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    Suriel Ports: Net worth, age and everything you need to know

    Suriel Ports: Net worth, age and everything you need to know

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 26, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Before we find out who Suriel Ports is, we first need to understand what Day Trade is. This is directly linked to the financial market, as the Day Trader uses the swings of the same market to make daily profits. That is, the Day Trader is that person who spends his day to day selling and buying shares of companies until the market closes. At the end of this process, all the profit obtained from purchases and sales will belong to the trader, who does not have any investment commitments.

    Although it may seem simple, being a Day Trader can require a lot of knowledge, and that's why many people who try to succeed in this area end up failing. What was not the case of Suriel Ports, that we will know more about him and his career in the topics that we separate below.

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    Who is Suriel Ports?

    Also known as Ports Trader, Suriel Ports is one of the main, if not the main, name and national reference when we talk about Day Trade. He works defending the idea that anyone can become a Trader, living only from that throughout their life.

    Working in the financial market for a few years, Suriel gained greater prominence by appearing in YouTube video advertisements selling his course, “Mentoria Trader de Elite”, as he calls himself. Using its social media marketing campaign, “Imersão Trader de Elite”, Suriel Ports seeks to attract the largest number of people to work in the financial market.

    As mentioned above, not everyone succeeds as a Day Trader, but according to Suriel Ports himself in an interview with the Tudo do Bem portal, this may be related to people's lack of knowledge when working with the financial market. He made a comparison to a test of the Bar Association of our country (OAB) and the period when law students take the test. 

    A student in the first semester of the course has a lower chance of being approved, and a student already graduated or near the end of the course, has a greater chance of approval. That is, the greater your knowledge of the market and the subject, the greater the chances of you succeeding and living only on that. 

    In addition to being a reference as a Day Trader and in betting on the stock exchange, Suriel Ports is also a very prominent influencer for his acting topic. The financial market ends up becoming more volatile and with greater volume according to the greater number of people who bet on it. As a result, more and more money can be acquired by traders when buying and selling shares.

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    Suriel Ports Heritage

    We cannot say with complete certainty what Suriel Ports' total equity is, but with some information from the VC S/A portal, we can get an idea of ​​how much he and a more experienced trader can earn. The so-called elite traders, for Suriel, as he also calls himself and who are the focus of his course, are those who earn around R$1 to R$5 a day.

    Suriel Ports does not declare his wealth, nor does he reveal information about the results of the trades he claims to have carried out in his career. The company used by the influencer to sell his courses has a share capital of BRL 2, thus falling under the micro-business tax regime, since, according to the law, annual revenue cannot exceed BRL 360. Other than that, we don't have much information about Suriel Ports' wealth and wealth.

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    Suriel Ports Course

    Among the main courses available by Suriel Ports/Ports Trader, we have the main ones: 2K Challenge, which is unavailable; and the Elite Trader Mentorship, which until the time of writing this text, has closed the registrations and those interested should wait for the opening of the next class.

    The “Elite Trader Mentorship” is one of the courses that teaches students how to start from scratch and become an elite trader to earn money by buying and selling stocks, step-by-step and in detail, according to the teachings. from Suriel. In addition, for an unlimited period, according to information on the Ports Trader portal, there will be live monitoring so that students get results faster. The available content is compiled into more than 100 hours of teaching for subscribers. 

    The 2K Challenge, on the other hand, consists of training lasting seven weeks and which, according to the creator himself, will lead participants to evolve from the most basic level of trader, to the most advanced level to generate profits in the financial market. The material may come with bonus resources, but normally the teaching modules are released weekly. However, as mentioned above, this course can no longer be found on any legal platform.

    In addition, Suriel also wrote the book "Trader's Manual suriel ports", which, as its name suggests, serves to help people in their journeys in the financial market. The material can be found on some online digital platforms, just search by title.

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    Is Suriel Ports trader reliable?

    If you want to check out the material provided by Suriel Ports, but you don't know whether or not to do so, you have to draw conclusions that Ports Trader is reliable. It is not uncommon to find numerous complaints online about Suriel's courses and mentorships. 

    Students who had difficulty paying tuition and did not receive the material, students who applied the techniques taught by Suriel Ports and lost money or several other complaints. The best way to draw your conclusions is with opinions from the trader's own customers, so see below.

    Suriel Ports do not claim here

    Reclame Aqui is one of the main online complaints platforms, where customers can register their complaints and opinions about companies and services, and they can also respond to solve the problem. On the platform, we do not have information on percentages for the last few months of Ports Trader, we only know that they respond to about 95,7% of registered complaints.

    However, just read customer complaints to draw your own conclusions about it. Requests for help for not getting the money back for the course due to dissatisfaction with the materials are common, in addition, we have complaints with titles such as: “Deception and trickery” or “Neglect! I want my money back!". 

    You can also find other elaborate complaints about the mentorship of Suriel Ports, so we can conclude that Ports Trader is not one of the best when it comes to courses and mentorships to do well in the financial market.

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    Suriel Ports' social networks

    If you want to check out more information or follow the work of Suriel Ports, you can do so through social networks, which are:

    • YouTube: the Ports Trader channel is the largest Day Trader channel available in the world, according to the virtual space banner, with 1,4 million subscribers;
    • Instagram: @portstrader, with over a million followers;
    • Facebook: Ports Trader with more than 213 thousand followers on the platform;
    • Twitter: @PortsTrader, with 2.455 followers. 

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