example a cup of coffee was used. 

    Image: Myabac123

    20. This mother and daughter tattoo contains the phrase “As you wish”, which translates to something like “As you wished”.

    It's a great option if one of the two is insisting on having a tattoo together, for example.

    Image: Hermioneismyqueen

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    21. If you and your mom have a really close bond then this mother-daughter tattoo is pretty much a must for you.

    It is simple, containing the phrase “An unbreakable bond”, which translates to “An unbreakable bond”.

    Image: Madiikinns

    22. Another option for tattooing together is the phrase: “It's real for us”, which in Portuguese means “It's real for us”.

    This is a great option if you're both Harry Potter fans, as it's a classic line from the story. 


    Mother and daughter tattoo design, images and symbols

    Now that we've seen the best options for mother and daughter tattoos with phrases, let's check out the options with designs and symbols right below.

    23. Have you ever thought about having a realistic mother and daughter tattoo?

    This ends up being a very interesting option that you can check out the example on Pinterest.

    Here, we see a mother hugging her daughter and you can get the same tattoo based on some photo you have between mother and daughter, for example. 

    Image: Pinterest

    24. The concept of this Pinterest option is pretty much the same as above. But here we have much simpler lines and drawings, where the focus is only on conveying the message and feeling, and not the image. 

    Image: Pinterest

    25. Here, we have traces of the drawing of a mother hugging her son, but in this tattoo of a mother and daughter, the traces come together and show the daughter's face touching the mother's in a simple drawing.

    As it seems in this Pinterest image, we can feel the closeness of their relationship. 

    Image: Pinterest

    26. In this next option from Pinterest, we can see that the focus of the example is to show how the mother is the safe haven and support of her children.

    In the mother and daughter tattoo, we have an adult mother, symbolizing the mother, and an infant hand, symbolizing the daughter, holding the greater mother.

    Image: Pinterest

    27. If you like watercolor, this mother-daughter tattoo option, and a few more below, might be perfect.

    For the first Pinterest example, we have a heart drawn with a mother holding and kissing her child's head, all with a beautiful and interesting coloring for the viewer.

    Image: Pinterest

    28. If you're a mom of newborns, then here's another wonderful idea from Pinterest.

    How about tattooing your children's feet when they're still babies? To make everything even more beautiful, as well as meaningful, you can use different colors in the watercolor style to color the mother and daughter tattoo.

    Image: Pinterest

    29. In this option, we have a simple drawing of a mother breastfeeding her child. But what makes this tattoo even more beautiful is the watercolor coloring symbolizing a kind of protective aura, showing that a mother always protects her children. 

    Image: Pinterest

    30. At position 30 on our mother-daughter tattoo list, we have an option for anyone who is a mother of twins or has more than one child.

    The picture shows two children swinging together on a swing, and around them is a heart design and each half has a different watercolor collection.

    Image: Pinterest

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    31. For those who like more discreet tattoos, this Pinterest example that we are going to show you is a great option.

    The mother and daughter tattoo is the symbol of infinity. But here we don't have it complete and at the end each end symbolizes a mother and a daughter, being noticeable that they are looking for a hug from each other. 

    Image: Pinterest

    32. Bringing a mother and daughter tattoo with a simpler design, this option shows a mother and daughter from the back and holding hands, where each one holds a bouquet with flowers, a very sensitive and beautiful image.

    To make it even better, you can even add a heart between them. 

    Image: Pinterest

    33. This is a more naturalistic mother-daughter tattoo alternative, where it can be understood that the love between them is something natural and that it would exist regardless of anything.

    In the image, we see a mother and daughter holding hands and back to back walking together on the water.

    Image: Pinterest

    34. This is a drawing that shows two mermaids, an adult one symbolizing the mother and a younger one symbolizing the daughter.

    As a mother and daughter tattoo, this is an excellent choice to show the closeness between the two that could even exist underwater.

    Image: Pinterest

    35. Another excellent option for a mother and daughter tattoo is to immortalize a design that marked childhood.

    Our first suggestion is with the Dumbo drawing, where the daughter can tattoo Dumbo and the elephant's mother.

    When put together, the tattoos show a single design with Dumbo running to find his mother.

    Image: Pinterest

    36. The next alternative follows the same concept as the example above.

    But here is the focus on Bambi and his mother, where in the mother and daughter tattoo, the daughter will tattoo Bambi and the mother her mother, and together we can see a single image of Bambi and his mother looking at each other and smiling.

    Image: Pinterest

    37. Beauty and the Beast lovers are not left out and we also have mother-daughter tattoo examples for them.

    Here we have the teapot mother and the small cup that form the set in the film, where mother and daughter can tattoo each other.

    The tattoos together show one looking at the other.

    Image: Pinterest

    38. The Little Prince is one of the world's top stories. In the plot, we have the main character and, at a certain moment, the character Fox appears, who stole the spotlight for himself with little time.

    Our mother-daughter tattoo suggestion is for the mother to tattoo the Little Prince and the daughter the Fox, since in history we learn how much we should take care of what we captivate.

    Image: Pinterest

    39. One way to show the closeness that exists between a mother and daughter is our next tattoo suggestion.

    The mother can tattoo the Sun and the daughter can register the Moon on her body. And together, we can understand that they will be together, even distant.

    Image: Pinterest

    40. Here, you can also create your own mother and daughter tattoo by repeating the example below.

    Just the two of you perform the pinky oath movement, and take a photo to register the moment and transform the tattoo.

    Just register the hands joined by the little fingers, showing that they are together and that one can always count on the other.

    Image: Pinterest

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    41. Another very classic tattoo is the Ying Yang, but why not differentiate a little?

    Our suggestion is for the mother to tattoo the Ying and the daughter the Yang, or vice versa. That way when they are together they will be complete.

    This can symbolize something like: “if we are apart, a part is missing”, a great mother-daughter tattoo option.

    Image: Pinterest

    42. If you just want to get a mother and daughter tattoo together, without much meaning, maybe this is a good choice.

    If you both like flowers, just choose one and each tattoo your own.

    It doesn't have to be anything fancy and can even be minimalist.

    Image: Mollie_Escque

    43. Is there anything more beautiful than a mother and daughter tattoo in the shape of a heart?

    You can develop your own style to embellish the heart symbol and tattoo in knuckles to match the tattoos. You can be inspired by this example from Instagram.

    Image: Awatkinstattooss

    44. Another excellent option that almost always looks beautiful is to show the mothers of nature protecting or showing affection for their babies.

    This alternative shown in the example below can be an inspiration, where we see a deer mother and son hugging each other in a beautiful and simple mother and daughter tattoo.

    Imagem: Blondebitch_96

    45. How about using a children's drawing to show the closeness you can have being symbolized by a mother and daughter tattoo?

    We see how to do this in the following image, which shows a mother and daughter, drawn in a more childlike style, communicating with a telephone made of rope and a can.

    The mother can tattoo one end of the phone and the daughter the other. And when put together, we have the complete result.

    Image: Rachellelapensee

    46. ​​This is a very creative option, a mother-daughter tattoo of a heart-shaped padlock and key.

    The mother can tattoo the closed lock and the daughter can tattoo the key, showing that the daughter will always have a guaranteed entrance to the mother's heart. 

    Image: Catawampus

    47. The anchor symbol has always meant safety, firmness or safe harbor, for example.

    One way to show that a mother and daughter are important to each other is to have both of them tattoo the same anchor.

    In this way, it is clear that one will always be the safe haven of the other.

    Image: Kenziemcf2013

    48. The two can also tattoo two little birds, where a mother and her baby fly together.

    This is a mother and daughter tattoo that not only looks beautiful with the two of them together, but also individually, in addition to being a way to maintain closeness even at a distance.

    Image: Strange World Tattoo

    49. This is a tattoo where one heart ends up complementing the other, a great way to use a mother and daughter tattoo to show how one completes the other.

    The idea is for the mother to tattoo the edge of a heart, but without the middle, and the daughter tattoo the middle in exactly the same style. So when they are together, they complete each other. 

    Image: Alen6034

    50. Last but not least on our list of mother and daughter tattoos for inspiration, we have the idea of ​​using each other's fingerprints.

    To do this, each one just takes the fingerprint off the thumb and thus joins in a position that forms a heart. Then just tattoo together.

    Image: Tattuminati_Toman

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